1909 in film

The year 1909 in film involved some significant events.

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Films released in 1909Edit

J. Stuart BlacktonEdit

PLAY A Midsummer Night's Dream; runtime 00:11:07.

D. W. GriffithEdit

PLAY The Curtain Pole; runtime 00:08:00.
PLAY Resurrection; runtime 00:12:11.

Georges MélièsEdit

  • The Count's Wooing
  • The Diabolical Tenant (aka The Diabolical Lodger), directed by George Melies (French)[6]
  • The Doctor's Secret, directed by George Melies (French)[7]
  • Fortune Favors the Brave, directed by George Melies (French)[7]
  • Le papillon fantastique


PLAY The Airship Destroyer; runtime 00:06:41.
  • The Adventures of Lieutenant Rose
  • The Airship Destroyer (originally titled Der Luftkrieg Der Zukunft, also titled "The Aerial Torpedo", "The Battle of the Clouds" {UK} and "The Battle in the Clouds" {US}), directed by Walter R. Booth
  • The Ancient Roman (made in Italy)
  • Ballad of a Witch, directed by Luigi Maggi (made in Italy)
  • The Bewitched Manor House (French/ Pathe)[6]
  • Bluebeard, directed by J. Searle Dawley for Thomas Edison, starred Charles Ogle
  • The Bogey Woman (French/ Pathe)
  • The Butcher's Dream (French)
  • Capturing the North Pole, features Baron Munchausen (British/ Urban-Eclipse Films)[6]
  • The Cat That Was Changed Into a Woman, directed by Louis Feuillade (French)
  • The Convict Guardian's Nightmare (French)
  • The Cowboy Millionaire, directed by Francis Boggs and Otis Turner
  • Dance of Fire (Pathe)
  • Dante's Inferno, directed by Giuseppe de Liguoro, starring Salvatore Papa (Italian); ran 59 minutes[6]
  • The Defeat of Satan (French/ Pathe)[6]
  • The Devil (Edison Co.) adaptation of the play starring George Arliss[6]
  • Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, directed by August Blom, starring Alwin Neuss and Oda Alstrup; made in Denmark for Nordisk Films[7]
  • Don Juan Tenorio, directed by Enrique Rosas (made in Mexico)
  • Doomed (French/ Pathe)
  • The Egyptian Mystery (Edison)
  • Electric Transformations, directed by Percy Stow (British/ Clarendon)[7]
  • Entrevista de los Presidentes Díaz-Taft (Mexico), a documentary directed by the Alva Brothers
  • Faust, directed by J. Searle Dawley and Edwin S. Porter for Thomas Edison
  • The Ferryman's Sweetheart (Gaumont)[7]
  • The Fitzsimmons-Bill Lang Fight
  • The Forbidden Fruit (Pathe)[7]
  • Gertie the Dinosaur, animated cartoon by Winsor McKay[7]
  • Goddess of the Sea[8]
  • The Grey Lady (aka The Grey Dame), directed by Viggo Larsen, starring Viggo Larsen as Sherlock Holmes (Denmark)[8]
  • Hansel and Gretel[8]
  • The Haunted Hotel (French/ Pathe)
  • The Haunted Man, introduced the "doppelganger" theme, similar to The Student of Prague (Germany/ Duskes Film)[8]
  • Her Dolly's Revenge (French/ Lux)
  • Hiawatha, directed by William V. Ranous based on the 1855 poem The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, the first film produced by Carl Laemmle's Independent Moving Pictures.[2]
  • The Hunchback, directed by Van Dyke Brooke for Vitagraph; unauthorized remake of the 1906 film Esmeralda[8]
  • The Imp of the Bottle (Thomas Edison), based on the story by Robert Louis Stevenson[8]
  • The Invisible Thief, directed by Segundo de Chomon and Ferdinand Zecca (French); first adaptation of the H.G. Wells novel The Invisible Man[8]
  • Les Joyeux Microbes, directed by Émile Cohl
  • The Last Look (Pathe)[9]
  • Lucrece Borgia (French)
  • Lunatics in Power (Thomas Edison Co.), based on a story by Edgar Allan Poe called The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether[8]
  • Macbeth, directed by André Calmettes
  • The Man Monkey (Pathe)[9]
  • The Man Who Laughs (French), based on the famous novel by Victor Hugo
  • The Marvelous Pearl (made in Italy)[9]
  • