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List of Baahubali characters

Film series charactersEdit

The following characters are introduced in the films Baahubali: The Beginning (2015) and Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (2017).


Amarendra BaahubaliEdit

Amarendra Baahubali, Maharaja Vikramdeva's son, was born in Mahishmati(Maghizhmathi). His mother (then Queen) died while giving birth to him. He was named "Baahubali" by his aunt, Rajamatha Sivagami, who later became his foster mother. She recognised his leadership qualities and announced him as the next king after he succeeded in a contest to defend the empire from Kalakeya invasion. Thought Bhallala Deva killed the Kalakeya king Inkoshi, Baahubali was announced the next king as he showed more honor in the battle. He is envied by Bhallaladeva who manipulates Sivagami who in turn issues an order to Kattappa to execute Baahubali for treason. He is loyal and bound by his promise even at the cost of his throne. He is the father of Mahendra Baahubali alias Sivudu. He was stabbed in the back by Kattappa. He was married to Devasena.

He is a skilled warrior with both his sword and the arrows. He can shoot more than one arrow in a single string. He has good battle strategy skills, which proved useful in the battle against the Pindari tribe.

Mahendra BahubaliEdit

Mahendra Bahubali was born in Mahishmati on the day his father Amarendra Baahubali was executed by Kattappa and his mother Devasena was held captive by Bhallaladeva. Sivagami later flees with him from the castle to save him from Bhallaladeva and gives up her life to save him. The child is then found by Sanga and her husband belonging to a tribe who lives beyond the kingdom. The couple raises him as their own. Many years later, Mahendra climbs the waterfall and eventually enters Mahishmati. He rescues his mother Devasena and slays Bhallaladeva's son. Mahendra Baahubali is the spitting image of Amarendra Baahubali.

Kattappa narrates the story of his heritage. Upon learning the truth, Mahendra rouses the people of Mahishmati to revolt against Bhallaladeva. In the ensuing battle, Bhallaladeva and Baahubali engage in a duel and Baahubali defeats Bhallaladeva. Baahubali's mother, Devasena, kills Bhallaladeva by immolating him alive. Baahubali later becomes the king of Mahishmati and marries Avantika. He has similar qualities to that of his father, like being creative, loyal, realistic, practical, wise, and valiant.[1]



Bhallaladeva is the king of Mahishmati. He is a renowned fighter, the only son of Sivagami and Bijjaladeva and elder to Amarendra Bahubali. He is envious of Amarendra Baahubali. When he is made King, he relieves Amarendra of his official duties and later convinces Sivagami that Amarendra is trying to assassinate him. Bhallaladeva takes Devasena as a prisoner and frequently taunts her in her captive. He is killed by on a pyre prepared by Devasena. After his death, his golden statue was disposed of by the order of king Mahendra Baahubali.

Other main charactersEdit


Avanthika is a skilled warrior and a fighter of the rebel group. Mahendra Baahubali falls in love with her and she later accepts him after she came to know that he climbed the hill just for her. She devotes her life to a sole mission, saving Devasena from the trap in Mahishmati set by Bhallaladeva. [2]

She is rebellious, fierce warrior who fights for what is just. Like other female lead of series, she is strong, independent in her decisions and opinions. She fights alongside Mahendra Bahubali during the Mahishmati revolt and protects Devasena during the trial by fire ritual at the end of the sequel, Bahubali: The Conclusion.


Devasena is the lead female character of the Baahubali franchise along with Sivagami. Princess of Kuntala Kingdom, Devasena is a skilled fighter and a great archer. Amarendra Baahubali falls in love with her during a visit to Kuntala kingdom. Devasena reciprocates the same feeling towards him.[3] She is brave and bold and believes firmly in her decisions. She practices a lot to improve her martial skills. Devasena marries Baahubali, with whom she has a child, Mahendra Baahubali.

Bhallaladeva wants Devasena's hand in marriage and makes his mother Sivagami promise that he would get married to Devasena. Devasena (now in love with Baahubali) rejects the marriage proposal by Bhallaladeva and chooses Baahubali instead. Furious, Sivagami declares Bhallaladeva the new king of Mahishmathi.

