List of United States Supreme Court cases, volume 141

This is a list of cases reported in volume 141 of United States Reports, decided by the Supreme Court of the United States in 1891.

Supreme Court of the United States
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EstablishedMarch 4, 1789; 233 years ago (1789-03-04)
LocationWashington, D.C.
Coordinates38°53′26″N 77°00′16″W / 38.89056°N 77.00444°W / 38.89056; -77.00444Coordinates: 38°53′26″N 77°00′16″W / 38.89056°N 77.00444°W / 38.89056; -77.00444
Composition methodPresidential nomination with Senate confirmation
Authorized byConstitution of the United States, Art. III, § 1
Judge term lengthlife tenure, subject to impeachment and removal
Number of positions9 (by statute)

Justices of the Supreme Court at the time of volume 141 U.S.Edit

The Supreme Court is established by Article III, Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States, which says: "The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court . . .". The size of the Court is not specified; the Constitution leaves it to Congress to set the number of justices. Under the Judiciary Act of 1789 Congress originally fixed the number of justices at six (one chief justice and five associate justices).[1] Since 1789 Congress has varied the size of the Court from six to seven, nine, ten, and back to nine justices (always including one chief justice).

When the cases in volume 141 U.S. were decided the Court comprised the following nine members:

Portrait Justice Office Home State Succeeded Date confirmed by the Senate
Tenure on Supreme Court
  Melville Fuller Chief Justice Illinois Morrison Waite July 20, 1888
October 8, 1888

July 4, 1910
  Stephen Johnson Field Associate Justice California newly-created seat March 10, 1863
May 10, 1863

December 1, 1897
  Joseph P. Bradley Associate Justice New Jersey newly-created seat March 21, 1870
March 23, 1870

January 22, 1892
  John Marshall Harlan Associate Justice Kentucky David Davis November 29, 1877
December 10, 1877

October 14, 1911
  Horace Gray Associate Justice Massachusetts Nathan Clifford December 20, 1881
January 9, 1882

September 15, 1902
  Samuel Blatchford Associate Justice New York Ward Hunt March 22, 1882
April 3, 1882

July 7, 1893
  Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus Lamar Associate Justice Mississippi William Burnham Woods January 16, 1888
January 18, 1888

January 23, 1893
  David Josiah Brewer Associate Justice Kansas Stanley Matthews December 18, 1889
January 6, 1890

March 28, 1910
  Henry Billings Brown Associate Justice Michigan Samuel Freeman Miller December 29, 1890
January 5, 1891

May 28, 1906

Notable Case in 141 U.S.Edit

Marshall v. HolmesEdit

In Marshall v. Holmes, 141 U.S. 589 (1891), the Supreme Court held it unconscionable to allow a state court's decision to stand that had been based on documents later exposed as forgeries. It permitted a federal case seeking to set that verdict aside to go forward. Other courts noted shortly afterwards that the invocation of unconscionability seemed to conflict with the Court's holding 13 years earlier in United States v. Throckmorton that equitable relief could not be granted in cases of intrinsic fraud. The Court was asked later in Graver v. Faurot to reconcile the two cases, but declined. As of the early 21st century this issue remains unresolved; some state courts and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals have held that Marshall overruled Throckmorton while others have reaffirmed the latter case.

Citation styleEdit

Under the Judiciary Act of 1789 the federal court structure at the time comprised District Courts, which had general trial jurisdiction; Circuit Courts, which had mixed trial and appellate (from the US District Courts) jurisdiction; and the United States Supreme Court, which had appellate jurisdiction over the federal District and Circuit courts—and for certain issues over state courts. The Supreme Court also had limited original jurisdiction (i.e., in which cases could be filed directly with the Supreme Court without first having been heard by a lower federal or state court). There were one or more federal District Courts and/or Circuit Courts in each state, territory, or other geographical region.

