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List of heirs to the Norwegian throne

Traditionally the Norwegian kings had been elected by the several things held around the country. This practise often led to there being several kings at the same time. After the civil wars in the 12th century, Erling Skakke introduced a new law that there would be only one king, and that the oldest surviving son of the previous king should inherit the throne. At the same time, Erling introduced a system where the most powerful men in the country would meet with the power to veto a candidate if they found him to be unsuitable.

Erling's son Magnus V had no heirs.



Heir Status Relationship to Monarch Became heir Reason Ceased to be heir Reason Monarch
Sigurd Lavard Heir apparent Son 15 June 1184 Father became king c. 1200 died Sverre
Håkon Heir apparent Son c.1200 Elder brother died 9 March 1202 Became king Sverre
Guttorm Heir presumptive Nephew 9 March 1202 Uncle became king 1 January 1204 Became king Håkon III


During the reign of Inge II there was never any clear heir, and after his death several relatives claime the throne. At a church meeting in 1223 it was decided that the church was backing the candidacy of Håkon Håkonsson. There was no heir until his first son was born in 1226.


Heir Status Relationship to Monarch Became heir Reason Ceased to be heir Reason Monarch
Olav Heir apparent Son 1226 Born 1229 Died Håkon IV
Håkon Heir apparent Son 19 November 1232 Born 5 May 1257 Died Håkon IV
Magnus Heir apparent Son 5 May 1257 Older brother died 16 December 1263 Became king Håkon IV
Olav Heir apparent Eldest son 1262 Born 1267 Died Magnus VI
Eric Heir apparent Son 1268 Born 9 May 1280 Became king Magnus VI
Håkon Heir presumptive Younger brother 9 May 1280 Brother became king 15 July 1299 Became king Eric II
Magnus Heir presumptive Grandson 1316 Born 8 May 1319 Became king Håkon V
Erik Heir apparent Eldest son 1339 Born 15 August 1343 Treaty (brother became king) Magnus VII
Olav Heir apparent Only son 1370 Born 29 July 1380 Became king Håkon VI


Hereditary Kingdom of Norway#Unions with Denmark and Sweden

Norway became an elected kingdom, and joined several unions with Sweden and Denmark. However, the tradition arose that during his own lifetime the King would choose an heir among his sons and have him hailed as such, strongly influencing the electing council's choice.

Heir Status Relationship to Monarch Became heir Reason Ceased to be heir Reason Monarch
Frederick Heir elect Son 1536 Elected 1 January 1559 Became king Christian III
Christian Heir elect Son 1610 Elected 2 June 1642 Died Christian IV


In 1665 Frederick III signed a new law, proclaiming the kingdom to be hereditary.

Heir Status Relationship to Monarch Became heir Reason Ceased to be heir Reason Monarch
Christian Heir elect (from 1665 heir apparent) Son 1655 Elected 1670 Became king Frederick III
Jørgen Heir presumptive Younger brother 1670 Brother became king 1671 Son born to king Christian V
Frederick Heir apparent Eldest son 1671 Born 5 August 1699 Became king Christian V
Karl Heir presumptive Younger brother 25 August 1699 Brother became king 10 December 1699 Son born to king Frederick IV
Christian Heir apparent Son 10 December 1699 Born 12 October 1730 Became king Frederick IV
Frederick Heir apparent Son 12 October 1730 Father became king 6 August 1746 Became king Christian VI
Christian Heir apparent Eldest son 6 August 1746 Father became king 3 June 1747 Died Frederick V
Christian Heir apparent Son 29 January 1749 Born 14 January 1766 Became king Frederick V
Frederick Heir presumptive Younger brother 14 January 1766 Brother became king 28 January 1768 Son born to king Christian VII
Frederick Heir apparent Eldest son 28 January 1768 Born 13 March 1808 Became king Christian VII
Christian Heir presumptive Cousin 13 March 1808 Cousin became king 16 February 1814 Became king Frederick VI
Frederick Heir apparent Son 16 February 1814 Father became king 14 August 1814 King abdicated Christian Frederick


Heir Status Relationship to Monarch Became heir Reason Ceased to be heir Reason Monarch
Crown Prince Carl Johan Heir elect None 14 August 1814 Elected 15 February 1818 Became king Carl II
Crown Prince Oscar Heir apparent Son 15 February 1818 Father became king 8 March 1844 Became king Carl III Johan
Crown Prince Carl Heir apparent Eldest son 8 March 1844 Father became king 8 July 1859 Became king Oscar I
Prince Oscar Heir presumptive Younger brother 8 July 1859 Brother became king 18 September 1872 Became king Carl IV
Crown Prince Gustaf Heir apparent Eldest son 18 September 1872 Father became king 7 June 1905 King deposed Oscar II


Heir Status Relationship to Monarch Became heir;
Ceased to be heir;
Next in succession Monarch
Crown Prince Olav Heir elect Only son 18 November 1905;
21 September 1957;
Became king
none (1905–1937) Haakon VII
Prince Harald,
(1937–1957), son
Crown Prince Harald Heir apparent Only son 21 September 1957;
Father became king
17 January 1991;
Became king
none (1957–1973) Olav V
Prince Haakon,
(1973–1991), son
Crown Prince Haakon Heir apparent Only son 17 January 1991;
Father became king
Incumbent Princess Märtha Louise,
(1991–2004), sister
Harald V
Princess Ingrid Alexandra,
(2004–present), daughter