Imperial Japanese Naval Academy

The building of Imperial Japanese Naval Academy
The Higher Naval College – later the Imperial Japanese Naval Academy – during its years at Tsukiji, Tokyo, between 1869 and 1888.

The Imperial Japanese Naval Academy (海軍兵学校, Kaigun Heigakkō, Short form: 海兵 Kaihei) was a school established to train officers for the Imperial Japanese Navy. It was originally located in Nagasaki, moved to Yokohama in 1866, and was relocated to Tsukiji, Tokyo in 1869. It moved to Etajima, Hiroshima in 1888. Students studied for three or four years, and upon graduation were commissioned as midshipmen, attaining the rank of ensign after a period of active duty and an overseas cruise. In 1943, a separate school for naval aviation was opened in Iwakuni, and in 1944, another naval aviation school was established in Maizuru. The Academy was closed in 1945, when the Imperial Japanese Navy was abolished. The Naval Academy Etajima opened in 1956 and the site now serves as the location for Officer Candidate School of the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.

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An accounting school was opened in 1874 in Gakusha (Tenjin Valley in Shibayama). It would relocate a few more times before moving to Tsukiji in 1888. The campus was destroyed in the 1923 Great Kantō earthquake and relocated to the Imperial Japanese Army Academy Accounting School for a year until the school was re-built. Following the end of World War II the school disbanded.

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