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List of Georgetown University buildings

This is a list of buildings on Georgetown University campuses. Georgetown University's undergraduate campus and the medical school campus, together comprising the main campus, and the Law Center campus, are located within Washington, D.C. The Main Campus is located in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. between Canal Road, P Street, and Reservoir Road. The Law Center campus is located in downtown DC on New Jersey Avenue, near Union Station.

List of buildingsEdit

Name Sub-buildings Date Begun Date Built Area Type Abbreviation Image External link Notes
Car Barn 1895 East Campus Academic CBN   [1] Once the Capital Traction Company trolley car depot
Davis Performing Arts Center Gonda Theater 2003 2005 Main Academic DPAC   [2] Expansion of 1906 Ryan Gymnasium. Named for Royden B. Davis
Healy Hall Gaston Hall, Riggs Library 1877 1879 Main Academic HEA   [3] Interior work continued for 22 years after completion. Listed as National Historic Landmark
Bunn Intercultural Center ICC Auditorium 1982 Main Academic ICC   [4]
Institute of Diplomacy East Campus Administrative [5]
Leavey Center Georgetown University Conference Center, Sellinger Lounge, University Bookstore, Students of Georgetown, Inc., The Georgetown Voice, The Hoya, WGTB, Georgetown University Alumni & Student Federal Credit Union 1988 Main Administrative   [6] Serves as students' union
Maguire Hall 1854 1855 Main Academic MAG [7] Replaced Old South
Jesuit Community Cemetery 1808 Main Religious   Moved with the building of Maguire Hall in 1854
Bernard P. McDonough Hall Philip A. Hart Moot Court 1971 Law Center Academic   [8]
Observatory 1843 1844 Main Academic OBS   [9] Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Used in 1846 to determine coordinates of Washington, D.C.
Reiss Science Building Blommer Science Library 1962 1963 Main Academic REI   [10]
Ryan Hall Woodstock Theological Center 1903 Main Administrative   [11] Architect: Albert Olszewski Von Herbulis
St. Mary's Hall UIS 1954 Main Academic STM [12] Renovated in 2002
Edmund A. Walsh Building Walsh Black Box Theatre 1958 East Campus Academic WAL [13] Named for Edmund A. Walsh, founder of the School of Foreign Service
White-Gravenor Hall 1932 1933 Main Academic WGR   [14] Named for Andrew White

Architect: Emile G. Perrot

Alumni Square (Village B) Groves, Beh, McBride, and McCahill 1983 East Campus Residential VB [15]
Copley Hall Copley Formal Hall, Muslim Prayer Room 1930 1932 Main Residential   [16]
Darnall Hall Epicurean and Company restaurant 1964 1965 Main Residential   [17] Renovated in 1996
Gewirz Student Center 1993 Law Center Residential   [18]
Harbin Hall 1965 Main Residential [19] Renovated in 2000
Henle Village The Fishbowl Main Residential [20] Named for Robert J. Henle. Renovated in 1997
LXR Hall Loyola Hall, Ryder Hall, Xavier Hall East Campus Residential LXR [21] Connected into single building in 1994
Nevils Hall Kober, Lisner, Nordhoff, Riggs East Campus Residential [22] Served as Georgetown University Hospital from 1900 to the early 1930s
New South Hall Riverside Lounge 1957 1959 Main Residential NS   [23] Renovated in 2004.
Kennedy Hall Hoya Snaxa 2001 2003 Southwest Quadrangle Residential [24]
McCarthy Hall McShain Lounge 2001 2003 Southwest Quadrangle Residential   [25]
Reynolds Family Hall 2001 2003 Southwest Quadrangle Residential REYN [26]
Village A Main Residential VA [27] Level 4 known as "the rooftops"
Village C GERMS 1986 Main Residential   [28] Divided into East and West wings
Pedro Arrupe, S.J. Hall 2016 Main Residential [29]
Wolfington Hall Jesuit Residence 2001 2003 Southwest Quadrangle Residential   [30]
John Vinton Dahlgren Medical Library Medical Library DML [31]
Edward Bennett Williams Law Library 1989 Law Center Library   [32]
Lauinger Library 1969 1970 Main Library LAU   [33]
Basic Science Building Medical Academic BSC [34]
Building D Medical Administrative [35]
Medical and Dental Building St. Ignatius Chapel 1930 Medical Academic   [36]
Medical and Dental Annex Medical Academic [37]
Concentrated Care Center Medical Hospital CCC [38]
Gorman Building Medical Hospital [39]
Kober Cogan Building Medical Hospital [40] To be demolished
Marcus Bles Building Medical Hospital   [41]
Pasquerilla Healthcare Center Medical Hospital [42]
Lombardi Cancer Center Medical Hospital [43] Named for Vince Lombardi
New Research Building Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center Medical Hospital [44]
Pre-Clinical Science Building Medical Academic PSB/PRCL [45]
Research Resource Facility Medical Hospital RRF [46]
Cooper Field Main Athletic   [47] Previously known as Multi-Sport Field
Sport and Fitness Center 2005 Law Center Athletic   [48]
Kehoe Field North Kehoe Field Main Athletic [49]
McDonough Gymnasium 1950 1951 Main Athletic [50] Used for Dwight D. Eisenhower's inaugural ball
Yates Field House 1979 Main Athletic [51]
Chapel of St. Thomas More Law Center Religious [52]
Copley Crypt Chapel of the North American Martyrs 1930 1932 Main Religious [53]
Dahlgren Chapel of the Sacred Heart 1892 1893 Main Religious   [54]
St. William's Chapel 1930 1932 Main Religious [55] Located off of the first floor of Copley Hall
Eric E. Hotung International Law Center John Wolff International and Comparative Law Library 2005 Law Center Administrative   [56]
Gervase Building 1830 1848 Main Administrative   [57]
Heating and Cooling Plant Main Administrative [58]
Anne Marie Becraft Hall (formerly McSherry Hall) 1792 Main Administrative   [59] The oldest building currently on campus
Mortara Center For International Studies 2003 East Campus Administrative   [60]
Isaac Hawkins Hall (formerly Mulledy Hall) 1830 1833 Main Administrative   [61]
Rafik B. Hariri Building 2006 2009 Main Academic   [62]
New North McNeir Auditorium 1925 Main Administrative NN   [63]
North and South Gatehouses 1913 1913 Main Administrative [64] Replaced 1844 gatehouses
Old North McCourt School of Public Policy 1794 1795 Main Academic   [65] Oldest academic building on campus.
Poulton Hall Stage III Theater 1947 East Campus Administrative [66] Named for Ferdinand Poulton
Reed Alumni Residence East Campus Alumni [67] Named for James Patrick Reed in 1993
Robert and Bernice Wagner Alumni House 1998 2005 East Campus Alumni [68]
Leo J. O'Donovan Dining Hall 2001 2003 Southwest Quadrangle Dining [69] Named for Leo J. O'Donovan
Regents Hall 2012 Main Academic   Named for and dedicated to the Board of Regents of Georgetown University
Liberal Arts and Science Building 2005 Qatar Academic LAS   [70] Part of Education City
GUQ Building 2008 2011 Qatar Academic GUQ [71] Part of Education City
Villa Le Balze Student residence 1911 1914 Fiesole Academic   [72] Gifted to Georgetown University in 1979
McGhee Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies 1835 c. Alanya Academic   [73] Gifted to Georgetown University in 1989

Future buildingsEdit

  • Cooper Field improvements, currently in its second phase of planning.
  • Basketball Athletics Facility, in proposal stages.[1]
  • Boathouse, awaiting completion of city environmental survey.[2]


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