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This is a list of some organized crime figures within the underworld of the former Soviet Union.

Post-Soviet mobstersEdit

Name Ethnicity Nickname(s) Comments
Sergei Mikhailov Russian Mikhas The leader of the Solntsevskaya bratva
Semyon Mogilevich Ashkenazi Jewish Uncle Seva, the Brainy Don Ukrainian mobster who is regarded as one of the most powerful gangsters from the former Soviet Union.
Vladimir Kumarin Russian Boss of the Tambov gang
Stanislav Todorov Russian Stan Former leader of the Orekhovskaya gang and later member of the Solntsevskaya bratva.
Vyacheslav Ivankov Russian Yaponchik (the Japanese) Notorious thief in law who later established a criminal organization in the USA.
Nikolai Manusharov Russian Don Nikolai Former leader of the Russian mafia.
Alexander Solonik Russian Superkiller, the Kurgan Terminator, Sacha the Macedonian Infamous hitman who committed several high-profile murders.
Roman Tsepov Russian St Petersburg based businessman, suspected of using his security firms to run protection rackets.
Stas Valigura Russian-Ukrainian "That Guy" Former mid-ranking member of the Crimean Salem gang, now a self made politician from criminal activity and government corruption deals background.
Vitali Dyomochka Ukrainian-Russian Bondar Russian Far East based thief in law turned TV director, actor, producer and writer.
Maxim Lazovsky Russian Max FSB agent turned gang leader, accused of being involved in the Russian apartment bombings
Marat Balagula Ashkenazi Jewish Was a powerful Ukrainian gangster in the USA.
Evsei Agron Ashkenazi Jewish One of the first Russian gangsters to establish a powerful gang in the USA, thief in law.
Ludwig Fainberg Ashkenazi Jewish Tarzan Ukrainian-Israeli drugs, arms and sex trafficker.
Boris Nayfeld Ashkenazi Jewish Biba Belarusian mobster who was involved in organized crime in America as well as Europe.
Rachmiel Brandwain Ashkenazi Jewish Ukrainian mobster who was based in Antwerp.[1]
Meelis Lao Estonian Former leader of Estonian Mafia and a successful businessman.
Nikolai Tarankov Estonian Kolja, Quiet Godfather Former leader of Estonian underworld.
Vladimir Reznikov Russian Member of the Russian mafia in the USA.
Toomas Erm Wilson Estonian Konksu-Tom Leader of Estonian Kemerovo crime syndicate.
Vladislav Leontyev Russian Belobryssy Russian mobster and alleged member of the Brothers' Circle.
Toomas Helin Estonian Estonian drug lord
Imre Arakas Estonian The Butcher Estonian hitman and career criminal.
Movladi Atlangeriyev Chechen Lord Lenin Member of the Chechen mafia.
Khozh-Ahmed Noukhayev Chechen Former leader of the Chechen mafia.
Ruslan Labazanov Chechen Former boss of the Chechen mafia.
Nikolay Suleimanov Chechen Hoza Prominent former member of the Chechen mafia.
Akhat Bragin Tatar Alik the Greek Donetsk-based crime lord and former owner of FC Shakhtar Donetsk
Haidar Zakirov Tatar Former leader of the Kazan mafia in Moscow.[2]
Sergey Tsapok [ru] Russian Krasnodar-based gang leader, responsible for the Kushchevskaya massacre[3]
Tarmo Sinivee Estonian Mussolini Estonian drug lord.
Tariel Oniani Georgian Taro Georgian crime boss, thief in law.
Jaba Ioseliani Georgian Former thief-in-law and leader of the Mkhedrioni militia
Merab Bakhia Georgian Bakha-Bakha Powerful Georgian crime lord in Abkhazia.[4]
Otari Kvantrishvili Georgian Otarik Moscow-based thief in law
Lasha Shushanashvili Georgian Lasha Rustavsky Prominent thief in law.[5]
Boris Dekanidze Georgian Jewish Leader of Lithuanian organised crime group. Last person to be executed in that country (1995).
Armen Kazarian Armenian Pzo Armenian thief in law in the USA involved in drug trafficking, extortion,etc...but most famous for the 2010 Medicaid fraud[6]
Kamo Safaryan Armenian Crime boss in Moscow.[7]
Edward Margaryan Armenian Armenian gangster.[8]
Dadash Ibrahimov Azerbaijani Powerful gangster of Azerbaijani descent.[9]
Rovshan Janiev Azerbaijani Rovshan Lankaransky Prominent Azerbaijani mobster.[10]
Aslan Usoyan Yazidi Kurdish Grandpa Hassan Powerful thief in law in Moscow.
Zakhar Kalashov Yazidi Shagro Junior Powerful Georgian thief in law
Kamchy Kolbayev Kyrgyz Kolya-Kyrgyz Kyrgyz thief in law and alleged member of the Brothers' Circle
Ryspek Akmatbayev Kyrgyz Kyrgyz mobster who was killed in a drive-by shooting.[11]
Bayaman Erkinbayev Kyrgyz Kyrgyz crime boss turned politician after 2005 coup, killed later that year.
Gafur Rakhimov Uzbek Alleged Uzbek organized crime figure and member of the Brothers' Circle.
Salim Abduvaliyev Uzbek Alleged Uzbek crime lord.[12]
Alimzhan Tokhtakhunov Uyghur Taivanchik (the Taiwanese) Alleged thief in law
Aslan Malsagov Ingush Leader of an Ingush criminal clan.[13]
Alikhan Tochiev Ingush Leader of the Ingush 'Malgobek' mafia in Moscow.[14]
Ruslan Agargimov Lezgian Leader of the Dagestani mafia in Sint-Petersburg.[15]
Gazim Luguev Lezgian Leader of a Dagestani criminal gang in Moscow.[16]
Mohammed Gadzhihanov Avar Leader of a Dagestani criminal gang in Moscow.[16]
Nurullah Alumerzaev Avar Leader of the Dagestani Novgorod clan.[15]
Leonid Minin Ukrainian International arms dealer
Viktor Bout Russian The Merchant of Death International arms dealer

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