List of Child's Play characters

Child's Play (The movie where the character 'Chucky' originated) is an American horror franchise that consists of eight slasher films and numerous comic books. The main antagonist is Chucky (except the fourth and fifth films), also known as Charles Lee Ray, the notorious Lakeshore Strangler, whose soul was passed into a Good Guy Doll. Chucky pursues a variation of victims in each instalment, usually with the purpose of possessing the body of a new human host. Recurring characters in the series include Chucky's first target and Child's Play trilogy protagonist, Andy Barclay, and Chucky's wife/partner, Tiffany Valentine, which is the second of the two dolls of the Chucky saga, but not the franchise or the Child's Play trilogy. The 2019 remake is not connected to the original franchise. The 2021 television series is however a continuation of the original franchise and sees the return of various characters in the franchise, including the original protagonist Andy Barclay, while also introducing several new characters.

Cast and charactersEdit

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Character Original series Reboot Television series
Child's Play Child's Play 2 Child's Play 3 Bride of Chucky Seed of Chucky Curse of Chucky Cult of Chucky Child's Play Chucky
1988 1990 1991 1998 2004 2013 2017 2019 2021
Chucky Brad DourifVH Brad DourifV Brad DourifV Brad DourifVH Brad DourifV
Fiona DourifH
Mark HamillV Brad DourifVH
David KohlsmithY
Tyler BarishY
Edan GrossV Edan GrossV
Andy Barclay Alex Vincent Justin Whalin
Alex VincentP
  Alex Vincent Gabriel Bateman Alex Vincent
Karen Barclay Catherine Hicks Catherine HicksP   Catherine HicksP   Aubrey Plaza
Detective Mike Norris Chris Sarandon   Chris SarandonA   Brian Tyree Henry Mentioned
Jack Santos Tommy Swerdlow  
Eddie Caputo Neil Giuntoli   Ivano DiCaro
Kyle   Christine Elise   Christine EliseP Christine EliseC   Christine Elise
Mr. Christopher Sullivan   Peter Haskell
Joanne Simpson   Jenny Agutter
Phil Simpson   Gerrit Graham  
Grace Poole   Grace Zabriskie  
Miss Kettlewell   Beth Grant  
Mattson   Greg Germann  
Ronald Tyler   Jeremy Sylvers  
Kristen De Silva   Perrey Reeves  
Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Brett Shelton   Travis Fine  
Harold Whitehurst   Dean Jacobson  
Sergeant Botnick   Andrew Robinson  
Colonel Cochrane   Dakin Matthews  
Major Ellis   Matthew Walker  
Jackie Ivers   Donna Eskra  
Tiffany Valentine   Jennifer TillyVH   Jennifer Tilly
Blaise CrockerY
Jade Kincaid   Katherine Heigl  
Chief Warren Kincaid   John Ritter  
Jesse   Nick Stabile  
David Collins   Gordon Michael Woolvett  
Glen   Infant cameo Billy BoydV Beans El-BalawiH  
Glenda   Kristina HewittH
Redman   Redman  
Joan   Hannah Spearritt  
Pete Peters   John Waters  
Jennifer Tilly   Jennifer Tilly   Jennifer TillyA
Nica Pierce   Fiona Dourif   Fiona Dourif
Alice Pierce   Summer H. Howell Summer H. HowellVH  
Officer Stanton
  Adam Hurtig  
FedEX Employee
Nurse Ashley
  Ali Tataryn  
Barb   Danielle Bisutti  
Ian   Brennan Elliott  
Jill   Maitland McConnell  
Sarah Pierce   Chantal Quesnelle  
Father Frank   A Martinez  
Dr. Foley
Nathan Cross
  Michael Therriault   Michael Therriault
Madeleine   Elisabeth Rosen  
Claire   Grace Lynn Kung  
Angela   Marina Stephenson Kerr  
Nurse Carlos   Zak Santiago  
Falyn   Beatrice Kitsos  
Pugg   Ty Consiglio  
Omar   Marlon Kazadi  
Shane   David Lewis  
Mr. Henry Kaslan   Tim Matheson  
Jake Wheeler   Zackary Arthur
Devon Evans   Björgvin Arnarson
Lexy Cross   Alyvia Alyn Lind
Junior Wheeler   Teo Briones
Bree Wheeler   Lexa Doig
Lucas Wheeler   Devon Sawa
Logan Wheeler  
Michelle Cross   Barbara Alyn Woods
Caroline Cross   Carina London Battrick
Detective Kim Evans   Rachelle Casseus


