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List of SR V "Schools" class locomotives

Below are the names and numbers of the SR V "Schools" class locomotives designed by Richard Maunsell. Another successful publicity campaign by the Southern Railway when named from 1930 onwards, they represented the public schools of England, initially due to their proximity to the railway that served them, but not all from the SR area. The class naming process consisted of pupils attending these schools visiting "their" engine during the naming ceremonies.

Number Name[1] Builder Built Withdrawn Notes
900 30900 Eton Eastleigh 1930
901 30901 Winchester Eastleigh 1930 1962
902 30902 Wellington Eastleigh 1930 1962
903 30903 Charterhouse Eastleigh 1930 1962
904 30904 Lancing Eastleigh 1930 1961
905 30905 Tonbridge Eastleigh 1930 1961 Fitted with high sided self trimming tender (ex 30932) from August 1958 to withdrawal.
906 30906 Sherborne Eastleigh 1930 1962
907 30907 Dulwich Eastleigh 1930 1961
908 30908 Westminster Eastleigh 1930 1961
909 30909 St Pauls Eastleigh 1930 1962
910 30910 Merchant Taylors Eastleigh 1933 1961
911 30911 Dover Eastleigh 1933 1962
912 30912 Downside Eastleigh 1933 1962
913 30913 Christ's Hospital Eastleigh 1933 1962
914 30914 Eastbourne Eastleigh 1933 1961
915 30915 Brighton Eastleigh 1933 1962
916 30916 Whitgift Eastleigh 1934 1962
917 30917 Ardingly Eastleigh 1934 1962 Plaque preserved at the Staff Room of the college.
918 30918 Hurstpierpoint Eastleigh 1934 1961
919 30919 Harrow Eastleigh 1934 1961
920 30920 Rugby Eastleigh 1934 1961
921 30921 Shrewsbury Eastleigh 1934 1962
922 30922 Marlborough Eastleigh 1934 1961
923 30923 Bradfield Eastleigh 1934 1962 Engine 923 was originally named Uppingham, but was renamed following objections from the school.
924 30924 Haileybury Eastleigh 1934 1962
925 30925 Cheltenham Eastleigh 1934 1962 Preserved as part of the National Collection at the National Railway Museum, York. Currently operational and on long term loan to the Watercress Line.
926 30926 Repton Eastleigh 1934 1962 Currently preserved on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway having been repatriated from North America. Currently operational.
927 30927 Clifton Eastleigh 1934 1962
928 30928 Stowe Eastleigh 1934 1962 Preserved on the Bluebell Railway. Purchased by Lord Montagu of Beaulieu direct from British Railways service in 1962. Currently undergoing overhaul.
929 30929 Malvern Eastleigh 1934 1962
930 30930 Radley Eastleigh 1934 1962
931 30931 King's - Wimbledon Eastleigh 1934 1961 Name as it appears on a surviving numberplate includes both the apostrophe and the dash
932 30932 Blundell's Eastleigh 1934 1961 Fitted with high sided self trimming tender from June 1938 to August 1958 when a tender exchange took place with 30905. The nameplate did include an apostrophe as the product photograph of the model introduced by Hornby in 2009 shows.[2] The locomotive featured in the opening shots of the 1945 film Waterloo Road.[citation needed]
933 30933 Kings Canterbury Eastleigh 1934 1961
934 30934 St Lawrence Eastleigh 1934 1962
935 30935 Sevenoaks Eastleigh 1934 1962 Given a streamlined shroud and numbered 999 but, as far as is known, never left the works in this form
936 30936 Cranleigh Eastleigh 1934 1962
937 30937 Epsom Eastleigh 1934 1962
938 30938 St Olaves Eastleigh 1934 1961
939 30939 Leatherhead Eastleigh 1934 1961

Remaining artefacts of other class membersEdit

30913 "Christ's Hospital" in BR days.

