This is a list of gliders/sailplanes of the world, (this reference lists most gliders with references, where available)[1] Note: Any aircraft can glide for a short time, but gliders are designed to glide for longer.

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Jach Edit

(Franciszek Jach)

  • Jach Bimbuś (Bimbo) No.3 – Second Polish Glider Contest 17 May – 15 June 1925
  • Jach Żabuś (Froggy) – First Polish Glider Contest August 1923
  • Jach Żabuś 2 (Froggy 2) No.4 – Second Polish Glider Contest 17 May – 15 June 1925

Janka Edit

(Zoltán Janka)

Jansson-Thor Edit

(Bengt Jansson & Hank Thor)

Japanese Imperial Army Gliders Edit

Janowski Edit

(Jaroslaw Janowski)

Jasiński-Czarnecki Czajka Edit

(Jasiński & Czarnecki)

Jastreb Edit

(Jastreb Fabrika Aviona i Jedrilica – Jastreb Aeroplane and Glider Factory)

Jaworski Edit

(Wiktor Jaworski)

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(G. Jefferson)

Jelgava Edit

Jensen Edit

(Volmer S. Jensen, Burbank, CA)

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(John Jobagy)

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(Dick Johnson)

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(Édouard Joly)

Jongblood Edit

(Mike Jongblood)

Jonker Edit

(Jonker Sailplanes / Attie Jonker)

Jubi Edit

(Jubi Sportflugzeugbau GmbH)

Junkers Edit

(Junkers Flugzeug-Werke A.G.)

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