List of cities and towns in Greenland before 2008

This is a list of cities, towns and settlements in Greenland.


The English term 'city' hardly applies to any populated area in Greenland (although several places in Greenland are considered "cities"), as the most populated place is Nuuk with 14,501 inhabitants. In Greenland they distinguish two kinds of settled areas: by (Danish for 'town') and bygd (Danish for 'settlement'). The seat of each municipality is a by, whereas every other settlement in a municipality is a bygd. A bygd can have anything from one to about five hundred inhabitants. Many places have Danish names in addition to the Greenlandic names. The Danish name, when applicable, is shown in parentheses.

The first list shows a ranked list of all towns with more than 1000 population. The second list is ordered by region and municipality and includes all with more than 50 population plus some of the even smaller settlements.

Towns in Greenland with more than 1,000 population (cities) (2005) edit

Qaqortoq in wintertime.

Towns and settlements in Kitaa (West Greenland) edit

Southern Kitaa edit

Nanortalik municipality edit

The church of Nanortalik.

Qaqortoq municipality edit

Narsaq Municipality edit

South-Central Kitaa edit

Paamiut Municipality edit

Nuuk Municipality edit

Central Kitaa edit

Maniitsoq Municipality edit

Sisimiut Municipality edit

Northern Kitaa edit

Kangaatsiaq municipality edit

Aasiaat municipality edit

Qasigiannguit municipality edit

Ilulissat municipality edit

Qeqertarsuaq municipality edit

Uummannaq municipality edit

Upernavik Municipality edit

Towns and settlements in Tunu (East Greenland) edit

Ammassalik municipality edit

Ittoqqortoormiit municipality edit

Ivittuut municipality edit

Towns and settlements in Avannaa (North Greenland) edit

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