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List of presidents of the Linguistic Society of America

The Linguistic Society of America (LSA) is a learned society for linguistics founded in December 1924. At the first meeting, the LSA membership elected Hermann Collitz as their first president. Since then, there have been 92 presidencies, with 91 different presidents.[Note 1] Under the constitution and bylaws of the organization, the president of the LSA serves for a one-year term. The president serves as chair of the executive committee and has the power to appoint a number of positions subject to executive committee approval.

The president serves for one year. A candidate is elected by the membership as vice-president of the LSA which is also carries the distinction of president-elect. The candidate serves as vice-president for one year and then assumes the office of president at the end of the annual meeting. The candidate then serves as president for one year. Upon leaving the office, the former president serves a one-year term on the Executive Committee. Should the sitting president prematurely leave office, the previous president completes the term.

The current president of the LSA is Brian Joseph.


List of Presidents of the Linguistic Society of AmericaEdit

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  1. ^ a b c Carl Darling Buck is the only person to serve twice as president, in 1927 and 1937


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