List of United Nations organizations

The United Nations established six principal organs of the Organization: the General Assembly, the United Nations Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the United Nations Trusteeship Council (this Council suspended operations in 1994), the International Court of Justice, and the Secretariat. The Charter allowed for the creation of any other entities that were seen as required. Since its creation, the United Nations is now considerably larger, encompassing numerous specialised organisations and agencies, programmes and funds, training and research bodies as well as other service providers. There are also numerous subsidiary bodies, including committees, commissions, boards, councils, panels, and working groups some of which this list includes.

This list is a work in progress and should be cross checked with other sources. (A more comprehensive list is available at the United Nations System article.)

Specialised Organizations and agenciesEdit

The United Nations maintains and supports a number of specialized organizations and agencies. These differ from the programmes and funds in that they are headed by an executive board of member states, separate from the General Assembly. Sometimes they do not report to the General Assembly or Security Council but only to their own member states. Some of these bodies also predate the United Nations as is the case for the ITU formed in 1865 to administer an international treaty and the ILO created as part of the League of Nations.

Specialized organisations and agencies of the United Nations
No. Acronyms Agency Headquarters Head Established Comment
1 FAO Food and Agriculture Organization   Rome, Italy   Qu Dongyu 1946
2 IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency   Vienna, Austria   Rafael Grossi 1957 Associated agency
3 ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization   Montreal, Quebec, Canada   Fang Liu 1947
4 IFAD International Fund for Agricultural Development   Rome, Italy   Gilbert F. Houngbo 1977
5 ILO International Labour Organization   Geneva, Switzerland   Guy Ryder 1919 Originally part of League of Nations
6 IMO International Maritime Organization   London, United Kingdom   Kitack Lim 1948
7 IMF International Monetary Fund   Washington, D.C., United States   Kristalina Georgieva 1945
8 ITU International Telecommunication Union   Geneva, Switzerland   Houlin Zhao 1865
9 UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization   Paris, France   Audrey Azoulay 1945
10 UPU Universal Postal Union   Bern, Switzerland   Bishar Abdirahman Hussein 1947
11 WBG World Bank Group   Washington, D.C., United States   David Malpass 1945
12 WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization   Geneva, Switzerland   Francis Gurry 1974
13 WMO World Meteorological Organization   Geneva, Switzerland   David Grimes 1950
14 UNWTO United Nations World Tourism Organization   Madrid, Spain   Zurab Pololikashvili 1974
15 UNODC United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime   Vienna, Austria   Yuri Fedotov 1997
16 WHO World Health Organization   Geneva, Switzerland   Tedros Adhanom 1948 to promote mental and physical health of humanity
17 UNHCR Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees   Geneva, Switzerland   Filippo Grandi 1950
18 WFP Office of United Nations World Food Program   Rome, Italy   David Beasley 1961
19 UNIDO United Nations Industrial Development Organization   Vienna, Austria   Li Yong 1966 Industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization and environmental sustainability

Departments and offices of the United Nations SecretariatEdit

The United Nations Secretariat carries out the day-to-day work of the Organisation. It services the other principal organs of the United Nations and administers the programmes and policies laid down by them. At its head is the Secretary-General, who is appointed by the General Assembly. The Secretariat administers a number of notable Offices and Departments.

Departments and Offices of the United Nations Secretariat
No. Acronyms Agency Headquarters Head Established Comment
1 UNOCHA Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs   New York City, United States   Stephen O'Brien 1991
2 UNOOSA United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs   Vienna, Austria   Simonetta Di Pippo 1958
3 UNODA United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs Izumi Nakamitsu 1998

Treaty organisationsEdit

The United Nations maintains, administers or has a working relationship with a number of organisations dedicated to the administration of a variety of international treaties and conventions. At times these perform specific administrative functions while also providing a specific forum for discussing issues around a particular treaty. The organisations themselves generally report to the member states of the treaty rather than to the General Assembly.

Organizations with a working relationship with the United Nations
No. Acronyms Agency Headquarters Head Established Comment
1 ISA International Seabed Authority   Kingston, Jamaica   Michael W Lodge 1994
2 CTBTO Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization   Vienna, Austria   Lassina Zerbo 1997 (preparatory commission) Provisional organisation
3 OPCW Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons   The Hague, Netherlands   Fernando Arias 1997 Related organisation

Research and training institutesEdit

There are only five officially recognised training bodies of the United Nations System. Irrespective of what does or does not constitute a United Nations organization, many other institutions serve a research or training purpose, and some are part of other organisations and funds. These are also contained below.

Research and training bodies of the United Nations
No. Acronyms Agency Headquarters Head Established Comment
1 UNIDIR United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research   Geneva, Switzerland   Renata Dwan 1980
2 UNU United Nations University   Tokyo, Japan   David M. Malone 1969
3 UNITAR United Nations Institute for Training and Research   Geneva, Switzerland   Nikhil Seth 1965
4 UNRISD United Nations Research Institute For Social Development   Geneva, Switzerland   Paul Ladd 1963
5 UNICRI United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute   Turin, Italy   Bettina Tucci Bartsiotas 1968
6 UNSSC United Nations System Staff College   Turin, Italy   Jafar Javan 2002
7 UPEACE University for Peace   San José, Costa Rica   Francisco Rojas Aravena 1980 UN mandated
8 ICTP International Centre for Theoretical Physics   Trieste, Italy   Fernando Quevedo 1964 IAEA, UNESCO, Italian Govt
9 IRC Innocenti Research Centre - International Child Development Centre   Florence, Italy   Marie-Claude Martin 1988 Part of UNICEF

Subsidiary bodies of the General AssemblyEdit

The following entities were established by the General Assembly.

Acronym Agency Headquarters Head Established Comment
ICSC Domestic Civil Service Commission   New York City, United States   John P. Hamilton 1975
ACPAQ Advisory Committee on Post Adjustment Questions   New York City, United States   Wolfgang Stöckl Part of ICSC

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