List of Star Trek: Enterprise novels

List of Star Trek: Enterprise novels based on the American science fiction television series of the same name. The book line was published by Simon & Schuster imprints Pocket Books, Pocket Star, Gallery, and Atria.

Star Trek: Enterprise

CountryUnited States
GenreScience fiction
PublisherSimon & Schuster
Media typePrint (Hardback / Paperback)
No. of books20

From 2001 to 2003, the book line was published as Enterprise, without the Star Trek prefix. Likewise, the television series did not include the prefix on its title card until season three.[1]

All novels published as paperback editions, except where indicated.
Hardcover first edition.
Omnibus or collection editor(s).

Episode novelizations edit

Based on select episodes from the television series:

Title Author(s) Date ISBN
Broken Bow Diane Carey October 2, 2001 0-7434-4862-6
Shockwave Paul Ruditis October 15, 2002 0-7434-6455-9
The Expanse J. M. Dillard September 30, 2003 0-7434-8485-1

Original novels edit

The novels were more closely plotted to events of the television series compared to previous book lines. Daedalus (2003) and Daedalus's Children (2004) form a two-part novel that explores the aftermath of a prototype warp ship's disastrous launch thirteen years prior the launch of the Enterprise (NX-01).

Title Author(s) Date ISBN
By the Book Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch January 2, 2002 0-7434-4871-5
What Price Honor? Dave Stern October 29, 2002 0-7434-6278-5
Surak's Soul J. M. Dillard February 25, 2003 0-7434-6280-7
Daedalus Dave Stern November 25, 2003 0-7434-7118-0
Daedalus's Children April 27, 2004 0-7434-7646-8
Tales from the Captain's Table (short story collection) Keith DeCandido, ed. June 14, 2005 1-4165-0520-2
Rosetta Dave Stern January 31, 2006 1-4165-0956-9

Relaunch novels edit

Interlinked novels set after the episode "These Are the Voyages...":

Title Author(s) Date ISBN
Last Full Measure Andy Mangels and Michael A. Martin April 25, 2006 1-4165-0358-7
The Good That Men Do February 27, 2007 978-0-7434-4001-1
Kobayashi Maru[a] August 26, 2008 978-1-4165-5480-6

Romulan War (2009–2011) edit

Star Trek: Enterprise – Romulan War explores the events of the Earth–Romulan War from the perspective of the Enterprise crew.[2]

Title Author Date ISBN
Beneath the Raptor's Wing Michael A. Martin October 20, 2009 978-1-4391-0798-0
To Brave the Storm October 25, 2011 978-1-4516-0715-4

Rise of the Federation (2013–2017) edit

Star Trek: Enterprise – Rise of the Federation explores the creation of the United Federation of Planets, and the eventual rise of Jonathan Archer to President of the Federation.[3][4]

Title Author Date ISBN
A Choice of Futures Christopher L. Bennett June 25, 2013 978-1-4767-0674-0
Tower of Babel March 25, 2014 978-1-4767-4964-8
Uncertain Logic March 24, 2015 978-1-4767-7911-9
Live by the Code March 29, 2016 978-1-4767-7913-3
Patterns of Interference August 29, 2017 978-1-5011-6570-2

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Notes edit

  1. ^ Similarly named novels:
    • The Kobayashi Maru (1989), a novel by Julia Ecklar
    • Kobayashi Maru (2008), an Enterprise novel by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels.

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