Fae Myenne Ng

Fae Myenne Ng (born December 2,[1] 1956 in San Francisco) is an American novelist, and short story writer.

Fae Myenne Ng
Fae Myenne Ng at the Brooklyn Book Festival
Fae Myenne Ng at the Brooklyn Book Festival
Born (1956-12-02) December 2, 1956 (age 63)

She is a first-generation Chinese American author whose debut novel Bone told the story of three Chinese American daughters growing up in her real childhood hometown of San Francisco Chinatown.[2] Her work has received support from the American Academy of Arts & Letters' Rome Prize, the Lila Wallace Reader's Digest Writers' Award, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Lannan Foundation, and The Radcliffe Institute.[3] She has held residencies at Yaddo, McDowell, and the Djerassi Foundation.[4]


She is the daughter of seamstress and a laborer, who immigrated from Guangzhou, China.[5] She attended the University of California-Berkeley, and received her M.F.A. at Columbia University. Ng has supported herself by working as a waitress and at other temporary jobs. She teaches UC Berkeley AAADS 20C.[6]

Her short stories have appeared in the American Voice, Calys, City Lights Review, Crescent Review, Harper's.[7] She currently teaches at UC Berkeley and UCLA in the English and Asian American Studies departments.[8]



  • Bone, Hyperion, 1993
  • Steer Toward Rock. Hyperion. 2008. ISBN 978-0-7868-6097-5. Fae Myenne Ng.



In Steer Toward Rock, Ng takes her time, says what she truly means to say, stares complication straight in the face, stares it down. One feels her attacking this fiction-writing business as if it's the most important chance any of us will ever get to put the truth on paper, and one is left—it can't be helped—in awe of her talent.[10]


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