List of graduates of the Japanese Imperial Military Academies

This is a select list of graduates from the Japanese Imperial Military Academies (1891–1934). It is not complete.

Graduates from the Imperial Japanese Army Academy (Military Academy)Edit

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Graduates from the Japanese Army War CollegeEdit

The following were notable graduates of the Army War College:

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  • Tadamichi Kuribayashi: November
  • Hong Sa-ik
  • Okikatsu Arao (Koko) (Chief, Shipping Section, Army General Staff; senior Staff Officer, Army Affairs Section, War Ministry; Chief, Third Section—Organization and Mobilization, Army General Staff)
  • Hiroo Sato (Chief, War Materiel Section, War Ministry; and an officer who, like Col Arao, had the confidence of War Minister Anami)[citation needed]
  • Yozo Miyama (Chief, Third Section-Organization and Mobilization, Army General Staffs post which he held before the author assumed it; and Senior Adjutant, War Ministry)[citation needed]
  • Makoto Matsutani (Chief, 20th Group-War Coordination, Army General Staff; Military Secretary to Prime Minister Suzuki)[citation needed]

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  • Takagi Masao (3rd President of South Korea, also known as Park Chung-hee)

Graduates in Military Overseas StudiesEdit

  • Shunroku Hata: Military Student, Germany, March 1912
  • Hisaichi Terauchi: Military Student, Germany, February 1913
  • Yoshijirō Umezu: Military Student, Germany, April 1913
  • Masaharu Homma: Military Student, England, August 1918 (and served as observer with British forces in France)
  • Hitoshi Imamura: Military Student, England, April 1918; Assistant Military Attaché, England, October 1918
  • Naruhiko Higashikuni: Resident Officer, France, studying military tactics, April 1920
  • Tomoyuki Yamashita: Military Student. Germany, July 1921
  • Hideyoshi Obata: Military Student, England, April 1923; Major, March 1926
  • Minoru Sasaki: Military Student, U.S.S.R., September 1927; same for Poland and U.S.S.R., August 1928
  • Torashirō Kawabe: Resident Officer, Riga, Latvia (studying Soviet military affairs), January 1926-September 1928

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Graduates from the Imperial Japanese Naval AcademyEdit

Graduates from the Naval War CollegeEdit