Andy BarclayEdit

(played by Alex Vincent, Justin Whalin and Gabriel Bateman) - The original protagonist is constantly pursued by Chucky so he could transfer his soul into the boy's body, as well as successfully frame him for the murders. He appears in the first three films, Child's Play (1988), Child's Play 2 (1990), Child's Play 3 (1991), he is mentioned in a newspaper article in Bride of Chucky (1998), referenced by Chucky in Seed of Chucky (2004), cameos in Curse of Chucky (2013), a main character in Cult of Chucky (2017) and a recurring character in the TV series Chucky (2021).


(played by Marina Stephenson Ker) - A paranoid schizophrenic mental patient. Angela, formerly homeless, now believes that she is dead. She has formed a strong bond with Claire. During Nica's first therapy session with the group, Angela tells her Chucky called her and said that Alice was "not okay". Later, Angela is killed by Chucky for believing he was an audio and visual hallucination. Appears in Cult of Chucky.

Alice PierceEdit

(played by Summer Howell) - Nica's niece. Alice comes to visit Nica after the death of Sarah. Alice is manipulated by Chucky and used as his pawn, much as Andy Barclay was in the original installment. After the death of her family, Alice is sent to live with her paternal grandmother and returns home on the day to find Chucky waiting for her, attempts to pass his soul into Alice's body but it is unknown if he did because the grandmother sat up with a plastic bag over her head and slowly dying.

In the next film, Alice was revealed to have been put under the guardianship of Chucky's girlfriend, Tiffany Valentine who tells Nica that Alice died. Later in the film, it's revealed Chucky was able to possess Alice but she apparently "died" after one of Chucky's intended victims fought back against her. At the film's conclusion, Tiffany appears to show some degree of remorse over Alice's death. Appears in Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky.

Dr. Lawrence ArdmoreEdit

Appeared in Child's Play (1988 film) (played by Jack Colvin) - Andy Barclay's psychiatrist. Andy was placed in his care. Chucky sneaks into the asylum that holds Andy and kills him in the pursuit. Dr. Ardmore was killed with an electric shock to the head.

Nurse AshleyEdit

(played by Ali Tataryn) - is a nurse, working at the Harrogate mental facility. Appears in Cult of Chucky.


(played by Billy Stevenson) - is Kyle's boyfriend Appears in Child's Play 2.


Barb PierceEdit

(played by Danielle Bisutti) - Nica's sister. Barb is a manipulative and selfish woman who intends to move Nica from her home to collect insurance money from her mother's death. Chucky kills her by stabbing her in the eye and throwing her down a flight of stairs. Appears in Curse of Chucky and in archive footage in Cult of Chucky.

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Brett SheltonEdit

(played by Travis Fine) - one of Andy Barclay's superior officers at Kent Military Camp. He would often use his power to humiliate Andy in front of the other cadets. He is killed by Chucky when paintball rounds are switched for live rounds. Appears in Child's Play 3.


Botnick (played by Andrew Robinson) was the cruel barber at Kent Military Camp. After shaving students he would often comment "Presto, you're bald." After giving Whitehurst a haircut, Botnick decided it would be fun to give a doll, Chucky, a shave. However, Chucky turned the tables and slit Botnick's throat with a razor. Appears in Child's Play 3.

Bob BarclayEdit

Bob Barclay (played by Tom Holland) is the deceased husband of Karen Barclay and the father of Andy.

  • The original script details him dying in a car accident.
  • The only time we see him is in a photograph on Andy's shelf in his bedroom. In reality, the photograph is of director Tom Holland.

Bree WheelerEdit

(played by Lexa Doig) - Junior's mother, Logan's wife, and Jake's aunt.

Britney SpearsEdit

(played by Nadia Dina Ariqat) - is a singer/song writer, that drove in front of Chucky and Glen on their boy's night out. Appears in Seed of Chucky.


