This article lists the Zulu monarchs, including chieftains and kings[1] of the Zulu royal family from their earliest known history up to the present time.

King of the Zulus
Ingonyama yamaZulu
Isilo samaBandla
Misuzulu Zulu kaZwelithini
since 7 May 2021
StyleHis Majesty
Heir apparentJubezizwe ka Misuzulu
First monarchZulu I kaMalandela
ResidenceNongoma, KwaZulu-Natal

Pre-Zulu edit

The Zulu King lineage stretches to as far as Luzumana, who is believed to have lived as long ago as the 16th century. Luzumana is the child of Ngoni, but details about him are unknown.

Chieftains of the Zulus (c. 1700–1818) edit

When Malandela died, he divided the kingdom into two clans, the Qwabe and the Zulu.

Kings of the Zulus (c. 1818–present) edit

After Dingiswayo's death at the hands of Zwide, king of the Ndwandwe, around 1818, Shaka assumed leadership of the remnants of the Mthethwa Paramountcy, thereby becoming king.[3]

Zulu Kingdom (Independent, 1816–1879)
NameLifespanReign startReign endNotesFamilyImage
Shaka kaSenzangakhonac. July 1787 – 22 September 1828
(aged 41)
181622 September 1828Half-brother of Sigujana kaSenzangakhonaZulu royal family 
Dingane kaSenzangakhonac. 1795 – 29 January 1840
(aged 44–45)
November 182829 January 1840Half-brother of Shaka kaSenzangakhonaZulu royal family 
Mpande kaSenzangakhona1798 – 18 October 1872
(aged 73–74)
10 February 184018 October 1872Half-brother of Dingane kaSenzangakhonaZulu royal family 
Cetshwayo kaMpande
(1st reign)
1834[1] – 8 February 1884
(aged 49–50)
18 October 187228 August 1879Son of Mpande kaSenzangakhonaZulu royal family 
Zululand (Dependency, 1883–present)
NameLifespanReign startReign endNotesFamilyImage
Cetshwayo kaMpande
(2nd reign)
1834[1] – 8 February 1884
(aged 49–50)
29 January 18838 February 1884Son of Mpande kaSenzangakhonaZulu royal family 
Dinuzulu kaCetshwayo1868 – 18 October 1913
(aged 44–45)
21 May 188418 October 1913Son of Cetshwayo kaMpandeZulu royal family 
Solomon kaDinuzulu1891 – 4 March 1933
(aged 41–42)
1 November 19134 March 1933Son of Dinuzulu kaCetshwayoZulu royal family 
Cyprian Bhekuzulu kaSolomon(1924-08-04)4 August 1924 – 17 September 1968(1968-09-17) (aged 44)27 August 194817 September 1968Son of Solomon kaDinuzuluZulu royal family 
Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu(1948-07-14)14 July 1948 – 12 March 2021(2021-03-12) (aged 72)17 September 196812 March 2021Son of Cyprian Bhekuzulu kaSolomonZulu royal family 
Misuzulu Zulu kaZwelithini (1974-09-23) 23 September 1974 (age 49)7 May 2021IncumbentSon of Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzuluZulu royal family 

Timeline edit

Misuzulu ZuluGoodwill ZwelithiniCyprian BhekuzuluSolomon kaDinuzuluDinuzuluCetshwayoMpandeDinganeShaka

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References edit

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