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List of Texas Tech University buildings

Administration Building

The campus of Texas Tech University is located in the city of Lubbock in the center of the South Plains region near the Caprock Escarpment of the Llano Estacado. Situated on 1,839 acres (7.44 km2).The Lubbock campus is home to the main academic university, law school, and medical school. This arrangement makes it the only institution in Texas to have all three units (undergraduate institution, law school, and medical school) on the same physical campus.[user-generated source?][1][2]

The campus' most prominent feature is its Spanish Renaissance architecture, inspired by the University de Alcalá in Alcalá de Henares, Spain, and Mission San José in San Antonio.[3] A large section of the campus built between 1924 and 1951 is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Texas Technological College Historic District.[4]


  • "" indicates that the year building opened is unknown.
Texas Technological College Historic District
Contributing property Non-contributing property
Bledsoe Hall
Civil Engineering Building
Dairy Barn
Education Building
English Philosophy Building
Holden Hall
International Cultural Center
Jones AT&T Stadium West Side
Media and Communications Building
Sneed Hall
Southwest Collection / Special Collections Library
Student Union
United Spirit Arena
Building Opened Notes Reference
Administration 1925 [4]
Administrative Support Center
Agricultural Education 1951 [4]
Agricultural Engineering Annex 1951 [4]
Agricultural Pavilion 1925 Opened as Livestock Judging Pavilion [4]
Agricultural Sciences 1941 Formerly Agriculture [4]
Animal & Food Sciences 2004 [5]
Architecture Opened as the "Computer-Architecture"
Athletic Complex 2003
Burkhart Center for Autism 2013
Athletic Offices
Athletic Ticket Office 1979 Opened as the Letterman's Lounge [6]
Athletic Training Center 1986 [7]
Auditorium and Sculpture Court, Helen DeVitt Jones 2001 [8]
Biology Auditorium
Biology Greenhouse
Bledsoe Hall/Gordon Hall 1947
Carpenter/Wells Complex 1959 [9]
Carpenter-Wells Apartment Complex 1998 [9]
Charles E. Maedgen Theatre
Chemical Engineering
Chemistry 1929 Additions completed in 1971 [4][10]
Chitwood Hall 1967 [11]
City Bank Auditorium 1956 Opened as Lubbock Municipal Auditorium.
City Bank Coliseum 1956 Opened as Lubbock Municipal Coliseum.
Civil Engineering 1951 Formerly East Engineering [4]
Clement Hall 1963 [11]
Coleman Hall 1967 [11]
Dairy Barn 1925 Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1992. [4][12]
Dan Law Field at Rip Griffin Park `
Development 1944 [4]
Doak Hall 1934 [4]
Drane Hall 1938 [4]
Education 2002 Built along with English and Philosophy Building; first new academic facility built on Texas Tech campus since 1976. [13]
Electrical Engineering 1928 Formerly West Engineering [4]
Electrical Engineering Addition
Engineering and Technology Lab
Engineering Center
Engineering Technology
English / Philosophy 2002 Built along with Education Building; first new academic facility built on Texas Tech campus since 1976. The old English building was built in 1960 [14] and demolition of it began on 20-Dec-2004.[15] [13]
Exercise Sciences Center
Experimental Sciences 2006 [16]
Fisheries and Wildlife Research
Food Technology
Foreign Language
Frazier Alumni Pavilion 1998 [17]
Gaston Hall 1957 Demolition begun 20-Sep-2008 to make way for the new Rawls College of Business building [18]
Gates Hall 1962 [19]
Health Science Center
Holden Hall 1937 Original site of the West Texas Museum (renamed Museum of Texas Tech University in 1969); named for Dr. Curry Holden historian, archaeologist, and first Director of the Museum. [19] [4]
Home Economics 1925
Home Economics Addition 1941
Horn Hall 1947
Hulen Hall 1963 [11]
Human Sciences (Formerly Home Economics & Additions)
Knapp Hall 1947
International Culture Center 1997 [8]
Jones AT&T Stadium 1947 Opened as Clifford B. & Audrey Jones Stadium with 27,000 seating capacity. After multiple renovations and additions, it currently seats 60,454.
Landscape Architecture & Range Wildlife 1951 Formerly Veterinary Science-1 [4]
Lanier Professional Development Center 2008 Texas Tech University School of Law [20]
Law 1970 Texas Tech University School of Law [10]
Library 1962 [10]
Marsha Sharp Center for Student Athletes 2004 [21]
Media and Communications 1969 [4]
Mathematics and Statistics 1938 Formerly the Library [4]
McClellan Hall 1944 Formerly Infirmary [4]
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering Lab 1951 [4]
Merket Alumni Center 1925 Houses the Texas Tech Alumni Association. Formerly the President's House. [4][22]
Moody Planetarium 1970 [10]
Murray Hall 2006 [21]
Museum of Texas Tech University 1970 [10]
Music 1951 [23]
Petroleum Engineering 1950 [23]
Physics and Geosciences 1951 Formerly Science [4]
Plant Sciences [4]
Preschool Lab 1927 Formerly Home Management House [23]
Rawls College of Business 2012 [24]
Recreation Aquatic Facilities
Ronald McDonald House
Sneed Hall 1938 [4]
Southwest Collection / Special Collections Library 1997 [8]
Sport Studies Center Formerly Women's Gymnasium [25]
Stangel / Murdough Hall 1964 [11]
Student Media 1941 Formerly Journalism [23]
Student Recreation Center, Robert H.Ewalt
Student Union 1951 Opened as "Student Union"; Known as "University Center" 1970-????[26] [23]
Student Wellness Center [21]
Talkington Hall + Commons Food Court 2013
Textile Engineering – Industrial Engineering 1925 Formerly Textile Engineering [4]
Thompson Hall 1957 Demolition begun 20-Sep-2008 to make way for the new Rawls College of Business building [18]
United Spirit Arena 1999
University Theatre
Wall Hall 1962 [19]
Wiggins Complex
West Hall 1934 Named in honor of James Marion West, Sr., Former Board of Directors Member and Chair [4][27]
Weymouth Hall 1967 [11]


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  1. ^ The University of Texas System has four medical schools, but none are located in Austin, the site of its flagship campus and only law school. The law school of the University of North Texas System is located in Dallas and does not have a medical school. The Texas A&M University System does not have a law school, and the University of Houston System has no medical school. Baylor University has only a law school, which is located in Waco. Baylor College of Medicine, in Houston, has not been part of Baylor University since 1969. Baylor also operates the Baylor University Medical Center, which is a hospital system.[citation needed]
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