Charles Lee "Chucky" RayEdit

(played and voiced by Brad Dourif and Mark Hamill) - The main antagonist of the series and the primary character of the fourth and fifth films. A merciless murderer whose soul gets stuck in a doll. He usually kills 'anyone' who gets in his way with a knife and frames the person of each film for them. Aside from being a deranged killer, he often spouts humorous yet profane insults.

In the 2019 film, He is presented as an artificially-intelligent Buddi doll that has its safety precautions disabled by a disgruntled Kaslan Industries employee during the assembly process. As a result, Chucky gradually develops murderous tendencies as he tries to maintain his bond with his owner and "best friend", Andy.

He is the only character to appear in all of the films in the franchise.


(Played by Grace Lynn Kung) - A mental patient who is hostile towards Nica. Claire blames Nica for the deaths at the hospital, but realizes it is Chucky who is responsible. Claire is torn to shreds by glass shards while strapped down to a table by Chucky.


(played by Anantjot S. Aneja) - One of Andy's new friends. Appears in the 2019 film of Child's Play.

Colonel CochraneEdit

(played by Dakin Matthews) - is the commandant of Kent Military School. Appears in Child's Play 3.

Sgt. ClarkEdit

(played by Burke Byrnes) - is an officer at the Kent Military school. Appears in Child's Play 3.

Nurse CarlosEdit

(played by Zak Santiago) - is a nurse at the Harrogate mental facility. Appears in Cult of Chucky.


(played by Bethany Simons-Danville) - is a little girl imagined by Glen, and was part of his murderous fantasy nightmare in which he massacres her family. Appears in Seed of Chucky.


(played by Phoenix Ly) - is the fired Kaslan employee who maliciously reprograms the Buddi doll that becomes Chucky. Appears in the 2019 film of Child's Play.

Caroline CrossEdit

(played by Carina London Battrick) - the younger daughter of Michelle and Nathan Cross and Lexy's little sister, who develops a hyperfixation on Chucky after watching him at a talent show.


David CollinsEdit

(played by Gordon Michael Woolvett) - friend of Jesse and Jade. David is inadvertently killed by Chucky and Tiffany when they reveal themselves. David runs onto the freeway in a panic and is killed by a passing semi. Appears in Bride of Chucky.

Doreen NorrisEdit

(played by Carlease Burke) - The mother of Mike Norris in the 2019 film. Chucky causes the Kaslan Car where she is travelling to crash, before stabbing her. Appears in the 2019 film of Child's Play.


(played by Janet Kidder) - is a part of a con-artist couple, with her husband Russ. Appears in Bride of Chucky.

Daniel PierceEdit

(played by Kyle Nobess) - is the late husband of Sarah, and was one of the only known victims of the Lakeshore Strangler, Charles Lee Ray. Appears in Curse of Chucky

Devon EvansEdit

(played by Björgvin Arnarson) - Jake's crush and later boyfriend, who tries to prove Jake's innocence after he is deemed a suspect in Chucky's recent murders.

Detective Kim EvansEdit

(played by Rachelle Casseus) - Devon's mother and a police detective who begins to suspect Jake after a string of murders committed by Chucky point back to him. She died on episode 6 after a fall from a staircase that broke her neck, because of Chucky.


Eddie CaputoEdit

(played by Neil Giuntoli) - Chucky's original partner in crime. Eddie was a friend of Chucky's while he was still a human. Eddie met him in a foster home for orphans, where Charles told him notoriously distorted tales, and even learned bad words from him. That same day, Charles had assassinated the janitor, amputated his hand, and placed a "hook" there, to make him pass as the eponymous captain. There Charles took the other boys with Eddie to play at defeating Hook, who was the dead janitor. The other boys fled in horror, while Eddie touched the neck of the corpse with worms with a stick, while Charles told him "You have guts boy." Before leaving the foster home, Charles presented Eddie with the dead janitor's hand as a token of sympathy. In 1988, Eddie abandons Chucky during a chase with Chicago police, ultimately leading to his capture and Chucky's death. Before he died, Chucky vowed to get revenge on him and returns to his house in doll-form. Eddie is killed when his house is filled with gas and explodes. Appears in Child's Play.

Major EllisEdit

(played by Matthew Walker) - is Shelton's assistant at the Kent Military school. He appears to be good friends with Shelton. Appears in Child's Play 3


Father FrankEdit

(played by (A Martinez) - Friend of Nica's sister, Barb. Father Frank is a recovering alcoholic who attempts to convince Nica to move out of her house. He is poisoned by Chucky and decapitated in an automobile accident. Appears in Curse of Chucky.