Baahubali eventually dies in the hands of Kattappa, his trusted companion. On the day Baahubali dies, Devasena gives birth to Mahendra Baahubali. Sivagami eventually learns the truth about Bhallaladeva's treachery. Bhallaladeva orders his men to capture Devasena while Sivagami flees with baby Mahendra in her arms.

Devasena is then tormented for the next 25 years. During her time in captivity, she prepares a pyre for Bhalla. Devasena would eventually be freed by her son Mahendra Baahubali (now called Sivudu/Shiva). Her son, Sivudu, after learning about his father's heritage and demise, sets out to avenge his death.

After Bhallaladeva's death, Devasena becomes the new Queen Mother (Rajamatha) and announces Mahendra Baahubali as the new king of Mahishmati kingdom.


Kattappa is the Commander of Kings's royal bodyguards and Capital guards. Though he is a very much skilled warrior, he is a slave till death to the Crown of Mahishmati kingdom. Kattapa's forefathers, beginning with Ugrappa, pledged their allegiance and loyalty to the rulers of Mahishmati for their assistance in avenging against Vaithalikas. He was appointed as the royal bodyguard of Bijjaladeva by the incumbent king, Somadeva after he saved the lives of Bijjaladeva and Mahadeva(who later got the title of Vikramadeva). He was ordered by Sivagami and Bhallaladeva (then rulers) to kill Baahubali. He kills Amarendra Baahubali despite knowing he is innocent, just to uphold his loyalty towards the crown. Later he becomes the bodyguard and general of Mahendra Baahubali.

Sivagami DeviEdit

Rajamatha (Queen Mother) Sivagami was the former regent of the Mahishmati kingdom. She is a skilled fighter, feared by her enemies and seen to have thwarted enemies' plot to overthrow the Mahishmati kingdom. She is a true leader who treats everyone equally, including her son and nephew. Sivagami became the foster mother of Amarendra Baahubali whose mother, the Queen of Mahishmathi, died after giving birth to him. She assumes the guardian role of the throne until the princes are ready to rule the kingdom.

Sivagami raises both her nephew Amarendra Baahubali and her son Bhallaladeva to be worthy heirs of the throne and when the time comes she decides to make one of them a king of Mahishmathi. After a war with Kalakeyas, Sivagami proclaims Baahubali as the new king of Mahishmathi. She is manipulated by her husband Bijjaladeva and son Bhallaladeva, because of which she ordered Kattappa to kill Amarendra Baahubali, her nephew.[2] She sacrifices her life in the attempt to save Mahendra Baahubali, the son of Amarendra Baahubali, from Bhallaladeva's treachery.

Her father was ordered to be executed for treason by Maharaja Somadeva, Bijjaladeva's father and she was raised by her foster father Thimma.

She is the most powerful character in Baahubali series who decides the fate of Mahismati. She is a strong headed leader. The first movie of the series portrays her to be judicious in her decisions. The second movie of the series shows her grey side. She has her own imperfections like being egoistic and high temper. She dislikes her son's choice of love in Devasena.


He is the husband of Sivagami and father of Bhallaladeva. Former prince of Mahishmati, during the reign of his father, Somadeva. He was a born cripple. He had many bad habits like drinking and that was the reason that he was replaced by his younger brother as the king of Mahishmati. He felt that it was done because he is handicapped and started hating his brother and his family. Even when Amarendra Baahubali was born, he always hated him. After Sivagami announced Amarendra as the king, he was more jealous of him because everything that had happened with him has been kept happening with his son also. He may be considered as the main antagonist alongside Bhallaladeva because he is the one who always kept generating feelings to avenge Baahubali in Bhallaladeva's mind.

He is often compared to Dhritarashtra and Shakuni from Mahabharata and is said to be based on them.

