List of countries by Zoroastrian population

A 2012 study featured in the FEZANA Journal, a quarterly publication of the Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America (FEZANA), published a demographic picture of Zoroastrians around the world and a comparison with a similar study done in a 2004 study gives a global estimate of 111,691-121,962, but has over 300,000 as of February, 2020.[1] [2] Zoroastrians,[1] roughly half of them in India (made up of the Parsi and Irani subgroups) and Iran.

Zoroastrian fire temple in Baku, Azerbaijan
Country Population (2020)[1]
India India 61,000
Iran Iran 15,000-25,271
United States United States 14,405
Canada Canada 10,000
United Kingdom United Kingdom 5,500
Australia Australia 2,577
Arab states of the Persian Gulf 1,900
Pakistan Pakistan 1,675
New Zealand New Zealand 1,231
Afghanistan Afghanistan 2,000
Germany Germany 200
Europe & Central Asia 1,000
Kurdistan Region Iraqi Kurdistan 200,000[3]
World 300,759‬ (2020 Estimate)

The Zoroastrian Representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq has claimed that many people in Iraqi Kurdistan have converted to Zoroastrianism recently[4], however this has not been confirmed by independent sources.[5] Millions of Yazidis, Shabakis and Yarsanis live in Iraq and Iran who follow pre-islamic Mithraic and syncretic religions similar to and influenced by Zoroastrianism as well, and have been included as Zoroastrian under some research methods and population studies due to their similarities.

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