List of Missouri Confederate Civil War units

This is a list of Missouri Confederate Civil War units, or military units from the state of Missouri which fought for the Confederacy in the American Civil War. A border state with both southern and northern influences, Missouri attempted to remain neutral when the war began. However, this was unacceptable to the Federal government, and Union military forces moved against the capital to arrest the legislature and the governor. Governor Claiborne Jackson called out the Missouri State Guard to resist. Union forces under Gen. Nathaniel Lyon seized the state capital, and a minority of pro-Union members of the legislature declared the governor removed from office. They appointed a pro-Union governor, and the Federal government recognized him even though he had not been elected. This resulted in a civil war within the state, as Missourians divided and joined both the Union and Confederate armies. Missouri sent representatives to the United States Congress and the Confederate States Congress, and was represented by a star on both flags.

The list of Missouri Union Civil War units is shown separately.


  • 1st Infantry (1st-4th Consolidated Infantry)
  • 2nd Infantry (2nd-6th Consolidated Infantry)
  • 3rd Infantry (3rd-5th Consolidated Infantry)
The Van Dorn battle flag carried by the 4th Missouri Infantry
  • 4th Infantry (1st-4th Consolidated Infantry)
  • 5th Infantry (3rd-5th Consolidated Infantry)
  • 6th Infantry (2nd-6th Consolidated Infantry)
  • 7th Infantry
  • 8th Infantry
  • 9th Infantry
  • 10th Infantry
  • 11th Infantry
  • 12th Infantry
  • 13th Infantry
  • 16th Infantry
  • Clark's Regiment, Infantry
  • Winston's Regiment, Infantry
  • 1st Battalion, Infantry
  • 3rd Battalion, Infantry
  • 8th Battalion, Infantry
  • Perkins' Battalion, Infantry


  • 9th Battalion, Sharpshhooters
  • Searcy's Battalion, Sharpshhooters


Battle flag of the 1st Missouri Cavalry
  • Shelby's Iron Brigade
  • 1st Cavalry (1st-3rd Btln. Consolidated Cavalry)
  • 1st Northeast Cavalry
  • 2nd Cavalry
  • 2nd Northeast Cavalry (Franklin's Regiment)
  • 3rd Cavalry
  • 4th Cavalry
  • 5th Cavalry
  • 6th (Phelan's) Cavalry
  • 6th Cavalry (Coffee's, 11th Cavalry, 3rd Trans-Mississippi Cavalry)
  • 7th Cavalry
  • 8th Cavalry
  • 9th (Elliott's) Cavalry
  • 10th Cavalry
  • 12th Cavalry
  • 13th (Wood's) Cavalry
  • 15th Cavalry
  • Coleman's Regiment, Cavalry (incomplete)
  • Freeman's Regiment, Cavalry
  • Fristoe's Regiment, Cavalry
  • Hunter's Regiment, Cavalry
  • Jackman's Regiment, Cavalry
  • Lawther's Temporary Regiment, Dismounted Cavalry
  • Poindexter's Regiment, Cavalry
  • Slayback's Regiment, Cavalry
  • Williams' Regiment, Cavalry
  • 3rd Battalion, Cavalry (1st-3rd Btln. Consolidated Cavalry)
  • 4th (McCulloch's) Battalion, Cavalry
  • 10th (Elliott's) Battalion, Cavalry (1st Battalion, Cavalry)
  • 11th (Young's) Battalion, Cavalry
  • 12th (Freeman's) Battalion, Cavalry
  • 14th (Wood's) Battalion, Cavalry
  • 17th (Norman's) Battalion, Cavalry
  • Clardy's Battalion, Cavalry
  • Davies' Battalion, Cavalry
  • Ford's Battalion, Cavalry
  • Preston's Battalion, Cavalry
  • Schnabel's Battalion, Cavalry
  • Shaw's Battalion, Cavalry
  • Snider's Battalion, Cavalry
  • Williams' Battalion, Cavalry
  • Beck's Company, Cavalry
  • Hick's Company, Cavalry
  • Hobbs' Company, Cavalry
  • Stallard's Company, Cavalry
  • Woodson's Company, Cavalry

Mounted InfantryEdit

  • 27th Mounted Infantry
  • Boone's Regiment, Mounted Infantry
  • 13th Battalion, Mounted Infantry


  • 1st Battery, Light Artillery
  • 1st Field Battery, Light Artillery
  • 2nd Field Battery, Light Artillery
  • 3rd Battery, Light Artillery
  • 3rd Field Battery, Light Artillery
  • 4th (Harris') Field Battery, Light Artillery
  • 13th Missouri Battery, Light Artillery
  • Farris' Battery, Light Artillery (Clark Artillery)
  • Hamilton's (Prairie Gun) Battery, Light Artillery
  • Barret's Company, Light Artillery
  • Bledsoe's Company, Light Artillery
  • Landis' Company, Light Artillery
  • Lowe's Company, Artillery (Jackson Battery)
  • McDonald's Company, Light Artillery
  • Parson's Company, Light Artillery
  • von Phul's Company, Light Artillery
  • Walsh's Company, Light Artillery


Arkansas soldiers in Missouri unitsEdit

In addition to serving in Confederate units organized in Arkansas, many Arkansas soldiers would serve in Confederate units organized in Missouri. Because Missouri Confederate troops were effectively driven out of the geographic area of Missouri after the Pea Ridge Campaign, except during raids by Generals Marmaduke, Shelby and Price, many of the Missouri units recruited heavily in Arkansas. This practice led some Missouri units to be mislabeled as Arkansas units when Confederate service records were compiled by the United States War Department in the 1880s, and some Arkansas units being mislabeled as Missouri units. Troops living near the borders with other states often enlisted in the nearest unit, even if across the state line, resulting in Arkansas soldiers enlisting in units from Missouri, Louisiana and Tennessee. The following is a list of Missouri units that contained large numbers of Arkansas soldiers:

Regiment Organization Date Commanders Alternated designations
Coffee's Arkansas Cavalry Regiment[1] Col. John T. Coffee

Colonel Gideon W. Thompson

Colonel Moses W. Smith

6th Missouri Cavalry[2]

11th Missouri Cavalry

Freeman's Missouri Cavalry Regiment[3] January 16, 1864 Colonel Thomas R. Freeman

Major Martin V. Shaver

Fristoe's Missouri Cavalry Regiment [4] July, 1864 Colonel Edward T. Fristoe
Jackman's Arkansas Cavalry Regiment[5] Spring 1864 Colonel Sidney D. Jackman[6] Nichols' Arkansas Cavalry Regiment[7]

Jackman's Missouri Cavalry

Kitchen's Missouri Cavalry Regiment[8] April 9, 1863[9] Colonel Solomon George Kitchen 10th Missouri Cavalry

7th Missouri Cavalry Regiment

Kitchen's Battalion Missouri Cavalry

Nichols' Arkansas Cavalry Regiment[10] Spring 1864 Colonel Charles H. Nichols Jackman's Arkansas Cavalry Regiment[7]
Schnabel's Missouri Battalion Cavalry[11] Lieutenant Colonel John A. Schnabel

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