Dr. William FoleyEdit

(Played by Michael Therriault) - A psychologist treating Nica. Dr. Foley is later revealed to hypnotize and rape his patients, including Nica. Chucky is both disgusted and impressed by this, and later crushes Dr. Foley's Head while possessing Nica.


(played by Beatrice Kitsos) - One of Andy's new friends. Appears in the 2019 film of Child's Play.


(played by Rebecca Santos) - is the nanny for Tiffany She was killed by Tiffany Appears in Seed of Chucky.



Mentioned in Child's Play 2 (1990 film)

Gabrielle is the girlfriend of Play Pals, Inc. executive Mattson. When Mattson drives off in his car after work, he uses his phone to call Gabrielle who inadvertently reminds Mattson to purchase vodka for their two-week anniversary celebration. After Mattson's death, Gabrielle is never mentioned again.

  • In a deleted scene Mattson uses his car phone to call his wife and lies to her about being stuck late at work. After he hangs up his car phone he then picks it up and calls his girlfriend Gabrielle.


(voiced by Billy Boyd and human form portrayed by Beans Balawi) - Chucky and Tiffany's original child and Glenda's twin brother. He was an orphan for the first five or six years of his life until he saw his parents on television. Glen is a good person, and he doesn't like violence and definitely does not like murder unlike his parents. Though Tiffany promised him that they will refrain from killing, Chucky tries to get Glen involved in the family business. He fears but still loves his dad due to the fact he killed him in a misunderstanding. He is the only living doll character not to be voiced by an Academy Award nominee. Appears in Bride of Chucky (at the end as an infant) and Seed of Chucky. He does not appear in Curse of Chucky, nor is there any direct mention of him. Although he was indirectly mentioned when Chucky was mentioning the families that "Come and Gone", and since he is the son of Tiffany, who is now in Tilly's body, that would make his last name Tilly. He was mentioned in the Chucky series where Chucky talks to Jake about him being genderfluid. Jake questions if he's okay with it in which Chucky replies "I’m not a monster"


(voiced by Billy Boyd and human form played by Kristina Hewitt) - Chucky and Tiffany's second child and the twin sister of Glen. She was originally Glen's alter ego for a brief moment, but was reborn as a human. Unlike Glen, she is violent, sadistic, and cruel. She is even more ruthless than her father, implying she possibly will take on the family business. Appears in Seed of Chucky. In the Chucky series Tiffany mentions that the suitcase bomb she uses to blowup Charles Lee Ray’s childhood home was a gift from Glenda and says “they have exquisite taste”.

Grace PooleEdit

(played by Grace Zabriskie) - a social worker in charge of the group home which houses Andy. Chucky comes to the group home in pursuit of Andy and kills Grace with several stab wounds to the heart. Appears in Child's Play 2 and is mentioned in Cult of Chucky.


(portrayed by Trent Redekop) - A perverse, building voyeur and electician of the apartment who takes Chucky to the basement to prepare him for sale online. Chucky, repaired, torments Gabe before mutilating him with a table saw. Appears in the 2019 film of Child's Play.


Harold WhitehurstEdit

(played by Dean Jacobson) - Andy's cowardly friend and roommate at Kent Military Academy. Harold courageously sacrifices his own life by jumping on a live grenade Chucky set off to prevent it from injuring other cadets. His death greatly upsets both his crush and Andy. Appears in Child's Play 3.

Howard FitzwaterEdit

(played by Alexis Arquette) - Also known as Damien Baylock. Howard was dating Tiffany at the time she acquired Chucky's remains and resurrected him. Chucky kills Howard by smothering him with a pillow after ripping off his lip piercings. Appears in Bride of Chucky.

Henry KaslanEdit

(played by Tim Matheson) - The founder and CEO OF Kaslan Corp, the company that manufactures the Buddi dolls. After the incident of Chucky's killing spree in Zed-Mart, Kaslan provides a disclaimer regarding Chucky's programming and the recalling of Buddi and Buddi 2. Appears in the 2019 film of Child's Play.



