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List of films featuring time loops

This list of films featuring time loops where characters experience the same period of time which is repeatedly resetting: when a certain condition is met, such as a death of a character or a clock reaches a certain time, the loop starts again, with one or more characters retaining the memories from the previous loop.[1]:207 The list provides the names and brief synopses of films in which time loops are a prominent plot device.


Film Year Description
12 Dates of Christmas 2011 Kate finds herself reliving Christmas Eve (including a blind date with a man named Miles) over and over again. She must discover how to break the cycle – should she attempt to win back her ex-boyfriend Jack, should she pursue Miles, or something else?[2]
12 Days of Christmas Eve 2004 Calvin is an executive and as Christmas nears he becomes so preoccupied in clinching a deal that he fails to notice the preparations being made for the holidays by his girlfriend and son. On Christmas Eve itself Calvin is hurt in an accident and it takes nurse Angie to make him realize how he can make up for lost time.[3]
12:01 1993 Office worker Barry Thomas is forced to relive the worst day of his life.[4]
12:01 PM 1990 This is the first film adaptation of the short story "12:01 PM" by Richard A. Lupoff, which was published in 1973 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. It originally aired on cable television as part of the Showtime 30-Minute Movie anthology series. It was nominated for an Academy Award.[5]
ARQ 2016 An engineer, whose invention causes time to loop during a home invasion, attempts to save his former lover, while learning who has targeted him and why.[6]
Before I Fall 2017 A popular high school senior finds herself reliving the same day over and over.[7]
Blood Punch 2013 A trio visits a remote cabin for a one-time criminal endeavor and finds each member independently reliving the same day.[8]
Camp Slaughter (also known as Camp Daze) 2005 A group of present-day teenagers are sent back to 1981, and discover a summer camp which is stuck reliving the day a demented killer went on a rampage.[9]
Christmas Every Day 1996 An American television movie based on William Dean Howells' 1892 short story "Christmas Every Day". A selfish teenager is forced to relive the same Christmas every day.[10]
A Day 2017 A father attempts to save his daughter whilst stuck in an endless time loop.[11]
Doctor Strange 2016 Stephen Strange traps himself and Dormmamu in a time loop in order to stop him from consuming the Earth.[12]
Edge of Tomorrow (also known as Live. Die. Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow) 2014 Maj. William "Bill" Cage (Tom Cruise) and Special Forces soldier Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) team up to fight a hostile alien race known as Mimics, with Cage continually returning to a repeating battle through a time loop.[13]
The Endless 2017 Two brothers return to the ‘UFO death cult’ camp where they were raised in this thoughtful indie sci-fi. [14]
Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel 2009 The film follows three friends, two avid science fiction fans (O'Dowd and Wootton) and their snarky mate (Kelly), as they attempt to navigate a time travel conundrum in the middle of a British pub, where they meet a girl from the future (Faris) who sets the adventure in motion.
Groundhog Day 1993 Self-centered television weatherman Phil Connors (Bill Murray) is forced to relive the same day over and over again.[15]
Happy Death Day 2017 A snobby young woman is murdered on her birthday, Monday the 18th. She wakes up the morning of the 18th, alive, facing the same day over and over again, while also getting weaker.[16]
Happy Death Day 2U 2019 Immediately after the events of the first film, Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) unexpectedly re-enters the time loop and becomes determined to escape it after finding out her friends are now involved.[17][18]
Haunter 2013 The ghost of a teenager, Lisa Johnson (Abigail Breslin) who, along with her family, keeps reliving the same day (although she is the only one aware of it) tries to protect a young girl, Olivia (Eleanor Zichy) and her family from a dead serial killer, the Pale Man (Stephen McHattie) who can possess the living.[19]
Hurok 2016 A young drug dealer betrays his boss and later abandons his girlfriend, but finds himself caught up in a time loop.[20]
If Only 2004 A man (Paul Nicholls) tries to avert destiny when he gets an opportunity to relive the day his lover (Jennifer Love Hewitt) died in an auto accident.[21]
