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List of Astragalus species

This is a list of Astragalus species, including infraspecific taxa. They are listed according to subgenera (for Old World species) or informal groups called phalanxes (for North American species). Subgenera and phalanxes are further subdivided into sections.[1][2][3][4][5][6] Phylogenetic analyses have determined that many of these subgenera, phalanxes, and sections are not monophyletic.[7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][19][20][21][22]


Old World AstragalusEdit

Subgenus Calycocystis Bge.Edit

Section Asciocalyx Edit

Section Chaetodon Bge.Edit

Section Cysticalyx Bge.Edit

Section Cystodes Bge.Edit

Section Eustales Bge.Edit

Section Hysophilus Bge.Edit

Section Laguropsis Bge.Edit

Section Macrocystodes M. Pop.Edit

Section Macrocystis M. Pop.Edit

Subgenus Calycophysa Bge.Edit

Section Acidodes Edit

Section Alopecias (Stev.) Bge.Edit

Section Alopeciodes Gontsch.Edit

Section Alopecuroidei Edit

Section Anthylloidei Edit

Section Campylanthus Edit

Section Eremophysa Bge.Edit

Section Eremophysopsis Gontsch.Edit

Section Grammocalyx Bge.Edit

Section Halicaeabus Bge.Edit

Section Hymenostegis Bge.Edit

Section Laxiflori Edit

Section Megalocystis Bge.Edit

Section Microphysa Bge.Edit

Section Poterion Edit

Section Tricholobus Bge.Edit

Subgenus Caprinus Bge.Edit

Section Acanathophace Bge.Edit

Section Aegacantha Bge.Edit

Section Albertoregelia M. Pop.Edit

Section Astenolobium (Nevski) Gontsch.Edit

Section Bungeastrum Gontsch.Edit

Section Campanella Gontsch.Edit

Section Cartilaginella Gontsch.Edit

Section Christianopsis Gontsch.Edit

Section Chronopus Bge.Edit

Section Erionotus Bge.Edit

Section Lithoon (Nevski) Gontsch.Edit

Section Macrocarpon Gontsch.Edit

Section Macrosemium Bge.Edit

Section Mesocarpon Gontsch.Edit

Section Myobroma (Stev.) Bge.Edit

Section Pendulina Gontsch.Edit

Section Phacodes Bge.Edit

Subgenus Cercidothrix Bge.Edit

Section Acantherioceras Bge.Edit

Section Acmothrix Bge.Edit

Section Ammodytes (Stev.) Bge.Edit

Section Ammodendron Bge.Edit

Section Ammotrophus Bge.Edit

Section Bulimiodes Bge.Edit

Section Caraganella Edit

Section Chlorosphaerus Bge.Edit

Section Chomutoviana B. Fedtsch.Edit

Section Corethrum Bge.Edit

Section Craccina (Stev.) Bge.Edit

Section Cremoceras Edit

Section Cystium Bge.Edit

Section Cytisodes Bge.Edit

Section Erioceras Bge.Edit

Section Euodmus Bge.Edit

Section Helmia Bge.Edit

Section Hololeuce Bge.Edit

Section Incani Edit

Section Irinaea Boiss.Edit

Section Leucocercis Edit

Section Leucophysa Bge.Edit

Section Melanocercis Bge.Edit

Section Myobromopsis Boriss.Edit

Section Onobrychoidei Edit

Section Onobrychium Bge.Edit

Section Ornithopodium Bge.Edit

Section Paracystium Gontsch.Edit

Section Pedina (Stev.) Bge.Edit

Section Picrophace Bge.Edit

Section Popovianthe Gontsch.Edit

Section Proselius (Stev.) Bge.Edit

Section Pseudoammotrophus Gontsch.Edit

Section Tamias Bge.Edit

Section Tanytrix Bge.Edit

Section Trachyceris Bge.Edit

Section Tropidolobus Gontsch.Edit

Section Xiphidium Bge.Edit

Subgenus Epiglottis Boiss.Edit

Section Buceras DC.Edit

Section Edodimus Edit

Section Epiglottis Bge.Edit

Section Herpocaulos Bge.Edit

Subgenus Hypoglottis Bge.Edit

Section Eu-Hypoglottis Bge.Edit

Section Malacothrix Bge.Edit

Section Plagiophaca Edit

Section Poliothrix Bge.Edit

Section Stereothrix Bge.Edit

Subgenus Phaca (L.) Bge.Edit

Section Acanthophace Bge.Edit

Section Astragalus L.Edit

Section Brachycarpus Boriss.Edit

Section Caprini Edit

Section Cenantrum KochEdit

Section Coluteocarpus Boiss.Edit

Section Diplotheca Hochst.Edit

Section Erophaca (Boiss.) Boiss.Edit

Section Galegiformis Gontsch.Edit

Section Glycyphyllos (Stev.) Bge.Edit

Section Hemiphaca Bge.Edit

Section Hemiphragmium KochEdit

  • Astragalus australis (L.) Lam.
    • var. arboriginum (Richardson) Welsh
    • var. australis (L.) Lam.
    • var. glaberrimus Lam.
    • ssp. major
    • ssp. olympicus

