List of Guggenheim Fellowships awarded in 2009

List of Guggenheim Fellowships awarded in 2009: Guggenheim Fellowships have been awarded annually since 1925, by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation to those "who have demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts."[1]

U.S., Canadian and Latin America FellowsEdit

Fellow Category Field of Study
Chris Abani Creative Arts Fiction
Mariana Achugar Social Sciences Education
Chris Adrian Creative Arts Fiction
Guillermo Luis Albanesi Natural Sciences Earth Science
Harry Altahír Almela Sánchez Creative Arts Poetry
Angela Alonso Social Sciences Sociology
Amanda Anderson Humanities Intellectual & Cultural History
Michael Ashkin Creative Arts Fine Arts
Jabari Asim Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Juan Manuel Aurrecoechea Hernández Humanities Fine Arts Research
Máximo Bañados Natural Sciences Physical Sciences
Ramin Bahrani Creative Arts Film
Robert Beachy Humanities German & East European History
Fernando Benadon Creative Arts Music Composition
Dike Blair Creative Arts Fine Arts
Paul Bloodgood Creative Arts Fine Arts
Sally Blower Natural Sciences Medicine & Health
Eliot Borenstein Humanities Slavic Literature
Jeff Bortz Humanities Iberian & Latin American History
Thomas L. Bradshaw Creative Arts Drama & Performance Art
Thomas Brothers Humanities Folklore & Popular Culture
Kate Brown Humanities Russian History
Tom Burckhardt Creative Arts Fine Arts
Thomas J. Campanella Humanities Architecture, Planning, & Design
John Campbell Humanities Philosophy
Suzanne Carbonneau Humanities Dance Studies
Vincent Carretta Humanities American Literature
Omar Carrum Semoloni Creative Arts Dance
Verónica Cereceda Bianchi Social Sciences Anthropology
Kanchan Chandra Social Sciences Political Science
Yu-Hui Chang Creative Arts Music Composition
Constance J. Chang-Hasnain Natural Sciences Engineering
Billy Childs Creative Arts Music Composition
Nancy Chunn Creative Arts Fine Arts
Margaret Cogswell Creative Arts Fine Arts
Ryan Cohan Creative Arts Music Composition
Paul Collins Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Janet M. Conrad Natural Sciences Physics
Richard M. Cook Humanities American Literature
Thomas Joshua Cooper Creative Arts Photography
Livia Corona Creative Arts Photography
Miguel Coyula Creative Arts Film and Video
Stacey D'Erasmo Creative Arts Fiction
Veena Das Social Sciences Anthropology & Cultural Studies
Sebastian Diaz Morales Creative Arts Film and Video
Fernanda G. De Felice Natural Sciences Molecular & Cellular Biology
Paul Desenne Creative Arts Music Composition
Evgeny A. Dobrenko Humanities Slavic Literature
Frances E. Dolan Humanities English Literature
Martin Doyle Social Sciences Geography & Environmental Studies
Patrick Doyle Natural Sciences Engineering
R. Lawrence Edwards Natural Sciences Earth Science
Danae Elon Creative Arts Film
Caryl Emerson Humanities Slavic Literature
Carl W. Ernst Humanities Translation
Jianqing Fan Natural Sciences Statistics
Walter M. Farina Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Denis Feeney Humanities Classics
Ellen Feldman Creative Arts Fiction
Jennifer Fewell Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Francesca Fiorani Humanities Fine Arts Research
Susan T. Fiske Social Sciences Psychology
Frances FitzGerald Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Athanassios Fokas Natural Sciences Applied Mathematics
Pierre Force Humanities French Literature
Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Arts Music Composition
Peter Galison Humanities History of Science & Technology
Joshua Gamson Humanities Folklore & Popular Culture
Erin Gee Creative Arts Music Composition
Kathryn Linn Geurts Social Sciences Anthropology & Cultural Studies
John A. Glusman Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Howard Goldblatt Humanities Translation
George D. Gollin Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Risa L. Goluboff Social Sciences Constitutional Studies
Flávio dos Santos Gomes Humanities History
Michael Gordon Creative Arts Music Composition
Annette Gordon-Reed Humanities United States History
Amy S. Greenberg Humanities United States History
Laura H. Greene Natural Sciences Physics
Susan Griffin Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Jennifer M. Groh Natural Sciences Neuroscience
Steven S. Gubser Natural Sciences Physics
Mario Eduardo Guido Natural Sciences Neuroscience
Richard Halpern Humanities English Literature
Karen Halttunen Humanities United States History
Saskia Hamilton Creative Arts Poetry
Alice C. Harris Humanities Linguistics
Joseph Harrison Creative Arts Poetry
Jordan Harrison Creative Arts Drama & Performance Art
John Haskell Creative Arts Fiction
Terrance Hayes Creative Arts Poetry
Lyn Hejinian Creative Arts Poetry
Heather Hendershot Humanities Film, Video, & Radio Studies
Robin Marantz Henig Natural Sciences Science Writing
Lynn Hershman Leeson Creative Arts Film
Benjamin Carter Hett Humanities German & East European History
Henry Hills Creative Arts Film
Rodolfo Hinostroza Creative Arts Poetry
Evelyne Huber Social Sciences Political Science
Alberto A. Iglesias Natural Sciences Molecular & Cellular Biology
Sanford M. Jacoby Social Sciences Economics
Ken Kalfus Creative Arts Fiction