Supporting charactersEdit

  1. Sheik Aslam Khan:- He is a sword-merchant from Persia, who befriends Kattappa during the weapons trade. The character appears in the first film.
  2. Bhadrudu/Bhadra:- Bhadrudu is the son of Bhallaladeva. It has not been revealed who his mother is/was. He is killed by Sivudu while the latter was rescuing Devasena from Bhallaladeva. Director Rajamouli later revealed that Bhadrudu was adopted by Bhallaladeva to be his heir.
  3. Inkoshi:- Inkoshi is the king of Kalakeyas, a tribe residing in a kingdom south of Mahishmati. He is killed by Bhallaladeva in the war. This character was featured in the first film 'The Beginning'.
  4. Jaya Varma:- King Jaya Varma is the king of Kunthala Kingdom and brother of Princess Devasena. After his entire Kingdom is destroyed by Bhallaladeva, Jaya Varma forms a rebellious group, to free Devasena. He is later killed by Bhallaladeva in the war.
  5. Kumara Varma:- Kumara Varma is the brother of King Jaya Varma's unnamed wife. He lacks self-confidence until he meets Amarendra Baahubali, who boosts his confidence during the Pindaris' attack on the Kunthala Kingdom. He also had feelings for Devasena. He is killed by Bijjaladeva when he was made to attempt killing Bhallaladeva as a part of their plan (or rather deceit by Bijjaladeva) to manipulate Sivagami to kill Amarendra Baahubali.
  6. Marthanda:- At the time of Amarendra Bahubali's birth, Marthanda colluded with few other ministers and conspired to take over the crown. Sivagami uncovered the plot and killed him, before taking control of the throne.
  7. Sethupathi:- Bhallaladeva's loyal friend, who is later made chief lieutenant of Mahishmati by him. During Devasena's visit to the temple, he gropes several common women. Disgusted by this, Devasena cuts his fingers when he is about to grope her. When Devasena stood for trial before King Bhallaladeva for cutting off his fingers, Baahubali says, "If a man touches a woman without her permission, not his fingers, but his head, should be cut off!" and thus beheads him, showing his way of dispensing justice.
  8. Sanga:- A tribal woman who adopts Mahendra Baahubali after the villagers spot him in the river held by Sivagami. She is the alpha female, being the wife of the chieftain and holds a powerful position in her tribe.
  9. Sakethudu/Sakithan:- Sakethudu is a traitor, who sells Mahishmati's war secrets to the ruthless Kalakeyas. He fled to Singapuram, but was subsequently captured by Baahubali and Bhallaladeva.
  10. Vaishali:- Avantika's friend and a member of the rebel group formed by now-ousted Kuntala king, Jaya Varma to rescue Devasena.

Baahubali: Lost Legends charactersEdit

The following characters are introduced in the TV series Baahubali: The Lost Legends (2017-2019).

  • Pradhan Guru:- He is a royal teacher employed by Sivagami to train the princes in the art of combat and leadership.

The Rise of Sivagami charactersEdit

The following characters are introduced in the book The Rise of Sivagami (2017).



He is a bhoomipathi[a] and is known to be cunning and ruthless. Although he is a bhoomipathi, he rose up in society from poverty through his wit and dedication. Pattaraya is a family man and shows great affection toward Mekhala, his daughter.



A pirate who is an expert sailor. He has a charm that has a strong effect on woman. He uses his wit to escape tricky situations, but doesn't abstain from violence if it is needed.


She is an eunuch and an assistant of Devadasi Kalika. She is a pimp and finds women for Kalika's trade. She resides in Pattaraya's camp.

Other main charactersEdit


He is The younger brother of Kattappa who regrets his life as a slave and wants to gain freedom. He loves his elder brother, but he gets into fights with him often. His dream is to join the Vaithalikas, a rebel forest tribe fighting against Mahishmathi. He loves Kamakshi, who is Sivagami's friend.


Mahadeva is Bijjaladeva's younger brother, who is a poet and a romanticist. He knows that he is not a great warrior and looks up to his father. He becomes weak with his arrogant mother. Although he loves his brother, he is scared of him.


Vikramdeva is Bijjaladeva's younger brother, who is a poet and a romanticist. He knows that he is not a great warrior and looks up to his father. He becomes weak with his arrogant mother. Although he loves his brother, he is scared of him.


He is the deputy prime minister (Upapradhana) of Mahismathi. Skandadasa is a man of principles who belongs to the untouchables caste, unlike other high caste nobles in the court. He is admired by the common people, but the nobles dislike him.

