List of Vanity Fair (British magazine) caricatures (1868–69)

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The following is from a list of caricatures published 1868–69 by the British magazine Vanity Fair (1868–1914).

Publication Date Subject Caption Caricaturist Notes Pic.
1869-01-30 B. Disraeli He educated the Tories and dished the Whigs to pass Reform, but to have become what he is from what he was is the greatest Reform of all Singe S 001 Benjamin Disraeli, Vanity Fair, 1869-01-13.jpg
1869-02-06 W. E. Gladstone Were he a worse man, he would be a better statesman Singe S 002 WE Gladstone, Vanity Fair, 1869-02-06.jpg
1869-02-13 J. Bright Will the sentimental orator be lost in the practical Minister, or will both be extinguished? Ape S 003 John Bright, Vanity Fair, 1869-02-13.jpg
1869-02-20 Mrs Mary Ann Starr I felt very uncomfortable Ape Pe 1; late Mother Superior of the Convent at Hull Mary Ann Starr, Vanity Fair, 1869-02-20.jpg
1869-02-27 Robert Lowe An enemy to democracy, yet a professor of liberal principles, which tend to democracy; the combination will one day make him Prime Minister of England [sic]. Ape S 004 Robert Lowe, Vanity Fair, 1869-02-27.jpg
1869-03-06 W. E. Forster If he is not an advanced liberal, it is for want of advancing himself Ape S 005 William Edward Forster, Vanity Fair, 1869-03-06.jpg
1869-03-13 Earl Granville The ablest professor in the cabinet of the tact by which power is kept: it is his mission to counteract the talk by which it is won and lost Ape S 006 Granville Leveson-Gower, Vanity Fair, 1869-03-13.jpg
1869-03-20 The Lord Chancellor When he who has too little piety is impossible, and he who has too much is impracticable; he who has equal piety and ability becomes Lord Chancellor Ape S 007 William Wood, Vanity Fair, 1869-03-20.jpg
1869-03-27 The Marquess of Hartington His ability and industry would deserve respect even in a man; in a Marquis they command admiration Ape S 008 Spencer Compton Cavendish, Vanity Fair, 1869-03-27.jpg
1869-04-03 E. Cardwell If the State is happy that has no history, thrice happy is the Statesman who makes none Ape S 009 Edward Cardwell, Vanity Fair, 1869-04-03.jpg
1869-04-10 James Stansfeld Pour encourager les autres Ape S 010 James Stansfeld, Vanity Fair, 1869-04-10.jpg
1869-04-17 The Duke of Argyll God bless the Duke of Argyll Ape S 011 George Campbell, Vanity Fair, 1869-04-17.jpg
1869-04-24 The Earl of Clarendon To say that he is the best foreign minister in the country is not much as foreign ministers go; but as times go it is a great deal Ape S 012 George Villiers, Vanity Fair, 1869-04-24.jpg
1869-05-01 Viscount Sydney He received the Royal Commands and lengthened the skirts of the Ballet Ape S 013 John Townshend, Vanity Fair, 1869-05-01.jpg
1869-05-08 Earl Grey A privileged person Ape S 014 Henry Grey, Vanity Fair, 1869-05-08.jpg
1869-05-15 Lord Westbury An eminent Christian man Ape S 015 Richard Bethell, Vanity Fair, 1869-05-15.jpg
1869-05-22 Earl de Grey and Ripon Qualis ab inepto Ape S 016 George Robinson, Vanity Fair, 1869-05-22.jpg
1869-05-29 The Earl of Derby It is his mission to stem the tide of democracy Ape S 017 Edward Smith-Stanley, Vanity Fair, 1869-05-29.jpg
1869-06-05 Earl Russell The greatest liberal statesman of modern times Ape S 018 John Russell, Vanity Fair, 1869-06-05.jpg
1869-06-12 G. J. Goschen The Theory of Foreign Exchanges Ape S 019 George Goschen, Vanity Fair, 1869-06-12.jpg
1869-06-19 H. C. E. Childers A returned colonist Ape S 020 Hugh Childers, Vanity Fair, 1869-06-19.jpg
1869-06-26 Lord Stanley He speaks with one party and acts with the other Ape S 021 Edward Stanley, Vanity Fair, 1869-06-26.jpg
