List of Special Areas of Conservation in Northern Ireland

Special Areas of Conservation in Northern Ireland are part of the European Union's Natura 2000 network of sites with special flora or fauna.

Northern Ireland has 54 SACs:[1][2]

Name LocalAuthority Centroid (IGRS) Area (ha) EU Code
Aughnadarragh Lough Down J442593 12.80 UK0030318
Ballykilbeg Down J447406 37.59 UK0030319
Ballynahone Bog Londonderry H860981 243.24 UK0016599
Banagher Glen Londonderry C672045 87.77 UK0030083
Bann Estuary Londonderry C797363 347.94 UK0030084
Binevenagh Londonderry C686309 90.79 UK0030089
Black Bog Tyrone H635810 183.42 UK0016609
Breen Wood Antrim D123336 36.01 UK0030097
Carn-Glenshane Pass Londonderry C788075 1,938.78 UK0030110
Cladagh (Swanlinbar) River Fermanagh H241301 28.30 UK0030116
Cranny Bogs Tyrone H424640 78.90 UK0030321
Cuilcagh Mountain Fermanagh H127305 2,744.45 UK0016603
Curran Bog Londonderry H872954 183.31 UK0030322
Dead Island Bog Londonderry C931053 54.56 UK0030323
Deroran Bog Tyrone H524713 75.46 UK0030324
Derryleckagh Down J119254 48.69 UK0016620
Eastern Mournes Down J328270 7,507.03 UK0016615
Fairy Water Bogs Tyrone H340772 223.70 UK0016611
Fardrum and Roosky Turloughs Fermanagh H180502 43.10 UK0030068
Garron Plateau Antrim D240190 4,650.07 UK0016606
Garry Bog Antrim C940305 154.76 UK0016610
Hollymount Down J464438 49.95 UK0030169
Largalinny Fermanagh H074537 244.87 UK0030045
Lecale Fens Down J451387 40.87 UK0030180
Lough Melvin Fermanagh G921532 516.43 UK0030047
Magheraveely Marl Loughs Fermanagh H478269 58.78 UK0016621
Magilligan Londonderry C686371 1,058.22 UK0016613
Main Valley Bogs Antrim D034195 186.20 UK0030199
Monawilkin Fermanagh H090533 174.78 UK0016619
Moneygal Bog Tyrone H238883 155.79 UK0030211
Moninea Bog Fermanagh H299215 44.74 UK0030212
Montiaghs Moss Antrim J091654 151.28 UK0030214
Murlough Down J445313 11,902.03 UK0016612
North Antrim Coast Antrim D022440 314.59 UK0030224
Owenkillew River Tyrone H559870 213.46 UK0030233
Peatlands Park Tyrone H907608 207.30 UK0030236
Pettigoe Plateau Fermanagh G988634 1,264.32 UK0016607
Rathlin Island Antrim D133518 3,344.62 UK0030055
Rea`s Wood and Farr`s Bay Antrim J141857 41.81 UK0030244
River Faughan and Tributaries C513087 293.27 UK0030361
River Foyle and Tributaries Tyrone H353876 770.12 UK0030320
River Roe and Tributaries Londonderry C687159 407.60 UK0030360
Rostrevor Wood Down J186173 16.63 UK0030268
Slieve Beagh Fermanagh; Tyrone H524447 1,884.68 UK0016622
Slieve Gullion Armagh J023210 612.13 UK0030277
Strangford Lough Down J559577 15,398.54 UK0016618
Teal Lough Londonderry; Tyrone H737879 198.22 UK0016608
Tonnagh Beg Bog Tyrone H412599 55.60 UK0030325
Tully Bog Tyrone H419754 35.99 UK0030326
Turmennan Down J485503 14.83 UK0030291
Upper Ballinderry River Tyrone H734792 58.80 UK0030296
Upper Lough Erne Fermanagh H329279 5,738.38 UK0016614
West Fermanagh Scarplands Fermanagh H085491 2,270.35 UK0030300
Wolf Island Bog Londonderry C922080 118.02 UK0030303

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