(played by Brennan Elliott) - Brother-in-law to Nica. Ian visits Nica after the death of Sarah. He is killed when Chucky slices off his jaw with an ax. Appears in Curse of Chucky.


(played by Donna Eskra) - is a student at the Kent Military school, and best friend of Kristen De Silva. Appears in Child's Play 3.


Jack SantosEdit

(played by Tommy Swerdlow) - Mike's partner who was also investigating Andy's babysitter's death. In the beginning of the first film, he was mostly the cop who drove Mike's car to chase Eddie Caputo in his van. He was also one of the police officers that believed Andy was the killer. During the end, he tried to show Mike that Chucky wasn't alive, but was nearly killed by him and then he believed that the Barclays and Mike were telling the truth. He only appeared in the first film.

Jade KincaidEdit

(played by Katherine Heigl) - girlfriend, and later wife, of Jesse. Her uncle Warren is killed by Chucky and Tiffany early in the film. In the end, Jade shoots Chucky and she and Jesse leave the scene. She also appears with Jesse in another struggle with Chucky in a comic book continuation. Appears in Bride of Chucky.

Jake WheelerEdit

(played by Zackary Arthur) - The main protagonist of the television series. Jake is a teenager who is thrown into Chucky's chaos after he purchases the Good Guy doll at a garage sale.

Jennifer TillyEdit

(played by herself) - An exaggerated version of Tilly, herself, and Tiffany's idol. Appears in Bride in the role of Tiffany (both human and doll forms), and in Seed as both herself and the voice of Tiffany. Tiffany was successful in transferring her soul into Tilly's body.

Jesse MillerEdit

(played by Nick Stabile) - former friend of Tiffany Ray and boyfriend, later husband of Jade. He was greatly disliked by Jade's uncle and believed to be responsible for his death until Chucky and Tiffany reveal themselves. In the end, Jade kills Chucky and she and Jesse leave the scene. He also appears in a Chucky comic continuation. Appears in Bride of Chucky.


(played by Maitland McConnell) - live-in nanny of Alice and was having an affair with Barb even though she was married to Ian. Chucky electrocutes her to death. Appears in Curse of Chucky.


(played by Hannah Spearritt) - Jennifer Tilly's assistant. She is killed by Glenda with fire. Appears in Seed of Chucky.

Joanne SimpsonEdit

(played by Jenny Agutter) - Andy's foster-parent in the second installment. Chucky arrives at their house in pursuit of Andy, killing her husband and slashing her throat. Appears in Child's Play 2.

John BishopEdit

(played by Raymond Oliver) - Also known as Dr. Death. John was a friend of Chucky's before he was killed with his own voodoo doll by Chucky. He taught Chucky about the world of voodoo and his god, Damballa. Chucky returns in doll-form for information and kills John by mangling a voodoo doll. Appears in Child's Play.

Junior WheelerEdit

(played by Teo Briones) - Jake's cousin and the son of Logan and Bree, and Lexy's boyfriend until episode 6.

He recently beat his father Logan to death with a Chucky doll in episode 7 and also became Chucky's protege

Jason FlemyngEdit

(played by Jason Flemyng) - is a character that appeared in the fictional film Chucky Goes Psycho. Appears in Seed of Chucky.


Karen BarclayEdit

(played by Catherine Hicks and Aubrey Plaza) - Andy's mother, and later Mike's wife. She buys him a Good Guy doll for his birthday unaware that the one she picked was possessed by a serial killer. Initially, she refuses to believe that Chucky was alive, but she soon finds out when he comes alive and tries to kill her. In Child's Play 2, she is written out of the story when she was taken away to an insane asylum when no one believes her about the murderous doll. She appears only in the first film and is mentioned in the second, third, and sixth films. In the sixth film, Karen talks to Andy over the phone which reveals that she is now free from the asylum and plans to cook dinner for Andy's upcoming birthday. It is also strongly hinted that she has married Mike.

Miss KettlewellEdit

(played by Beth Grant) - Andy's teacher. Chucky follows Andy to school and bludgeons her to death with a ruler. Appears in Child's Play 2 and mentioned in Cult of Chucky.

Kristen De SilvaEdit

(played by Perrey Reeves) - Andy's girlfriend at the military school he attends, ends up sticking up for him when Shelton and the other guys take a liking in bullying him. Appears only in the third film.