Section Komaroviella Gontsch.Edit

Section Lamprocarpa Edit

Section Lithophilus Bge.Edit

Section Macropodium O. et B. Fedtsch.Edit

Section Melilotopsis Gontsch.Edit

Section Nueuliella Gontsch.Edit

Section Orobella Gontsch.Edit

Section Pelta Edit

Section Pendulina Edit

Section Polycladi Edit

Section Rhodophaca Boiss.Edit

Section Scheremeteviana O. et B. Fedtsch.Edit

Section Sesbanella Bge.Edit

Section Stipitella G. Grig.Edit

Section Tapinodes Bge.Edit

Section Theiochrus Bge.Edit

Section Vesicularia Gontsch.Edit

Subgenus Pogonophace Bge.Edit

Section Chlorostachys Bge.Edit

Section Lotidium Bge.Edit

Section Phyllolobium (Fisch.) Bge.Edit

Subgenus Tragacantha Bge.Edit

Section Brachycalyx Bge.Edit

Section Hystrix Edit

Section Macrophyllium Boiss.Edit

Section Oliganthos Boriss.Edit

Section Platonychium Bge.Edit

Section Polyanthos Boriss.Edit

Section Polystegis Edit

Section Pterophorus Bge.Edit

Section Rhacophorus Bge.Edit

Section Stenonychium Bge.Edit

Section Tragacantha Bge.Edit

Subgenus Trimeniaeus Bge.Edit

Section Ankylotus (Stev.) Bge.Edit

Section Annulares Edit

Section Aulacolobus Bge.Edit

Section Biserrula Edit

Section Campylotrichon Gontsch.Edit

Section Cyamodes Bge.Edit

Section Cycloglottis Bge.Edit

Section Dipelta (Rgl. et Schmalh.) Bge.Edit

Section Drepanodes Bge.Edit

Section Eodimus Edit

Section Haematodes Bge.Edit

Section Harpilobus Bge.Edit

Section Heterodontus Bge.Edit

Section HispiduliEdit

Section MiraeEdit

Section Ophiocarpus Bge.Edit

Section Oxyglottis Bge.Edit

Section Pentaglottis Bge.Edit

Section Platyglottis Bge.Edit

Section Poterion Bge.Edit

Astragalus armatus ssp armatus Astragalus armatus ssp numidicus

Section Sesamei DC.Edit

Section Sewerzowia Bge.Edit

Section Thlaspidium LipskyEdit

Incertae sedisEdit

North American AstragalusEdit

Ceridothrix Phalanx BarnebyEdit

Section Onobrychoidei DC.Edit

  • Astragalus adsurgens Pallas
    • ssp. adsurgens Pallas
    • ssp. robustior Hook.
    • ssp. tananaicus (Hult.) Barneby

Section Uliginosi GrayEdit

Homaloboid Phalanx BarnebyEdit

Section Albuli BarnebyEdit

Section Ampularii BarnebyEdit

Section Atrati JonesEdit

  • Astragalus atratus Wats.—Owyhee mourning milkvetch
    • ssp. atratus Wats.
    • ssp. inseptus Barneby ap. Hitchc. et al.
    • ssp. mensanus Jones
    • ssp. owyheensis (Nels. & Macbr.) Jones
  • Astragalus salmonis Jones

Section Bicristati BarnebyEdit

Section Bisulcati GrayEdit

  • Astragalus bisulcatus (Hook.) Gray
    • ssp. bisulcatus (Hook.) Gray
    • ssp. haydenianus (Gray ex Brandegee) Barneby
    • ssp. major Welsh
    • ssp. nevadensis (Jones) Barneby
  • Astragalus racemosus Pursh
    • ssp. longisetus Jones
    • ssp. racemosus Pursh
    • ssp. treleasei C. L. Porter