When the locomotives were withdrawn from service, BR presented their nameplates to the appropriate schools:

  • A nameplate from 900, Eton, is now displayed in the School of Mechanics within Eton College.
  • A nameplate from 901, Winchester, is now displayed in the school's Design & Technology Centre, The Mill.
  • A nameplate from 903, Charterhouse, was displayed in Charterhouse School's museum until auctioned by the school for £26,000 in 2002.[citation needed] The other nameplate is now displayed in the school's admissions office.
  • A nameplate from 905, Tonbridge, is displayed in the Physics Department of Tonbridge School.
  • A nameplate from 906, Sherborne, is now displayed in the day-room of one of the boarding houses of Sherborne School.
  • A nameplate from 907, Dulwich, is now displayed in Dulwich College by the college's Model Railway Society.
  • A nameplate from 908, Westminster, is now displayed in the science block of Westminster School.
  • A nameplate from 910, Merchant Taylors', is now displayed outside the sixth form common room of Merchant Taylors' School, Northwood.
  • A nameplate from 911, Dover, is now displayed outside the Headmaster's Office at Dover College.
  • A nameplate from 912, Downside, is now displayed in Downside School.
  • A nameplate from 913 Christ's Hospital, is now displayed in the Model Railway Club at Christ's Hospital.
  • A nameplate from 914, Eastbourne, is now displayed in the big school theatre foyer of Eastbourne College.
  • A nameplate from 915, Brighton, is now displayed in the DT workshops of Brighton College.
  • A nameplate from 916, Whitgift, is now displayed in the Raeburn library at Whitgift School.
  • A nameplate from 917, Ardingly, is now displayed in the staff common room of Ardingly College.
  • A nameplate from 918, Hurstpierpoint, is now displayed in the science block of Hurstpierpoint College.
  • A nameplate from 923, originally named Uppingham, is now displayed in the Undercroft under the great hall of Uppingham School.
  • A nameplate from 923, Bradfield, is now displayed in the entrance corridor of the teachers' common room of Bradfield College.
  • The nameplates from 924, Haileybury, are now displayed in Haileybury and Imperial Service College Library above a photograph of the locomotive, and in the Archives in Clock House, Haileybury.
  • The nameplates from 929, Malvern, are now displayed in Malvern College Memorial Library below a photograph of the locomotive.
  • The tender from 929, Malvern, was converted to a snow plough, and was sold by the Maunsell Locomotive Society along with S15 locomotive 830 (to raise money to enable the purchase of 928 Stowe) and both were moved to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.
  • A nameplate from 930, Radley, is now displayed in the stationery department of Radley College's school shop.
  • A nameplate from 931, King's - Wimbledon, is now displayed above the door of King's College School gymnasium.
  • The nameplate from 932, Blundell's, is now displayed in the History department of Blundell's School.
  • A nameplate from 933, Kings Canterbury, is currently displayed in the dining room of The King's School, Canterbury.
  • The tender from 934, St Lawrence, was converted to a snow plough, and the frames have been modified to run behind U-class No.1638 on the Bluebell Railway.
  • A nameplate from 935, Sevenoaks, is currently displayed in the Science and Technology Centre of Sevenoaks School with a scale model of the locomotive and photographs of Sevenoaks schoolboys 'inspecting' the new loco in 1935. The other nameplate is currently displayed in Arch Three of the Brighton Toy and Model Museum.
  • A nameplate from 936, Cranleigh, is currently displayed in the entry lobby of the Headmaster's Office of Cranleigh School.
  • A nameplate from 937, Epsom, was displayed in the Library of Epsom College.
  • A nameplate from 938, St Olaves, is displayed in the foyer of St Olave's Grammar School.
  • A nameplate from 939, Leatherhead, was displayed along with a OO gauge model of the locomotive at St John's School, Leatherhead but has now been sold in Auction at Great Central Railwayana Auctions, Stoneleigh for £8000 in April 2013.


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