List of Industrial Heritage Sites of Denmark

Industrial Heritage Sites of Denmark refer to a list of 25 heritage sites in Denmark that was designated by the Danish Agency for Culture (Kulturarvsstyrelsen, now Kulturstyrelsen) in 2007.[1] The list features Danish industrial buildings representing different eras, industries and geographical regions.


Name Location Year Description Image Refs
Holmen Copenhagen 1790s Former naval dockyard   Ref
Mølle River North Zealand c. 1140 Small River in the northern outskirts of Copenhagen with many early industrial enterprises such as Brede Works and Rådvad   Ref
Frederiksværk North Zealand 1750 Industrial town founded by Johan Frederik Classen in 1750   Ref
Carlsberg Copenhagen 1840s The Carlsberg Brewery's original brewery site founded by J. C. Jacobsen   Ref
TASSO/Albani Site Odense 1850s The former site of an iron foundry founded in 1856 (Rasso) and a brewery founded in 1859 (Albani), featuring a combination of industrial buildings and workers' housing   Ref
Rud. Rasmussen Copenhagen 1876 Still operating furniture manufactury established c. 1876 by Rudolf Rasmussen in the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen Ref
Holeby Sugar Factory Lolland 1874 Former sugar factory in Holeby which operated from 1874 until 1959   Ref
Hjedding Dairy South Jutland 1882 Denmark's first cooperative dairy, founded in Hjedding near Varde in 1882 Ref
Bornholm's quarries Bornholm Bornholm's granite, sandstone, coal and kaolinite quarries that are not found elsewhere in Denmark   Ref
Grøns Pakhus Copenhagen 1863 Denmark's first department store opened in Holmens Kanal by M. E. Grøn in 1863   Ref
Copenhagen Waterworks Copenhagen 1859 Denmark's first modern-style waterworks opened in 1859   Ref
Esbjerg Docklands and lighthouse system Esbjerg Ref
Copenhagen-Korsør Railway Zealand 1847 Denmark's first railway opened in two stages in 1847 (Copenhagen–Roskilde) and 1856 (Roskilde–Korsør)   Ref
Brown and White Meat District Copenhagen 1879 Copenhagen's meat district, first opened in 1879 (The Brown Meat District) and later expanded several times, including in 1932 (The White Meat District)   Ref
Cathrinesminde Brickworks South Jutland Brickyard with a ring oven from 1892   Ref
Aalborg Portland Aalborg   Ref
Danish Distillers Aalborg 1931 Industrial complex built in 1931 to designs by Alfred Cock-Clausen   Ref
H. C. Ørsted Power Station Copenhagen 1920 Denmark's first power station to use alternating current technology   Ref
The Five Sisters Aarhus 1927 Silos   Ref
Danfoss South Jutland 1931 Factory founded in 1931 by Mads Claussen Ref
Håndværkerbyen Copenhagen 1931 Post-World War II development for small companies in Valby Ref
Lindø Dockyards and Munkebo Odense 1959 Shipyard from 1859 and an associated housing district Ref
Novozymes Copenhagen 1935 Novo's first factory built in 1935-1969 to designs by Arne Jacobsen   Ref
Herning's textile industry Central Jutland Ref
Coop Danmark Copenhagen 1963 FDB's headquarters and warehouses in Albertslund Ref

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