Section Camptopodes BarnebyEdit

Section Collini JonesEdit

Section Conjuncti BarnebyEdit

Section CusickianiEdit

Section Drabellae (T. & G.) BarnebyEdit

Section Drummondiani BarnebyEdit

Section Ervoidei BarnebyEdit

Section Genistoidei (Torr. & Gray) BarnebyEdit

  • Astragalus convallarius Greene
    • ssp. convallarius Greene
    • ssp. finitimus Barneby
    • ssp. margaretae Barneby
    • ssp. scopulorum Barneby
  • Astragalus diversifolius A. Gray
  • Astragalus miser Dougl. ex Hook.
    • ssp. crispatus (Jones) Cron.
    • ssp. decumbens (Nutt.) Cron.
    • ssp. hylophilus (Rydb.) Barneby
    • ssp. miser Dougl. ex Hook.
    • ssp. oblongifolius (Rydb.) Cron.
    • ssp. praeteritus Barneby
    • ssp. tenuifolius (Nutt.) Barneby
    • ssp. serotinus (Gray) Barneby

Section Gynophoraria (Rydb.) BarnebyEdit

Section Hesperonix (Rydb.) BarnebyEdit

Section Humistrati (Jones) BarnebyEdit

Section Inyoenses BarnebyEdit

Section Jaegeriani BarnebyEdit

Section Jejuni (Jones) BarnebyEdit

Section Lonchocarpi GrayEdit

Section Malaci BarnebyEdit

Section Michauxiani BarnebyEdit

Section Miselli (Rydb.) BarnebyEdit

Section Neglecti (Rydb.) BarnebyEdit

Section Neonix BarnebyEdit

Section Neviniani BarnebyEdit

Section Nudi BarnebyEdit

  • Astragalus serenoi (O. Kze.) Sheld.
    • ssp. serenoi (O. Kze.) Sheld.
    • ssp. shockleyi (Jones) Barneby
    • ssp. sordescens Barneby

Section Ocreati GrayEdit

Section Oocalyces BarnebyEdit

Section Pachyphyllus JonesEdit

Section Pachypodes (Jones) BarnebyEdit

Section Pectinati GrayEdit

Section Podosclerocarpi GrayEdit

Section Polares (Rydb.) BarnebyEdit

Section Porrecti (Rydb.) BarnebyEdit

Section Preussiani JonesEdit

Section Pruniformes (Jones) BarnebyEdit

Section Quinqueflori BarnebyEdit

Section Reventi–arrecti JonesEdit

Section Scalares (Jones) BarnebyEdit

Section Scytocarpi GrayEdit

Section Solitarii BarnebyEdit

Section Strigulosi JonesEdit

Section Tiopsidei BarnebyEdit

Section Tweedyani BarnebyEdit

Section Woodruffiani BarnebyEdit

Hypoglottis Phalanx BarnebyEdit

Section Hypoglottoidei DC.Edit

Orophaca Phalanx BarnebyEdit

Section Orophaca (Torr. & Gray) BarnebyEdit

Section Sericoleuci BarnebyEdit

Phacoid Phalanx BarnebyEdit

Section Astragalus L.Edit

Section Hemiphaca K. & K.Edit

Section Hemiphragmium (C. Koch) Bge.Edit

Section Minerales BarnebyEdit

Section Oroboidei GrayEdit

  • Astragalus eucosmus Robinson
  • Astragalus robbinsii (Hook.) Barneby
    • ssp. alpiniformis (Rydb.) Barneby
    • ssp. fernaldi (Rydb.) Barneby
    • ssp. harringtonii (Rydb.) Barneby
    • ssp. jesupi Egglest. & Sheld.
    • ssp. minor (Hook.) Barneby
    • ssp. occidentalis Wats.
    • ssp. robbinsii (Oakes) A. Gray