1869-07-03 The Bishop of Peterborough If eloquence could justify injustice, he would have saved the Irish Church Ape S 022 William Connor Magee, Vanity Fair, 1869-07-03.jpg
1869-07-10 The Marquess of Salisbury He is too honest a Tory for his party and his time Ape S 023 Robert Cecil, Vanity Fair, 1869-07-10.jpg
1869-07-17 The Earl of Kimberley He improves, if possible, but he accepts always the accomplished fact Ape S 024 John Wodehouse, Vanity Fair, 1869-07-17.jpg
1869-07-24 The Bishop of Oxford Not a brawler Ape S 025 Samuel Wilberforce, Vanity Fair, 1869-07-24.jpg
1869-07-31 Lord Cairns When Birth cannot lead Brains must Ape S 026 Hugh Cairns, Vanity Fair, 1869-07-31.jpg
1869-08-07 The Duke of Somerset Proud and sincere, yet liberal and just, he refused to serve under the most humble of Premiers Ape S 027 Edward Seymour, Vanity Fair, 1869-08-07.jpg
1869-08-14 C. S. Fortescue He married Lady Waldegrave and governed Ireland Ape S 028 Chichester Parkinson-Fortescue, Vanity Fair, 1869-08-14.jpg
1869-08-21 H. A. Bruce He has gained credit by converting himself to the Ballot; he would gain greater credit by converting himself into an ex-secretary of State for the Home Department Ape S 029 Henry Bruce, Vanity Fair, 1869-08-21.jpg
1869-08-28 A. H. Layard He combines the love of truth and art with equal devotion and success Ape S 030 Austen Henry Layard, Vanity Fair, 1869-08-28.jpg
1869-09-04 Napoleon III La regime parlementaire Coïdé So 01 Napoleon III, Vanity Fair, 1869-09-04.jpg
1869-09-11 The Earl of Carnarvon The whole life of that great party to which I thought I had the honour to belong was nothing but a mere organised hypocrisy Ape S 031 Henry Herbert, Vanity Fair, 1869-09-11.jpg
1869-09-18 Isabella II of Spain She has throughout her life been betrayed by those who should have been most faithful to her Coïdé So 02 Isabella II, Vanity Fair, 1869-09-18.jpg
1869-09-25 The Duke of Abercorn Promoted from a Viceroyalty to a Dukedom Ape S 032 James Hamilton, Vanity Fair, 1869-09-25.jpg
1869-10-02 Mr M. E. Grant Duff MP A philosophic liberal Ape S 033 ME Grant Duff, Vanity Fair, 1869-10-02.jpg
1869-10-09 Leopold II of the Belgians Un roi constitutionnel Coïdé So 03 Leopold II, Vanity Fair, 1869-10-09.jpg
1869-10-16 Alexander II of Russia La civilisation Russe Coïdé So 04 Alexander II, Vanity Fair, 1869-10-16.jpg
1869-10-23 Mr A. S. Ayrton MP Mind and Morality Ape S 034 Acton Smee Ayrton, Vanity Fair, 1869-10-23.jpg
1869-10-30 Sultan Abdul Aziz of Turkey Ote-toi de la que je m'y mette Coïdé So 05 Abdülaziz, Vanity Fair, 1869-10-30.jpg
1869-11-06 Frederick Temple D.D. He has displayed ability in the free handling of religious subjects, and has nevertheless been made a Bishop Coïdé M 0001 Frederick Temple, Vanity Fair, 1869-11-06.jpg
1869-11-13 The Earl of Shaftesbury He is not as other men are, for he is never influenced by party motives Ape S 035 Anthony Ashley-Cooper, Vanity Fair, 1869-11-13.jpg
1869-11-20 Lord J. J. R. Manners MP Let arts and commerce, laws and learning die, But leave us still our old nobility Ape S 036 John Manners, Vanity Fair, 1869-11-20.jpg
1869-11-27 Le Viscomte de Lesseps He suppressed an isthmus Coïdé M 0002 Ferdinand de Lesseps, Vanity Fair, 1869-11-27.jpg
1869-12-04 The Earl of Zetland The Most Worshipful Grand Master Coïdé S 037 Thomas Dundas, Vanity Fair, 1869-12-04.jpg
1869-12-11 Sir Alexander Cockburn, 12th Baronet The Lord Chief Justice of England Ape J 01 Alexander Cockburn Vanity Fair 11 December 1869.jpg
1869-12-18 Lord Penzance A Judge and Peer Ape J 02 James Plaisted Wilde, Vanity Fair, 1869-12-18.jpg
1869-12-25 The Archbishop of Canterbury An earnest and liberal primate Coïdé S 038 Archibald Campbell Tait, Vanity Fair, 1869-12-25.jpg

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