(played by Christine Elise) - Andy's teenage foster sister whom he ends up staying with. At first she finds Andy to be a pain on her side, but starts to back up his story about Chucky when she witnesses him trying to take his soul and later finds their foster mother murdered by Chucky. She then goes to find Andy and ends up saving his life in the Play Pals factory, as well as helping him destroy Chucky after he tries to kill him after the voodoo soul transfer spell goes awry. She appears in the second film and was written out of the series and was never seen again but was briefly mentioned in the third film when Andy re-encounters Chucky again. She was also briefly mentioned to have kept in contact with Andy in "Curse" as he kept a photo of her. She returns in the post-credits scene of Cult of Chucky and the television series, Chucky.



(played voiced by Edan Gross) - Larry is the Good Guy doll Appears in Child's Play 3.

Alexandra ''Lexy'' CrossEdit

(played by Alyvia Alyn Lind) - Jake's enemy turned ally, the elder daughter of Michelle and Nathan Cross, and Junior's girlfriend until episode 6, when he broke up with her. She is a target of Chucky because she bullied Jake.


Maggie PetersonEdit

(played by Dinah Manoff) - Karen Barclay's best friend who Andy Barclay calls "Aunt Maggie". She was present when Karen purchased Chucky from the peddler and was also Chucky's first victim in the original film. She was struck in the head with a hammer and fell out a window to her death while babysitting Andy. Appears in Child's Play and archive footage in Cult of Chucky.


Appeared in Child's Play 2

(played by Greg Germann)- An executive who works at Play Pals, Inc. He updated the company's CEO Christopher Sullivan about the negative publicity surrounding the company regarding "Chucky" spurred by Andy Barclay's claim that his Good Guy doll was possessed by the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray. He informed Christopher Sullivan that Andy is in the foster care system and that his mother Karen Barclay who supported her son's claim is being held in a psychiatric institution. He also revealed that the police did not back up Andy and Karen's claims. Mattson then tells Christopher Sullivan that a detailed report on the doll in question has been completed and that the company found nothing wrong with the doll. As Mattson handed over the report to Christopher Sullivan, he tells him that the company still has the doll in question and allowed him to enter a room so that he could see the doll. While Mattson and Christopher Sullivan watch a toy manufacturer complete the restoration process they witness him hit the jammed machine with his hand which results in his electrocution. Before Christopher Sullivan leaves, he tells Mattson to cover up the toy manufacturers death and leaves the doll in Mattson's care.

Later that night after work Mattson tosses Chucky into the back seat of his car. He then uses his car phone to call his girlfriend, Gabrielle, who inadvertently reminds Mattson to purchase some vodka. While Mattson is in the liquor store, Chucky looks through Andy's files and calls the orphanage claiming to be Andy's uncle in an effort to gain information about Andy's current residence. When Mattson returns to his car, Chucky threatens him with a water pistol. Initially Mattson did not know that it was Chucky and that the gun was a fake. He makes Mattson drive past the Simpson residence and then instructs him to park his car in a vacant parking lot. Once Mattson parks the car, Chucky commands him to put his arms behind the seat and Mattson complies. Chucky ties his arms up with a jump rope. After much pleading and begging to be left alone, Chucky shoots him and water streams down Mattson's face. Mattson eventually looks in the rear view mirror and realizes that it has been Chucky all along. But before Mattson can react, Chucky places a Play Pals Toy Company plastic bag with a Good Guys logo over Mattson's head and suffocates him. It is never revealed who discovers Mattson's dead body and what kind of consequences if any it had on the Play Pals Toy Company.

  • In a deleted scene Mattson calls his wife and lies to her about being stuck late at work. After he hangs up his car phone he then picks it up again and calls his girlfriend Gabrielle.
  • Mattson is a character in the 1992 Child's Play 2 comic book produced by Innovation.

Detective Mike NorrisEdit

(played by Chris Sarandon and Brian Tyree Henry) - A detective investigating the murder of Andy's babysitter. He is also responsible for Chucky's death prompting him to transfer his soul into a Good Guy doll. He initially refuses to believe the Barclays, but when Chucky tries to kill him, he becomes an ally to the family. He appears only in the first film, and is indirectly mentioned in the second and fourth films. He appears via archive footage in Curse of Chucky.