The Judiciary Act of 1891 created the United States Courts of Appeals and reassigned the jurisdiction of most routine appeals from the district and circuit courts to these appellate courts. The Act created nine new courts that were originally known as the "United States Circuit Courts of Appeals." The new courts had jurisdiction over most appeals of lower court decisions. The Supreme Court could review either legal issues that a court of appeals certified or decisions of court of appeals by writ of certiorari. The change resulted in an immediate reduction in the Supreme Court's workload (from 623 cases filed in 1890 to 379 in 1891 and 275 in 1892).

Bluebook citation style is used for case names, citations, and jurisdictions.

List of cases in volume 141 U.S.Edit

Case Name Page and year Opinion of the Court Concurring opinion(s) Dissenting opinion(s) Lower Court Disposition
In re Garnett 1 (1891) Bradley none none S.D. Ga. prohibition denied
Pullman's Palace Car Company v. Pennsylvania 18 (1891) Gray none Bradley Pa. affirmed
Pullman's Palace Car Company v. Hayward 36 (1891) Gray none none C.C.D. Kan. affirmed
Massachusetts v. Western Union Telegraph Company 40 (1891) Gray none none C.C.D. Mass. reversed
Crutcher v. Kentucky 47 (1891) Bradley none none Ky. reversed
Voight v. Wright 62 (1891) Bradley none none Va. Corp. Ct. reversed
Stein v. Bienville Water Supply Company 67 (1891) Harlan none none C.C.S.D. Ala. affirmed
Parker v. Ormsby 81 (1891) Harlan none none C.C.D. Neb. reversed
Carpenter v. Strange 87 (1891) Fuller none none Tenn. reversed
Evans v. State Bank 107 (1891) Fuller none none C.C.E.D. La. affirmed
In re Mayfield 107 (1891) Brown none none W.D. Ark. habeas corpus granted
Reynolds v. Burns 117 (1891) Brown none none C.C.E.D. Ark. dismissed
Denny v. Pironi 121 (1891) Brown none none C.C.N.D. Tex. reversed
St. Louis and San Francisco Railway Company v. McBride 127 (1891) Brewer none none C.C.W.D. Ark. affirmed
Briggs v. Spaulding 132 (1891) Fuller none Gray C.C.N.D.N.Y. affirmed
McAllister v. United States 174 (1891) Harlan none Field Ct. Cl. affirmed
Wingard v. United States 201 (1891) Harlan none Field Ct. Cl. affirmed
Gorman v. Havird 206 (1891) Brown none none Sup. Ct. Terr. Idaho dismissed
Caldwell v. Texas 209 (1891) Fuller none none Tex. Civ. App. dismissed
United States v. Griffith 212 (1891) Fuller none none Ct. Cl. dismissed
Schutz v. Jordan 213 (1891) Brewer none none C.C.S.D.N.Y. affirmed
Gregory Consolidated Mining Company v. Starr 222 (1891) Brewer none none Sup. Ct. Terr. Mont. multiple
Pacific National Bank v. Eaton 227 (1891) Bradley none none Mass. reversed
Thayer v. Butler 234 (1891) Bradley none none C.C.D. Mass. affirmed
Butler v. Eaton 240 (1891) Bradley none none C.C.D. Mass. reversed
Tuskaloosa Northern Railway Company v. Gude 244 (1891) per curiam none none C.C.N.D. Ala. dismissed
Williams v. Passumpsic Savings Bank 249 (1891) Fuller none none C.C.N.D. Fla. dismissed
Union Pacific Railroad Company v. Botsford 250 (1891) Gray none Brewer C.C.D. Ind. affirmed
Griswold v. Hazard 260 (1891) Harlan none Brewer C.C.D.R.I. multiple
Potter v. Couch 296 (1891) Gray none none C.C.N.D. Ill. affirmed
In re Green 325 (1891) Field none none Colo. mandamus denied
McNulta v. Lochridge 327 (1891) Brown none none Ill. affirmed
Magowan v. New York Belting and Packing Company 332 (1891) Blatchford none none C.C.D.N.J. affirmed
