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List of geological features on Europa

This is a list of named geological features on Europa, a moon of the planet Jupiter. Craters and lineae are listed on separate pages: list of craters on Europa and list of lineae on Europa. The information is provided as of 2015.


Enhanced color partial view of Conamara Chaos

On Europa, regions of chaotic terrain are named after places in Celtic mythology.

Chaos Named after
Arran Chaos Isle of Arran, Scotland
Conamara Chaos Connemara, Ireland
Murias Chaos Murias
Narbeth Chaos Narbeth, Wales
Rathmore Chaos Rathmore, Ireland


A flexus is a low, curved ridge with a scalloped pattern. Europan flexūs are named after the places visited by Europa during her journey with Zeus the bull.

Flexus Named after
Cilicia Flexus Cilicia
Delphi Flexus Delphi
Gortyna Flexus Gortyna
Phocis Flexus Phocis
Sidon Flexus Sidon

Large Ring FeaturesEdit

Tyre multi-ring impact structure

These impact structures are named after important locations in ancient history.

Ring Feature Named after
Callanish Callanish, Scotland
Tyre (formerly listed as a macula) Tyre, Lebanon


Europan maculae (dark spots) are named after locations in Greek mythology, especially in the legend of Cadmus and his search for his sister, Europa.

Macula Named after
Boeotia Macula Boeotia
Castalia Macula Castalia
Cyclades Macula Cyclades
Thera Macula Thera
Thrace Macula Thrace


Europan regiones (regions) are named after locations in Celtic mythology.

Annwn Regio Annwn, Welsh otherworld
Argadnel Regio Argadnel, Celtic paradise
Balgatan Regio Balgatan Pass from Celtic mythology
Dyfed Regio Kingdom of Dyfed
Falga Regio Inis Fer Falga, Irish legendary island
Moytura Regio Magh Tuiredh, Irish battle site
Powys Regio Kingdom of Powys
Tara Regio Hill of Tara, Ireland

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