(played by Elisabeth Rosen) - is a patient at the Harrogate mental facility. She came to the institution after smothering her baby Joshua to death. Appears in Cult of Chucky.


(played by Adam Hurtig) - is a patient at the Harrogate mental facility, and is called Multiple Malcolm by the other patients. He suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder and has two notable identities: Michael Phelps and Mark Zuckerberg. Appears in Cult of Chucky.

Martha StewartEdit

(played by Martha Stewart) - is a self-reference business magnate, writer, and television personality. Appears in Seed of Chucky.


Nica PierceEdit

(played by Fiona Dourif) - the heroine of the sixth film. Bound to a wheelchair since birth, Nica's family is slaughtered by Chucky. It is then revealed that Chucky is responsible for Nica's disability. She is blamed for Chucky's murders and sentenced to an asylum for the criminally insane. Appears in Curse of Chucky, Cult of Chucky, and the Chucky television series.

Nathan CrossEdit

(played by Michael Therriault) - the husband of Michelle Cross and father of Lexy and Caroline. Therriault previously portrayed Dr. Foley in Cult of Chucky.

Officer "Needlenose" NortonEdit

(played by Michael Louis Johnson) - is a corrupt police officer for the Lockport PD, working under Warren Kincaid. Appears in Bride of Chucky.



(played by Marlon Kazadi) - A neighbor of Andy and one of his new friends. Appears in the 2019 film of Child's Play.


(played voiced by Edan Gross) - Oscar is the Good Guy doll Appears in Child's Play (1988 film).


Pete PetersEdit

(played by John Waters) - A paparazzi who spies on Jennifer Tilly. Pete is pursued by Chucky after he has seen too much. He is accidentally killed by Glen when a container of acid falls from a shelf and melts his face. Appears in Seed of Chucky.

Phil SimpsonEdit

(played by Gerrit Graham) - Andy's foster father. Chucky arrives to his house in pursuit of Andy and kills Phil by tripping him on the cellar stairs and snapping his neck. Appears in Child's Play 2.

Lieutenant PrestonEdit

(played by Lawrence Dane) - authority figure in charge of the murder investigation and manhunt in the fourth installment. Preston clears Jesse and Jade of all charges and is bitten in the jugular by a newborn Glen. His fate remains unknown as the screen cuts to black and the credits roll. Appears in Bride of Chucky.


(played by Ty Consiglio) - One of Andy's new friends. Appears in the 2019 film of Child's Play.


(played voiced by Edan Gross) - Pauly is the Good Guy doll Appears in Child's Play 3.


(played by Keith-Lee Castle) - is a British ventriloquist, who ended up as the owner of Glen for six years. Appears in Seed of Chucky.


(played by Juan Ramirez) - is a homeless man, who sells items that he collects in his shopping cart. Appears in Child's Play (1988 film).



(played by Redman) - a fictionalized version of Redman, acting as a director. Redman intends to sexually coerce Jennifer Tilly into getting a part in his new film. Tiffany kills him by disembowelment. Appears in Seed of Chucky.

Officer Robert BaileyEdit

(played by Vince Corazza) - A corrupt cop in the fourth installment. Robert meets with Tiffany to sell her Chucky's remains. Tiffany kills him by slashing his throat with a nail file. Appears in Bride of Chucky and mentioned by Tiffany in Seed of Chucky.

Ronald TylerEdit

(played by Jeremy Sylvers) - A young private boy who befriends Andy at the military school he is sent to after failing to cope with living at several foster homes. When he finds Chucky (who mailed himself to the same military school to go after Andy again), he decides to go after Tyler instead. At first, Tyler finds Chucky to be a nice guy, but realizes the true colors of the doll's evil murderous ways once he attempts to transfer his soul into his body much like he attempted to do with Andy in the first two films. Appears in the third film.


(played by James Gallanders) - is a part of a con-artist couple, with his wife Diane. Appears in Bride of Chucky.


(played by Allison Dawn Doiron) - is a woman who briefly dated Andy Barclay. Appears in Cult of Chucky.

Rick SpiresEdit

(played by Adam Ryen) - is a Andy's friends. Appears in Child's Play 2.


