List of ports in Finland

This list of ports in Finland includes the largest cargo and passenger sea ports in Finland by international transport volumes.[1] It excludes individual harbours (such as Vuosaari Harbour, part of the Port of Helsinki), military bases, marinas and inland waterway ports (such as the Port of Lappeenranta).

Port of Uusikaupunki
Port of Vaasa
Port of Kilpilahti (Sköldvik)

Port Alternative name Region Passengers
million tons[b]
Hamina-Kotka Gulf of Finland 15.1
Hanko Gulf of Finland 4.8
Helsinki Gulf of Finland 12.6 14.6
Inkoo Gulf of Finland 1.9
Kaskinen Gulf of Bothnia 1.1
Kemi Ajos Gulf of Bothnia 1.9
Kilpilahti Sköldvik Gulf of Finland 21.4
Kokkola Gulf of Bothnia 6.7
Loviisa Valko Gulf of Finland [c]
Mariehamn (Åland) Archipelago Sea 3.5 0.05
Naantali Archipelago Sea 0.2 5.7
Oulu Gulf of Bothnia 2.9
Pietarsaari Gulf of Bothnia 1.1
Pori Gulf of Bothnia 3.5
Raahe Gulf of Bothnia 5.2
Rauma Gulf of Bothnia 5.8
Tornio Röyttä Gulf of Bothnia 3.0
Turku Archipelago Sea 2.6 2.1
Uusikaupunki Hepokari Gulf of Bothnia 2.5
Vaasa Gulf of Bothnia 0.2 0.9
  1. ^ Total of departures and arrivals (2018); excludes ports handling <100K passengers
  2. ^ Total of imports and exports (2018)
  3. ^ Included in the Helsinki figure, after 2017 merger


  1. ^ "Statistics on International Shipping (2018)" (PDF). Finnish Transport and Communications Agency. Retrieved 13 February 2021.