Other charactersEdit

  1. Ally:- She was brought up by the evasive rebel queen Achi Nagamma and is an elite warrior and spy in a women rebel army. She uses her sexuality and seduction powers to finish her work.
  2. Devadasi Kalkika:- She is the head of Pushyachakra Inn, notoriously known as Kalika's Den. She is a seductress and is successful in seducing the Mahishmathi nobles.
  3. Kamakshi:- She is Sivagami's close friend who lives in the orphanage. Her only goal in life is to live in peace with her lover Shivappa, far from the kingdom of Mahishmathi.
  4. Mahapradhana Parameswara:- He is the prime minister of Mahismathi. He is the king's guru and Skandadasa's mentor. He is a kind-hearted and refined politician.
  5. Maharaja Somadeva:- The king of Mahishmathi. He is a deeply respected figure who is feared by his subjects.
  6. Maharani Hemavati:- The queen of Mahishmathi. She is a haughty and proud person.
  7. Malayappa:- Maharaja Somadeva's personal slave. He is Kattappa and Shivappa's father. He is proud and dedicated to his duty.
  8. Thimma:- Sivagami's foster father, who used to be a great friend of Sivagami's biological father, Devaraya, before he was executed. He is a bhoomipathi[a], but he is kind and a caring father.


Mahishmati kingdomEdit

The new ruler is Mahendra Bahubali, after defeating Bhallaladeva. Mahismati kingdom is the epicenter around which the story of Baahubali revolves. It is a vast kingdom, composed of smaller kingdoms and other tribes. River Jeeva Nadhi runs along the entire course of the kingdom.

Family tree of Mahismati Kingdom
King Somadeva
Sivagami DeviBijjaladevaKing VikramadevaUnknown
BhallaladevaAmarendra BaahubaliDevasena
Bhadrudu-adoptedMahendra BaahubaliAvantika

Kuntala kingdomEdit

Kuntala Kingdom lies to the north of Mahishmati Kingdom, down the line of JeevaNadhi. It is a smaller kingdom annexed to the rule of Mahismati. King Jaya Varma rules this kingdom. Devasena hails from this kingdom, as she is the sister of King Jaya Varma. The flag of Kuntala kingdom bears the symbol of Swan.

Kuntala kingdom is shown in the second film. It has a beautiful palace where the royal family resides. Bull is a sacred animal in this kingdom and there are various sports involved with the bull. In this region, a man is considered to be brave, if he can tame the bull. It also boasts of a dam on the river of JeevaNadhi to harness it for various purposes. Agriculture is the main occupation of Kuntala kingdom. That's why the dam was built.

Kalakeya tribeEdit

Kalakeyas is a ferocious warrior tribe, who were undefeated. They are uncivilised savages. They speak a language named 'Kilikli', an intuitive language developed solely for the purpose of this franchise. They have an army of 100,000 warriors. These warriors, when they defeat a kingdom they cause extensive damage to the region. In addition to pillaging the wealth of the region, they kill the people including the children.

Inkoshi, is the head of this Kalakeya tribe. This tribe is defeated, when they declare a war against Mahismati kingdom.

Amburi tribeEdit

The villagers live in a hamlet called Amburi and reside in the lower course of River Jeeva Nadhi. The tribe living in this area have no knowledge on Mahismati Kingdom or what lies in the upper course of the river, as a waterfall separates them. This tribe worships the deity of Lord Shiva.

When Sivagami escapes from Mahishmati through a secret cave, she reaches this place before she dies. As there were assassins following Sivagami, they close the secret cave fearing the safety of the baby. A woman named Sanga from this tribe adopts Baahubali as an infant and raise him as 'Shivudu'.


Pindaris are dacoit-like army who survive by plundering the nearby villages. After ransacking the villages they kill the people of the village. They hunt in and around the region of the Kuntala Kingdom.

A small group of Pindaris was killed during Devasena's visit to a nearby village. As a result of which, the Pindaris army attack the Kuntala kingdom, which is thwarted by Kuntala army with the help of Amarendra Baahubali and Kattappa.


A rebel tribe who want Gauriparvat back from Mahishmathi. The head of the tribe is Bhutaraya.


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