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List of ambassadors of China to Guinea

The Chinese ambassador in Conakry is the official representative of the Government in Beijing to the Government of Guinea.

Ambassador of People's Republic of China to Guinea
Bian Jianqiang

since November 2013
Inaugural holderKe Hua (ambassador of the People's Republic of China)
FormationMarch 1960

List of representativesEdit

designated/acreditated ambassador Chinese language
Observations Premier of the People's Republic of China List of Prime Ministers of Guinea Term end
March 1960 Ke Hua (ambassador of the People's Republic of China) zh:柯華 (外交官) [1] Zhou Enlai Ahmed Sékou Touré May 1964
September 1964 Chai Zemin zh:柴泽民 Zhou Enlai Ahmed Sékou Touré June 1967
July 1969 Han Kehua zh:韩克华 (* 1 September 1919; † March 2003) Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China[2] Zhou Enlai Ahmed Sékou Touré June 1974
August 1974 Qian Qichen zh:钱其琛 concurrently accredited in Bissau (Guinea-Bissau). Zhou Enlai Louis Lansana Béavogui November 1976
February 1977 Peng Hua zh:彭华 (外交官) Hua Guofeng Louis Lansana Béavogui October 1980
April 1981 Kang Xiao zh:康晓 Zhao Ziyang Louis Lansana Béavogui December 1983
October 1984 Yu Huimin zh:禹惠民 Zhao Ziyang Diarra Traoré March 1990
May 1990 Jiang Xiang zh:江翔 * From September 1986 to January 1990 he was ambassador to Burkina Faso. Li Peng Diarra Traoré April 1994
May 1995 Kong Minghui zh:孔明辉 Li Peng Diarra Traoré February 1998
March 1998 Xu Mengshui zh:许孟水
  • From December 2000 to December 2003 he was ambassador to Cameroon.
  • From January 2004 to February 2006 he was ambassador in Mauritius.
Zhu Rongji Sidya Touré October 2000
November 2000 Shi Tongning zh:石同宁 * From February 1998 to October 2000 he was ambassador to Burundi. Zhu Rongji Lamine Sidimé April 2001
August 2001 Gao Kexiang zh:龚元兴
  • From December 2006 till may 2009 he was ambassador to Rabat (Morocco)
  • From November 2009 to August 2012 he was ambassador to Senegal.
Zhu Rongji Lamine Sidimé January 2004
February 2004 Liu Yukun zh:刘玉坤 (* January 1953 in Shanghai)
  • From September 16, 2013 to December 2010, he was ambassador to Tunisia.
Wen Jiabao François Lonseny Fall September 2006
November 2006 Huo Zhengde zh:火正德 Wen Jiabao Cellou Dalein Diallo October 2010
October 2010 Zhao Lixing zh:赵立兴 (* January 1954 in Liaoning) Wen Jiabao Jean-Marie Doré November 2013
November 2013 Bian Jianqiang 卞建强 Li Keqiang Mohamed Said Fofana

Coordinates: 39°56′39″N 116°27′04″E / 39.944224°N 116.451230°E / 39.944224; 116.451230