Gage v. Bani 344 (1891) Harlan none none C.C.N.D. Ill. affirmed
United States v. Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway Company 358 (1891) Harlan none none C.C.D. Kan. reversed
Fowler v. Equitable Trust Company I 384 (1891) Harlan none none C.C.S.D. Ill. reversed
Fowler v. Equitable Trust Company II 408 (1891) Harlan none none C.C.S.D. Ill. reversed
Fowler v. Equitable Trust Company III 411 (1891) Harlan none none C.C.S.D. Ill. affirmed
Hickman v. City of Ft. Scott 415 (1891) Harlan none none C.C.D. Kan. affirmed
McClain v. Ortmayer 419 (1891) Brown none none C.C.N.D. Ill. affirmed
McLean v. Clapp 429 (1891) Brewer none none C.C.N.D. Ill. affirmed
Kneeland v. Luce I 437 (1891) Brewer none none C.C.D. Ind. affirmed
Crosby Steam Gage and Valve Company v. Consolidated Safety Valve Company 441 (1891) Blatchford none none C.C.D. Mass. affirmed
McCreary v. Pennsylvania Canal Company 459 (1891) Brown none none C.C.E.D. Pa. affirmed
American Net and Twine Company v. Worthington 468 (1891) Brown none none C.C.D. Mass. reversed
Leadville Coal Company v. McCreery 475 (1891) Brewer none none C.C.N.D. Ohio affirmed
Davis v. Patrick 479 (1891) Brewer none none C.C.D. Neb. affirmed
Kneeland v. Luce II 491 (1891) Blatchford none none C.C.D. Ind. multiple
Seitz v. Brewers' Refrigerating Machine Company 510 (1891) Fuller none none C.C.E.D.N.Y. affirmed
Metropolitan National Bank v. Claggett 520 (1891) Lamar none none N.Y. Sup. Ct. affirmed
Cross v. Allen 528 (1891) Lamar none none C.C.D. Or. affirmed
Adams v. Bellaire Stamping Company 539 (1891) Field none none C.C.S.D. Ohio affirmed
Olcott v. Headrick 543 (1891) Blatchford none none C.C.E.D. Tenn. affirmed
Rogers v. United States 548 (1891) Blatchford none none C.C.S.D.N.Y. affirmed
Rector v. Lipscomb 557 (1891) Brewer none none C.C.E.D. Ark. dismissed
Patent Clothing Company, Ltd. v. Glover 560 (1891) Brewer none none C.C.S.D.N.Y. affirmed
Fire Insurance Association, Ltd. v. Wickham 564 (1891) Brown none none C.C.E.D. Mich. affirmed
In re Lau Ow Bew 583 (1891) Fuller none none 9th Cir. certiorari granted
Marshall v. Holmes 589 (1891) Harlan none none La. Ct. App. reversed
Johnson v. St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railway Company 602 (1891) Blatchford none Lamar C.C.E.D. Ark. multiple
Moline Plow Company v. Webb 616 (1891) Harlan none none C.C.W.D. Tex. reversed
Willcox and Gibbs Sewing Machine Company v. Ewing 627 (1891) Harlan none none C.C.E.D. Pa. reversed
Craig v. Continental Insurance Company 638 (1891) Blatchford none none C.C.E.D. Mich. affirmed
Thompson v. Barer 648 (1891) Harlan none none C.C.N.D. Tex. affirmed
Smyth v. New Orleans Canal and Banking Company 656 (1891) Field none none C.C.E.D. La. affirmed
McLish v. Roff 661 (1891) Lamar none none U.S. Ct. Indian Terr. dismissed
Ferry v. King County I 668 (1891) Fuller none none Wash. dismissed
Ferry v. King County II 673 (1891) Fuller none none Wash. dismissed
Myers v. Groom Shovel Company 674 (1891) Fuller none none C.C.W.D. Pa. affirmed
Henderson Bridge Company v. City of Henderson 679 (1891) Blatchford none none Ky. dismissed
Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis and Omaha Railway Company v. Roberts 690 (1891) Lamar none none C.C.D. Minn. dismissed
Singer Manufacturing Company v. Wright 696 (1891) Field none none C.C.N.D. Ga. dismissed

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