Sarah PierceEdit

(played by Chantal Quesnel) - Nica's mom and Chucky's original love interest. Sarah's husband was killed by Chucky in 1988 when he was still a human. Sarah is kidnapped by Chucky and she reports him to the police, eventually leading to the events of the original film. Chucky kills her 25 years later by stabbing her with scissors. Appears in Curse of Chucky.


(played by Steve Lawton) - Jennifer Tilly's chauffeur. Stan is in love with Jennifer and sacrifices himself to protect her. He is killed by Chucky with a knife through the chest. Appears in Seed of Chucky.

Officer Keith StantonEdit

(played by Adam Hurtig) - A corrupt police officer. After finding Father Frank dead in a car accident, Stanton investigates Frank's death. Stanton arrives at the Pierce residence, only to find Barb's corpse and incorrectly concludes Nica was the culprit. Stanton is later murdered in his car by Tiffany. Appears in Curse of Chucky.

Mr. Christopher SullivanEdit

(played by Peter Haskell) - The greedy and arrogant CEO of Play Pals Toys Inc., First appears in Child's Play 2 where he is updated by Mattson an executive about the company's bad publicity due to Andy's Good Guy Doll supposedly becoming possessed by the soul of Charles Lee Ray. He also tries to protect the company's reputation from angry stockholders and the public in general. He also appears in Child's Play 3 when he moves Good Guys Toys forward with producing more dolls, however he is killed by Chucky when he accesses Sullivan's office computer to find Andy in Military School. Appears in Child's Play 2 and Child's Play 3.


(played by David Lewis) - A boyfriend of Karen and abusive towards Andy because of his deafness. When he's taking down Christmas lights, Chucky frightens him into falling from the ladder and breaking both of his legs. Then he activates a tiller which runs into Shane's head, killing him. By the following day, Chucky has delivered Shane's skinned face as a gift to Andy. Appears in the 2019 film of Child's Play.


(played by Adam Wylie) - is was a child who was at the Children's Crisis Center with Grace Poole. Appears in Child's Play 2.


Tiffany ValentineEdit

(played by Jennifer Tilly) - Charles Lee Ray's former girlfriend (and later wife) who later gets her soul stuck in a doll like Chucky. She ultimately transfers her soul into actress Jennifer Tilly (her doppelganger and portrayer) after being fed up with her husband's intent to remain a doll. In Curse, she is shown to be living a double life as both her regular self and Tilly. Between Curse and Cult, Tiffany becomes Alice Pierce's legal guardian until her death. Tiffany then returns to her role as Chucky's accomplice. Appears in Bride, Seed, Curse, and Cult.


(played voiced by Edan Gross) - Tommy is the Good Guy doll at the Simpsons' household. Appears in Child's Play 2. Another Tommy doll appears on the series, as a gift from Nathan Cross to his youngest daughter, Caroline, after Chucky was burned.

Tony GardnerEdit

(played by Tony Gardner) - is a self-referential puppeteer for the fictional Chucky Goes Psycho film. He is a deck hand and the first victim in the film. Appears in Seed of Chucky.


Vivian Van PeltEdit

Vivian Van Pelt is a victim of Charles Lee Ray during the Lakeshore Strangler years of the 1980's. Mentioned in Bride of Chucky.

  • She is possibly indirectly mentioned by Grace Poole in Child's Play 2 when she quotes, "He (Charles Lee Ray) murdered a dozen people".
  • Vivian is one of two female victims of Charles Lee Ray, with the other being Tiffany's mother, whom he (as a doll) had revealed to have been murdered by him in 20 years prior to Seed of Chucky.


Chief Warren KincaidEdit

(played by John Ritter) - Jade's uncle. Warren is the corrupt chief of police and uses his power to keep Jesse away and keep Jade in line. He is attacked by Chucky and Tiffany with a bed of nails and killed by several stab wounds to the back. Appears in Bride of Chucky.

Detective WillisEdit

(played by Nicole Anthony) - is a member of the Chicago Police Department and partner to Mike Norris. Appears in the 2019 film of Child's Play.


(played by Amro Majzoub) - is Karen's boss at Zed-Mart. Appears in the 2019 film of Child's Play.

Walter CriswellEdit

(played by Alan Wilder) - is the manager of the department store that Maggie and Karen work at. Appears in Child's Play (1988 film).