List of political parties in Aosta Valley

Several political parties operate in Aosta Valley, Italy. No one party has ever had the chance of gaining power alone and thus parties must work with each other to form coalition governments. The Valdostan Union has long been the region's largest, but has lost most of its support over the last decade and in the 2018 regional election obtained the same number of seats as the Northern League Aosta Valley.

2018 regional electionEdit

2018 Valdostan regional election results
Parties Votes % Seats
Valdostan Union 12,265 19.25 7
League–Young Aosta Valley 10,872 17.06 7
Civic Area–EdelweissFor Our Valley 6,792 10.66 4
Progressive Valdostan Union 6,750 10.59 4
Five Star Movement 6,652 10.44 4
Autonomy Liberty Participation Ecology 5,733 9.00 3
Civic Commitment 4,806 7.54 3
Mouv' 4,545 7.13 3
Democratic Party – VdA Left 3,436 5.39
Centre-right Aosta Valley (incl. FI, FdI, NVdA) 1,862 2.92
Total parties 63,713 100.00 35
Source: Autonomous Region of Aosta Valley – Results

Regionalist partiesEdit

Several regionalist parties operate in Aosta Valley and, in the 2018 regional election, they obtained 83.2% of the vote. This is a list of current and former regionalist parties.

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