List of members of the Løgting, 1978–1980

List of the members of the Faroese Løgting in the period 1978–1980. The parliament had 32 members this period. The Social Democratic Party and the Union Party were the largest parties with 8 members each, followed by Republic and People's Party with 6 members each. Self-Government Party and Progress Party had 2 members each.

Name Party Electoral district Comments
Hilmar Bech Social Democratic Party Suðuroy Speaker of the Løgting 1979–1980.
Óli Breckmann People's Party Suðurstreymoy
Atli Dam Social Democratic Party Suðuroy Prime minister 1978–1980.
Hákun Djurhuus People's Party Norðoyar
Jógvan Durhuus Republic (Tjóðveldið) Norðurstreymoy
Pauli Ellefsen Union Party Suðurstreymoy
Edmund í Garði People's Party Eysturoy
Adolf Hansen Progress Party Eysturoy
Haldor Hansen Social Democratic Party Vágar
Signar Hansen Republic (Tjóðveldið) Eysturoy
Jona Henriksen Social Democratic Party Suðurstreymoy
Demmus Hentze People's Party Sandoy Minister 1978–1980. Eyðun M. Viderø took his seat.
Finnbogi Ísakson Republic (Tjóðveldið) Norðoyar
Andreas Petur Jacobsen Social Democratic Party Suðuroy
Juul Jacobsen Progress Party Suðurstreymoy
Øssur Dam Jacobsen People's Party Norðurstreymoy
Asbjørn Joensen Self-Government Party Norðoyar
Ivan Johannesen Union Party Vágar
Hilmar Kass Self-Government Party Suðurstreymoy
Karin Kjølbro Republic (Tjóðveldið) Suðurstreymoy
Heðin M. Klein Republic (Tjóðveldið) Sandoy Minister 1978–1980. Hans Marius Joensen took his seat.
Jacob Lindenskov Social Democratic Party Suðurstreymoy Minister 1978–1979.
Sverre Midjord Social Democratic Party Suðuroy
Flemming Mikkelsen Union Party Suðuroy
Agnar Nielsen Union Party Norðurstreymoy Speaker of the Løgting 1978–1979.
Eli Nolsøe Union Party Norðoyar
Johannes Martin Olsen Union Party Eysturoy
Jógvan I. Olsen Union Party Eysturoy
Erlendur Patursson Republic (Tjóðveldið) Suðurstreymoy
Eilif Samuelsen Union Party Suðurstreymoy
Jógvan Sundstein People's Party Suðurstreymoy
Jørgen Thomsen Social Democratic Party Eysturoy


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