The Infinite Man 2014 After a romantic weekend break with his girlfriend goes awry, a scientist invents time travel in order to create for her the perfect getaway, but inadvertently traps her in a recurring temporal loop.[22]
The Last Day of Summer 2007 11-year-old Luke gets his wish that every day could be the last day of summer.[23]
Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas 1999 Huey, Dewey, and Louie must repeat Christmas Day until they come to learn the true meaning of Christmas.[24]
Mine Games 2012 A group of friends vacationing in the woods discover their own corpses and realize they are trapped in a time loop which they attempt to break.[25]
Mirror for a Hero 1987 Zerkalo dlya geroya a Soviet Union film by Vladimir Khotinenko. Two heroes circle multiple times in 1949, adapting to the harsh post-war life, meeting the parents of one of them, finally returning to the present time, having reassessed their attitude towards elders.[26][27]
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 2016 Teenager Jake visits the ruins of an orphanage that was destroyed by a bombing raid during World War II and discovers that the original inhabitants are still alive inside a time loop set to repeat the day of September 3, 1943.[28]
Naked 2017 Rob is caught in a time loop as he keeps waking up naked in a hotel elevator on the day of his wedding.[29] This is a remake of the 2000 Swedish film, Naken.
Naken 2000 On the day of his wedding, Anders wakes up naked in an elevator. As he attempts to piece together the reason for his predicament, the day repeats itself, and he becomes stuck in a time loop.[29]
Premature 2014 Rob, a high school senior, has to re-live losing his virginity over and over again until he gets it right, with the right girl.[30]
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time 2010 Set in the mystical lands of Persia, a rogue prince and a mysterious princess race against dark forces to safeguard an ancient dagger capable of releasing the Sands of Time — a gift from the gods that can reverse time and allow its possessor to rule the world.[31]
Puella Magi Madoka Magica: The Movie 2012 Homura Akemi has the ability to travel 30 days back in time, and has done so countless of times. Each month, Homura fails in her attempts to save Madoka Kaname from destruction, and is forced to relive the tragedy of losing Madoka.[32]
Repeat Performance 1947 A woman shoots her husband on New Year's Eve 1946 then wishes that she could relive the year all over again. Will she make the same choice a second time?[33]
Repeaters 2010 A group of inmates at a rehabilitation facility are forced to repeat the same day over and over again.[34]
Reset 2017 A physicist uses an experimental wormhole machine to travel to parallel universes and back in time by an hour, trying to save her kidnapped son.[35]
Retroactive 1997 A psychiatrist makes multiple trips through time to save a woman who was murdered by her husband.[36]
Run Lola Run 1998 A woman needs to obtain 100,000 Deutsche Mark in twenty minutes to save her boyfriend's life—and gets three tries to do so.[37] Not featuring time loops in the strict sense the German action film illustrates the butterfly effect / chaos theory.
Salvage 2006 Claire encounters horror and murder after finishing a day working at a convenience store, not once but many times. An official selection of the 2006 Sundance Festival.[38]
Short Circuit 2019 A computer mechanic gets entangled in a time loop to save his girlfriend and save the world from an evil scientist.
Slipstream 2005 A socially inept scientist gets involved in a bank robbery. Using "Slipstream", his newly invented time resetting device, he works with a female FBI agent to save the day.
Source Code 2011 U.S. Army Aviation pilot Captain Colter Stevens repeatedly experiences the last eight minutes of another person's life to identify the bomber in a terrorist attack in order to prevent a second, nuclear attack on Chicago.[39]
Timecrimes 2007 Hector, a middle-aged man, is chased by an unidentified bandaged man. He meets a scientist with a time machine, and travels a short period back in time to briefly escape the unknown assailant.[40]
Triangle 2009 A group of friends go on boat trip and become stranded due to a storm. They discover a cruise ship which causes them to experience a series of repeating events.[41]
Turn Back the Clock 1933 After marrying for love, tobacconist Joe is hit by a car, and wakes up 20 years in the past. He decides to relive his life and marry a wealthy woman instead of his true love.[42][43]
Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer 1984 The students of Tomobiki high school relive the day before the school festival over and over again. [44][45][46]

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