List of Delta 4-M launches

The Delta IV Medium (also referred to as 'single stick'[1][2]) was available in four configurations: Medium, Medium+ (4,2), Medium+ (5,2), and Medium+ (5,4).[3]

The Delta 4 Medium family often flew with Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites. It flew 6 second generation Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites to orbit. After the second generation Global Positioning System (GPS) had all been launched, it launch a third generation Global Positioning System (GPS) only it final flight. The Medium (4,2) version last flew on 22 August 2019, marking the retirement of the Delta IV Medium variants.[3][4]

Launch StatisticsEdit

Delta 4-M
Delta 4 Medium launch carrying DSCS III-B6.
FunctionOrbital launch vehicle
ManufacturerUnited Launch Alliance
Country of originUnited States
Cost per launchUS$164+ million[5]
Height63–72 m (207–236 ft)
Diameter5 m (16 ft)
Mass550,000 lb (250,000 kg)
Payload to LEO
Mass25,287 lb (11,470 kg)
Payload to GTO
Mass9,799 lb (4,445 kg)
Associated rockets
FamilyDelta Delta 4 Medium
Launch history
Launch sitesSLC-37B, Cape Canaveral
SLC-6, Vandenberg
Total launches3
First flight20 November 2002 (Eutelsat W5)
Last flightNovember 4, 2006 (DMSP 17)
Notable payloads
First stage – CBC
Gross mass226,400 kg (499,100 lb)
Engines1 RS-68A
Thrust3,140 kN (705,000 lbf) (sea level)
Specific impulseSea level: 360 s (3.5 km/s)
Vacuum: 412 s (4.04 km/s)
Burn time245 seconds (328 seconds in Heavy configuration)
FuelLH2 / LOX
Second stage – Delta Cryogenic Second Stage (DCSS)
Gross mass4-m: 24,170 kg (53,290 lb)
5-m: 30,700 kg (67,700 lb)
Engines1 RL10-B-2
Thrust110 kN (25,000 lbf)
Specific impulse462 s (4.53 km/s)
Burn time850-1,125 seconds
FuelLH2 / LOX

Launch OutcomesEdit

  •   Success
  •   Failure

Launch sitesEdit



Launch HistoryEdit

Flight Date / time (UTC) Rocket Configuration Launch site Payload Payload mass Orbit Customer Launch


1 March 11, 2003


Delta 4-M CCAFS SLC-37B USA-167 (DSCS-3 A3) Classified GTO US Air Force Success[6]
Military communications satellite, First Delta 4 Medium launch, First USAF EELV mission
2 August 29, 2003


Delta 4-M CCAFS SLC-37B USA-170 (DSCS-3 B6) Classified GTO US Air Force Success[6]
Military communications satellite
3 November 4, 2006


Delta 4-M VAFB SLC-6 DMSP F17 Classified SSO DoD Success[7]
First Delta 4 launch into a LEO/SSO, Military weather satellite. Final Delta 4-M launch.

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