Mageba kaGumede

Mageba kaGumede (c. 1667 – c. 1745) was an early chief of the Zulu people of South Africa.

Mageba is said to have succeeded his twin brother Phunga as leader of the Zulu clan on Phunga's death in about 1727. (This succession between close brothers is reflected by references in Zulu praise poetry such as Zulu ka Phunga no Mageba! (Zulus, children of Phunga and Mageba!) Mageba had at least two sons: Ndaba, who succeeded him, and Mpangazitha. Mpangazitha married his cousin, and it is from this marriage that the Mbatha clan as well as the Mageza clan descends.

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Preceded by Zulu King
c. 1727 – c. 1745
Succeeded by