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Naval ensign of France

This is a list of active French Navy ships.[1][2][3] The French Navy consists of the 86 vessel strong Force d'action navale (Naval action force) and the 10 submarines of the Forces sous-marines (Submarine force). Primary assets include 1 Nuclear aircraft carrier, 3 amphibious assault ships, 4 air-defence destroyers, 8 anti-submarine destroyers, 5 general-purpose frigates, and 6 surveillance frigates. The submarine force consists of 6 nuclear attack submarines and 4 nuclear ballistic missile submarines. To support the Force d'Action Navale at sea, the French Navy uses 3 replenishment oilers, 17 mine countermeasure vessels and 6 support ships. In addition to the above units, it operates 21 patrol ships, 5 survey vessels, 4 experimentation ships, 4 ocean tugboats and 14 training vessels.

The French Navy does not use the term "destroyer" in vessel names. Instead, surface combatants of the first rank (such as the Aquitaine class) are named "frigates", though they are registered as destroyers (with hull numbers "Dxxx").


Submarine fleet (Forces sous-marines)Edit

Surface fleet (Bâtiments de combat)Edit

Aircraft carriersEdit

Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Note
  Aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (R91) 42,500 tonnes

Amphibious warfareEdit

Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Note
Mistral class   Landing helicopter dock (LHD) Mistral (L9013)
Tonnerre (L9014)
Dixmude (L9015)
21,000 tonnes

Major surface combatantsEdit

Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Note
Horizon class   Air-defence destroyer Forbin (D620)
Chevalier Paul (D621)
7,050 tonnes
Cassard class   Air-defence destroyer Jean Bart (D615) 4,500 tonnes To be replaced by two Aquitaine-class AAW variants.
Aquitaine class   Anti-submarine destroyer Aquitaine (D650)

Provence (D652)
Languedoc (D653)
Auvergne (D654)
Bretagne (D655)

6,000 tonnes
Georges Leygues class   Anti-submarine destroyer La Motte Picquet (D645)
Latouche-Tréville (D646)
4,500 tonnes To be decommissioned by 2022.[5]
La Fayette class   General-purpose frigate La Fayette (F710)
Surcouf (F711)
Courbet (F712)
Aconit (F713)
Guépratte (F714)
3,600 tonnes To be replaced by FTI; three to be upgraded with hull-mounted sonar[6]
Floréal class   Surveillance frigate Floréal (F730)
Prairial (F731)
Nivôse (F732)
Ventôse (F733)
Vendémiaire (F734)
Germinal (F735)
2,950 tonnes


Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Note
  Offshore patrol & support vessel L'Astrolabe (P800) 4,000 tonnes Co-operated by the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF) Administration and the French Navy.
D'Entrecasteaux class   Offshore patrol vessel D'Entrecasteaux (A621)
Bougainville (A622)
Champlain (A623)
Dumont D'Urville (A624)
2,300 tonnes
D'Estienne d'Orves class   Offshore patrol vessel Lieutenant de vaisseau Le Hénaff (F789)
Premier-Maître L'Her (F792)
Commandant Blaison (F793)
Enseigne de vaisseau Jacoubet (F794)
Commandant Ducuing (F795)
Commandant Birot (F796)
Commandant Bouan (F797)
1,250 tonnes Originally entered service as avisos (sloops / light corvettes), reclassified as OPVs in 2012.[7]
La Confiance class [fr]   Offshore patrol vessel La Confiance (P733)
La Résolue (P734)
La Combattante (P735)
700 tonnes
L'Audacieuse class   Coastal patrol vessel La Glorieuse (P686)
La Moqueuse (P688)
480 tonnes To be decommissioned by 2020.[8]

Mine countermeasuresEdit

Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Note
Éridan class   Minehunter Cassiopée (M642)
Andromède (M643)
Pégase (M644)
Orion (M645)
Croix du sud (M646)
L'Aigle (M647)
Lyre (M648)
Sagittaire (M650)
Céphée (M652)
Capricorne (M653)
615 tonnes
Vulcain class [fr]   Clearance diving Vulcain (M611)
Achéron (A613)
Styx (M614)
Pluton (M622)
490 tonnes
Antarès class [fr]   Sonar towing vessel Antarès (M770)
Altaïr (M771)
Aldébaran (M772)
340 tonnes


Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Note
  Coastal patrol vessel Malin (P701) 1,300 tonnes An ex-trawler.
Lapérouse class [fr]   Coastal patrol vessel Arago (P675) 980 tonnes An ex-hydrographic survey vessel.
Coastal patrol vessel Fulmar (P740) 550 tonnes An ex-trawler.
Flamant class   Patrol boat Flamant (P676)
Cormoran (P677)
Pluvier (P678)
390 tonnes

These vessels operate in conjunction with the Maritime Gendarmerie.

Auxiliary fleet (Bâtiments de soutien)Edit


Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Note
Durance class   Replenishment oiler Var (A608)
Marne (A630)
Somme (A631)
17,900 tonnes Also equipped to fulfil the role of command ship.

Intelligence, research and experimentationEdit

Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Note
  Tracking ship Monge (A601) 21,040 tonnes
  SIGINT Dupuy de Lôme (A759) 3,600 tonnes
DGSE diving support Alizé (A645) 1,600 tonnes Also used to test new equipment and diving procedures.
  Mine-warfare experimentation Thétis (A785) 1,050 tonnes


Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Note
  Oceanographic survey Pourquoi pas ? 6,600 tonnes Operated by IFREMER (55%) and the French Navy (45%) with civilian crew.[9]
  Oceanographic survey Beautemps-Beaupré (A758) 3,292 tonnes
Lapérouse class [fr]   Hydrographic survey Lapérouse (A791)
Borda (A792)
Laplace (A 793)
980 tonnes


Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Note
UT515 class   Oceangoing tug Abeille Bourbon
Abeille Liberté
4,000 tonnes Operated under charter.
UT507 class   Oceangoing tug Abeille Flandre
Abeille Languedoc
2,220 tonnes Operated under charter.


Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Note
  Support and pollution control Ailette
2-4,000 tonnes Operated under charter.
Loire class [fr]   Offshore support and assistance Loire (A602)
Rhône (A603)
Seine (A604)
Garonne (A605)
2,960 tonnes


Class Picture Type Ship Displacement Note
Training vessel Rebel 2,900 tonnes Operated under charter.[10]
Training vessel Partisan 2,340 tonnes Operated under charter.
Léopard class   Training vessel Léopard (A748)
Panthère (A749)
Jaguar (A750)
Lynx (A751)
Guépard (A752)
Chacal (A753)
Tigre (A754)
Lion (A755)
470 tonnes
Glycine class   Navigation training Glycine (A770)
Églantine (A771)
295 tonnes
Paimpolaise class   Sail training Étoile (A649)
Belle-Poule (A650)
275 tonnes Schooner.


  • 17 x RPC12 harbour and coastal tugboats

For a complete list of Bâtiments de soutien (Auxiliaries) see Bâtiments de soutien at the official Marine Nationale website.

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