List of rivers of British Columbia

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The following is a partial list of rivers of British Columbia, organized by watershed. Some large creeks are included either because of size or historical importance (See Alphabetical List of British Columbia rivers ). Also included are lakes that are "in-line" connecting upper tributaries of listed rivers, or at their heads.

Arctic drainageEdit

Arctic Ocean via Mackenzie River drainage

(NB Liard tributaries on Yukon side of border omitted)

Liard River watershedEdit

Peace RiverEdit

Williston Lake (Parsnip Reach)Edit

Williston Lake (Omineca Reach)Edit

Williston Lake (Finlay Reach)Edit

Pacific drainage ("Pacific Slope")Edit

(Pacific Ocean watershed; Columbia tributaries on US side of border omitted)

Columbia River watershedEdit

Strait of GeorgiaEdit

Howe SoundEdit

Jervis InletEdit

Sechelt InletEdit

Malaspina StraitEdit

Desolation Sound watershedEdit

Theodosia InletEdit
Toba InletEdit

Bute InletEdit

Knight InletEdit

North Bentinck Arm/Dean ChannelEdit

South Bentinck ArmEdit

Douglas Channel/Gardner CanalEdit

Fraser River - Source to the Willow RiverEdit

Nechako RiverEdit

Fraser River - Nechako to Thompson RiversEdit

Thompson RiverEdit

Fraser River below Thompson RiverEdit

Rivers of North VancouverEdit

Skagit Bay/Puget Sound (U.S.)Edit

Boundary BayEdit

English BayEdit

Burrard InletEdit

Indian ArmEdit

Watersheds East of the Alaska PanhandleEdit

(south and east of the Chilkoot Pass)

Watersheds North of the Alaska PanhandleEdit

(west of the Chilkoot Pass)

Marcus Passage watershedEdit

Queen Charlotte Sound watershedEdit

Douglas Channel watershedEdit

Dean Channel watershedEdit

Queen Charlotte Strait watershedEdit

Islands of the British Columbia Coast watershedsEdit

Rivers of Vancouver IslandEdit

Broughton StraitQueen Charlotte Strait watershedsEdit
Discovery PassageJohnstone Strait watershedsEdit
Strait of Georgia watershedsEdit
West Coast of Vancouver Island watershedsEdit
Alberni Inlet-Barkley SoundEdit
Clayoquot SoundEdit
Nootka SoundEdit
Strait of Juan de Fuca watershedsEdit

Haida Gwaii watershedsEdit

Bering Sea (Yukon River) watershedEdit

Tutshi River

Note that only tributaries of the Yukon River in British Columbia are given; those in Yukon or Alaska are omitted.

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