List of WHA seasons

The World Hockey Association (WHA) operated for seven seasons from 1972 until 1979.

Season Teams Avco Cup Champion
1972–73 Eastern:
Cleveland CrusadersNew England WhalersNew York RaidersOttawa NationalsPhiladelphia BlazersQuebec Nordiques
Alberta OilersChicago CougarsHouston AerosLos Angeles SharksMinnesota Fighting SaintsWinnipeg Jets
New England Whalers
1973–74 Eastern:
Chicago CougarsCleveland CrusadersNew England WhalersNY Golden Blades / NJ KnightsQuebec NordiquesToronto Toros
Edmonton OilersHouston AerosLos Angeles SharksMinnesota Fighting SaintsVancouver BlazersWinnipeg Jets
  • New York Raiders renamed New York Golden Blades, which were then renamed New Jersey Knights midseason.
  • Ottawa Nationals relocated to Toronto as the Toros.
  • Philadelphia Blazers relocated to Vancouver, switching divisions with Chicago Cougars.
  • Alberta Oilers renamed Edmonton Oilers, having dropped playing some home games in Calgary.
Houston Aeros
1974–75 Canadian:
Edmonton OilersQuebec NordiquesToronto TorosVancouver BlazersWinnipeg Jets
Cleveland CrusadersChicago CougarsIndianapolis RacersNew England Whalers
Houston AerosMichigan Stags/Baltimore BladesMinnesota Fighting SaintsPhoenix RoadrunnersSan Diego Mariners
  • Two expansion teams, Indianapolis Racers (in the Eastern Division) and Phoenix Roadrunners (in the Western Division), are added.
  • The Canadian Division is created, as Edmonton, Vancouver, and Winnipeg moved in from the Western Division while Quebec and Toronto moved in from the Eastern Division.
  • Los Angeles Sharks relocated to Detroit as the Michigan Stags, which relocated to Baltimore as the Blades midseason.
  • New Jersey Knights moved to San Diego as the Mariners.
  • New England relocated to Hartford
Houston Aeros
1975–76 Canadian:
Calgary CowboysDenver Spurs/Ottawa CivicsEdmonton OilersToronto TorosQuebec NordiquesWinnipeg Jets
Cleveland CrusadersCincinnati StingersIndianapolis RacersNew England Whalers
Houston AerosMinnesota Fighting SaintsPhoenix RoadrunnersSan Diego Mariners
  • Baltimore Blades and Chicago Cougars folded.
  • Two expansion teams, Cincinnati Stingers (in the Eastern Division) and Denver Spurs (in the Western Division), are added.
  • Also halfway through the season, Denver moved to Ottawa as the Civics (moving to the Canadian Division), which folded later on.
  • Vancouver Blazers relocated to Calgary as the Cowboys.
Winnipeg Jets
1976–77 Eastern:
Birmingham BullsCincinnati StingersIndianapolis RacersMinnesota Fighting SaintsNew England WhalersQuebec Nordiques
Calgary CowboysEdmonton OilersHouston AerosPhoenix RoadrunnersSan Diego MarinersWinnipeg Jets
  • The Canadian Division ceased to exist as Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg rejoined the Western Division while Toronto (relocated to Birmingham as the Bulls) and Quebec rejoined the Eastern Division.
  • The first Minnesota Fighting Saints are folded, but the Cleveland Crusaders relocate to Minnesota as the second Fighting Saints, still remaining in the Eastern Division,;they also folded midseason.
Quebec Nordiques
1977–78 Birmingham BullsCincinnati StingersEdmonton OilersHouston AerosIndianapolis RacersNew England WhalersQuebec NordiquesWinnipeg Jets
  • Both divisions ceased to exist as Calgary, Phoenix, and San Diego fold; the league realigned into a single table.

Two international all-star teams, the Soviet All-Stars and Czechoslovakia All-Stars, play a limited schedule.

Winnipeg Jets
1978–79 Birmingham BullsCincinnati StingersEdmonton OilersIndianapolis RacersNew England WhalersQuebec NordiquesWinnipeg Jets
  • Houston Aeros folded.
  • Indianapolis Racers folded midseason.
  • The Finnish National Team played one regular season game in the league, losing to the Edmonton Oilers.
Winnipeg Jets

The WHA ceased operations after the 1978–79 season. As part of the NHL-WHA merger, four WHA franchises moved to the National Hockey League for the 1979–80 NHL season: Edmonton, New England (renamed Hartford Whalers), Quebec, and Winnipeg. The other two WHA-enfranchised teams, Birmingham and Cincinnati, folded.

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