Laura Kasischke Creative Arts Poetry
Sam Kauffmann Creative Arts Film
John N. King Humanities Bibliography
Marshall N. Klimasewiski Creative Arts Fiction
Marcelo Knobel Natural Sciences Physical Sciences
Artyom Kopp Natural Sciences Molecular & Cellular Biology
Heidi Kumao Creative Arts Video & Audio
Paul Laffoley Creative Arts Fine Arts
Barbara Landau Social Sciences Psychology
Richard Lange Creative Arts Fiction
Jaime R. Lara Humanities Fine Arts Research
Deborah Lawrence Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
Thomas Lawson Creative Arts Fine Arts
Zachary Lazar Creative Arts Fiction
Zachary Leader Creative Arts Biography
Edson Roberto Leite Natural Sciences Chemistry
Ralph Lemon Creative Arts Choreography
Noel Lenski Humanities Classics
Theodore J. Lewis Humanities Religion
Lei Liang Creative Arts Music Composition
Paul Etienne Lincoln Creative Arts Fine Arts
Julia Loktev Creative Arts Film
Medrie MacPhee Creative Arts Fine Arts
Lenore Malen Creative Arts Fine Arts
Joanna Malinowska Creative Arts Fine Arts
Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle Creative Arts Fine Arts
Charles R. Marsh Creative Arts Biography
Roderick A. McDonald Humanities Iberian & Latin American History
Margaret McFall-Ngai Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Jeff McMahan Humanities Philosophy
Diane McWhorter Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Julia Meltzer Creative Arts Film
Sarah Michelson Creative Arts Choreography
Susan Middleton Natural Sciences Science Writing
L. Scott Mills Natural Sciences Organismic Biology & Ecology
Robert A. Moffitt Social Sciences Economics
Udayan Mohanty Natural Sciences Chemistry
Ingrid Monson Humanities African Studies
Tamar Muskal Creative Arts Music Composition
Osamu James Nakagawa Creative Arts Photography
Priyamvada Natarajan Natural Sciences Astronomy - Astrophysics
Fae Myenne Ng Creative Arts Fiction
Mae M. Ngai Humanities United States History
Tara Nummedal Humanities History of Science & Technology
Suzanne Opton Creative Arts Photography
Eve Ostriker Natural Sciences Astronomy - Astrophysics
Chuck Owen Creative Arts Music Composition
Elías José Palti Social Sciences Political Science
Arturo Pérez Torres Creative Arts Film
Rolando Peña Creative Arts Fine Arts
Leslie P. Peirce Humanities Near Eastern Studies
Carlos Enrique Peruzzotti Social Sciences Political Science
Carla Gardina Pestana Humanities British History
Andrew X. Pham Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Juan Carlos Quintero Herencia Humanities Literary Studies
W. G. Raad Creative Arts Fine Arts
Maria Clemencia Ramírez Social Sciences Anthropology
Angela Cecilia Ramírez Sanz Creative Arts Fine Arts
Barbara Ras Creative Arts Poetry
Alexander Rehding Humanities Music Research
Kelly Reichardt Creative Arts Film
Wadda C. Rios-Font Humanities Latin American Literature
Lisa Rodensky Humanities Literary Criticism
Adriana Rodríguez-Pérsico Humanities Literary Studies
Tamar Rogoff Creative Arts Choreography
Victoria Sanford Humanities Iberian & Latin American History
Renato de Lima Santos Natural Sciences Medicine & Health
Mayra Santos-Febres Humanities Fiction
Wilhelm Schlag Natural Sciences Mathematics
Jonathan H. Shannon Social Sciences Anthropology & Cultural Studies
Anna Shteynshleyger Creative Arts Photography
Mark P. Simmons Natural Sciences Plant Sciences
George Singleton Creative Arts Fiction
Joseph R. Slaughter Humanities Literary Criticism
Wadada Leo Smith Creative Arts Music Composition
Robert Courtney Smith Social Sciences Sociology
Stephanie Snider Creative Arts Fine Arts
Jacob Soll Humanities Intellectual & Cultural History
Federico Solmi Creative Arts Video & Audio
Lisa Russ Spaar Creative Arts Poetry
Jered Sprecher Creative Arts Fine Arts
Cheryle St. Onge Creative Arts Photography
John D. Stephens Social Sciences Political Science
Jessica Eve Stern Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Georg F. Striedter Natural Sciences Neuroscience
Daniel Z. Sui Social Sciences Geography & Environmental Studies
Jeannie Suk Social Sciences Law
Larissa Szporluk Creative Arts Poetry
Demetri Terzopoulos Natural Sciences Computer Science
David Thorne Creative Arts Film
Daniel Tobin Creative Arts Poetry
Shirley Tse Creative Arts Fine Arts
Nick Turse Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Brian Ulrich Creative Arts Photography
María de la Luz Urriola González Creative Arts Poetry
Alejandro José Vila Natural Sciences Chemistry
David J. Wallace Humanities Medieval Literature
Anne Washburn Creative Arts Drama & Performance Art
Susan Cotts Watkins Social Sciences Sociology
Anna Weesner Creative Arts Music Composition
Jeff Wheelwright Creative Arts General Nonfiction
Deborah Gray White Humanities United States History
Faith Wilding Creative Arts Fine Arts
Pamela Wilson-Ryckman Creative Arts Fine Arts
Byron Wolfe Creative Arts Photography
Linda Wordeman Natural Sciences Molecular & Cellular Biology
Alexi Worth Creative Arts Fine Arts
Yasuko Yokoshi Creative Arts Choreography
Muhammad Qasim Zaman Humanities Religion
Oscar Adolfo Zanetti Lecuona Humanities History
Shou-Wu Zhang Natural Sciences Mathematics
Jawole Willa Jo Zollar Creative Arts Choreography


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