Section Phaca (L.) HalaczyEdit

Piptoloboid Phalanx BarnebyEdit

Section Anemophili BarnebyEdit

Section Argophylii GrayEdit

Section Brauntoniani (Rydb.) BarnebyEdit

Section Chaetodontes GrayEdit

Section Circumdati (Jones) BarnebyEdit

Section Cystiella BarnebyEdit

Section Densifolii (Rydb.) BarnebyEdit

Section Desperati BarnebyEdit

Section Diphaci (Rydb.) L. E. JamesEdit

Section Diphysi GrayEdit

  • Astragalus iodanthus Wats.
    • ssp. diaphanoides Barneby
    • ssp. iodanthus Wats.
    • ssp. vipereus Barneby
  • Astragalus lentiginosus Dougl. ex Hook.
    • ssp. albiflorus Jones
    • ssp. albifolius Jones
    • ssp. ambiguus Barneby
    • ssp. antonius Barneby
    • ssp. araneosus (Sheld.) Barneby
    • ssp. australis Barneby
    • ssp. borreganus Jones
    • ssp. chartaceus Jones
    • ssp. coachellae Barneby ap. Shreve & Wiggins
    • ssp. diphysus (Gray) Jones
    • ssp. floribundus Gray
    • ssp. fremontii (Gray) Wats.
    • ssp. higginsii Welsh & Thorne
    • ssp. idriensis Jones
    • ssp. ineptus (Gray) Jones
    • ssp. kennedyi (Rydb.) Barneby
    • ssp. kernensis (Jeps.) Barneby
    • ssp. latus (Jones) Jones
    • ssp. lentiginosus Dougl. ex Hook.
    • ssp. macrolobus (Rydb.) Barneby
    • ssp. maricopae Barneby
    • ssp. micans Barneby
    • ssp. nigricalycis Jones
    • ssp. oropedii Barneby
    • ssp. palans (Jones) Jones
    • ssp. piscinensis Barneby
    • ssp. platyphyllidius (Rydb.) Peck
    • ssp. pohlii Welsh & Barneby
    • ssp. salinus (Howell) Barneby
    • ssp. scoppionis Jones
    • ssp. semotus Jeps.
    • ssp. sesquimetralis (Rydb.) Barneby
    • ssp. sierrae Jones
    • ssp. stramineus (Rydb.) Barneby
    • ssp. toyabensis Barneby
    • ssp. ursinus (Gray) Barneby
    • ssp. variabilis Barneby
    • ssp. vitreus Barneby
    • ssp. yuccanus Jones
    • ssp. wahweapensis Welsh
    • ssp. wilsonii (Greene) Barneby
  • Astragalus pseudiodanthus Barneby

Section Gigantei BarnebyEdit

Section GreggianiEdit

Section Humillimi (Jones) BarnebyEdit

Section Hypoleuci BarnebyEdit

Section Inflati GrayEdit

Section Layneani BarnebyEdit

Section Leptocarpi BarnebyEdit

Section Lotiflori GrayEdit

Section Lutosi (Rydb.) BarnebyEdit

Section Megacarpi (Rydb.) BarnebyEdit

  • Astragalus beckwithii Torr. & Gray
    • ssp. beckwithii Torr. & Gray
    • ssp. purpureus Jones
    • ssp. sulcatus Barneby
    • ssp. weiserensis Jones
  • Astragalus megacarpus (Nutt.) Gray
  • Astragalus oophorus Wats.
    • ssp. caulescens (Jones) Jones
    • ssp. clokeyanus Barneby
    • ssp. lavinii Barneby
    • ssp. lonchocalyx Barneby
    • ssp. oophorus Wats.

Section Micranthi GrayEdit

Section Microlobium BarnebyEdit

Section Mollissimi GrayEdit

  • Astragalus hartmanii
  • Astragalus helleri Fenzl
  • Astragalus mollissimus Torr.—woolly locoweed, stemmed locoweed
    • ssp. bigelovii (Gray) Barneby ap. B. L. Turner
    • ssp. coryi Tidest.
    • ssp. earlei (Greene ex Rydb.) Tidest.
    • ssp. irolanus (Jones) Barneby
    • ssp. marcidus (Greene ex Rydb.) Barneby ap. B. L. Turner
    • ssp. matthewsii (Wats.) Barneby
    • ssp. mollisimus Torr.
    • ssp. mongollonicus (Greene) Barneby
    • ssp. nitens Barneby
    • ssp. thompsonae (Wats.) Barneby
  • Astragalus nutriosensis Sanderson

Section Monoenses BarnebyEdit

Section Panamintenses BarnebyEdit

Section Platytropides BarnebyEdit

Section Pterocarpi Wats.Edit

Section Reflexi GrayEdit

Section Sarcocarpi GrayEdit

Section Scaposi (Rydb.) BarnebyEdit

  • Astragalus calycosus Torr. ex Wats.
    • ssp. calycosus Torr. ex Wats.
    • ssp. mancus (Rydb.) Barneby
    • ssp. monophyllidius (Rydb.) Barneby
    • ssp. scaposus (Gray) Jones

Section Scutanei BarnebyEdit

Section Succumbentes GrayEdit

Section Tennesseensis BarnebyEdit

Section Trichopodi (Rydb.) BarnebyEdit

Section Villosi BarnebyEdit

Trimeniaeus Phalanx BarnebyEdit

Section Sesamei DC.Edit

Incertae SedisEdit

South American AstragalusEdit

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