List of Cambodian films 1955–1975

This is an incomplete, chronological list of films produced in the Khmer language between 1955 and 1975.

The Golden Age of Khmer Cinema was a period when Khmer films could compete with other international films in terms of standards and quality. Unique to this era is the union of music and film featuring Cambodia's most talented actors and singers. As nearly every film produced in this era is accompanied by at least one song from Sinn Sisamouth, Ros Sereysothea or other singers of the era. Between 1965 - 1975, at least 300 films were produced and screened throughout the nation's theatres. It ended abruptly in April 1975 with the rise of the Khmer Rouge.

1950s Edit

Title Director Actors Genre Notes
Anuksavary Krung Kep
Dan Prean Labass Prich
Neang Badaja

1960–66 Edit

Title Director Actors Genre Notes
Kapea Prumajarey Srey Darakut Sun Bun Ly Original title: ការពារព្រហម្មចារី
Runteas Kruosa Ly Bun Yim Ly Bun Yim, San Mary
Birds of Paradise Marcel Camus Narie Hem
Kbone Jivit Nor Rithya, Dy Saveth Drama Original title: ក្បូនជីវិត
Dy Saveths' first film.
Kla Krohem Ly Bun Yim
Kolap Pailin Chea Yuthon, Dy Saveth Romance
Lea Hauy Duong Dara Tea Lim Kun Nor Rithya, Dy Saveth
Jet Mdai Yvon Hem Meas Som el, Saom Vansodany Drama The earliest existing Khmer film.
Kmouch Cheun Ly Bun Yim Horror
Onlong Veasna Dy Saveth Drama Original title: ចន្ទ្រាដីខ្មែរ
Phnom Kyoll Kompull Yi Ki Len, Keo Montha
Rosat Taam Kyoll Narie Hem Chea Yuthon, Narie Hem
Kong Kam Kong Keo Biv Chhay Lieng Chea Yuthon and Y Kim Sua Folktale Original title: កងកម្ម កងកែវ
Y Kim Sua died while making this film. Due to her eye tragedy when performing a scene in the movie, this film was never released; But instead, it was written as a novel.
Chantrea Dey Khmer Kim Nova Drama Original title: ចន្ទ្រាដីខ្មែរ
Kmouch Chao Ly Bun Yim Ly Bun Yim Horror
Krong Sopamith Kong Som Eun
Prasat Neang Kmao Kong Som Eun, Keo Montha
Preah Moha Monkaline Kim Nova
Puuje 1 Truoy 2 Chea Yuthon, Kim Nova
Sakarak Bopha Narie Hem Narie Hem
Sophat Nor Rithya Nor Rithya, Saom Vansodany
Veasna Neang Rumduol Nor Rithya, Dy Saveth
Apsara Norodom Sihanouk Nhiek Tioulong, Saksi Sbong, Princess Norodom Buppha Devi, Prince Sisowath Chivan Monirak Romantic drama First feature-length and color film by Norodom Sihanouk, Cambodia's head of state and former king

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