List of American films of 1909

This is a list of American films released in 1909.

Title Director Cast Genre Notes
A B C's of the U.S.A.
Adventures of a Drummer Boy
And a Little Child Shall Lead Them D. W. Griffith Marion Leonard, Arthur V. Johnson
At the Altar D. W. Griffith Marion Leonard Drama
Boots and Saddles
The Brahma Diamond D. W. Griffith Harry Solter, Florence Lawrence
A Brave Irish Lass
A Burglar's Mistake D. W. Griffith Harry Solter, Charles Inslee
C.Q.D.; or, Saved by Wireless; a True Story of the Wreck of the Republic
The Castaways
Cohen at Coney Island
Cohen's Dream
A Colonial Romance
The Cord of Life[1] D. W. Griffith Charles Inslee, Marion Leonard
The Cracker's Bride
The Criminal Hypnotist D. W. Griffith Owen Moore, Marion Leonard
Cure for Bashfulness -
The Curtain Pole[1] D. W. Griffith Mack Sennett Comedy
A Daughter of the Sun
The Deacon's Love Letters
The Deception
A Drunkard's Reformation D. W. Griffith Arthur V. Johnson Drama
Edgar Allan Poe D. W. Griffith Barry O'Moore, Linda Arvidson
The Energetic Street Cleaner
The Fascinating Mrs. Francis D. W. Griffith
A Fool's Revenge D.W. Griffith Owen Moore
A Friend in the Enemy's Camp
The Girls and Daddy[1] D. W. Griffith Florence Lawrence
The Golden Louis D. W. Griffith Drama
The Haunted Lounge
The Hindoo Dagger D. W. Griffith Harry Solter
His Ward's Love D. W. Griffith Arthur V. Johnson
His Wife's Mother D. W. Griffith John R. Cumpson
The Honor of the Slums
The Honor of Thieves D. W. Griffith Harry Solter
I Did It
Jessie, the Stolen Child
Jones and His New Neighbors
The Joneses Have Amateur Theatricals D. W. Griffith John R. Cumpson
King Lear J. Stuart Blackton and William V. Ranous William V. Ranous
The Life of Moses J. Stuart Blackton Pat Hartigan, Julia Arthur, William J. Humphrey Biblical Vitagraph
The Life of Napoleon
Love Finds a Way D. W. Griffith Anita Hendrie
The Love of the Pasha's Son: A Turkish Romance
The Lure of the Gown D. W. Griffith Marion Leonard
The Mad Miner
The Maniac Cook
The Medicine Bottle
Midnight Disturbance
Mr. Jones Has a Card Party
Mrs. Jones Entertains
Napoleon and the Empress Josephine
The Old Soldier's Story
One Touch of Nature Short, Drama
The Politician's Love Story
The Poor Musician
The Prussian Spy
The Road Agents
The Road to the Heart
A Rural Elopement
The Sacrifice
The Salvation Army Lass
A Sister's Love: A Tale of the Franco-Prussian War
A Sister's Love
Tag Day
A Tale of the West
The Tenderfoot
Those Awful Hats D. W. Griffith Mack Sennett Comedy
Those Boys!
Tragic Love
Trying to Get Arrested
The Voice of the Violin
The Welcome Burglar[1]
Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight?
The Wooden Leg
A Wreath in Time

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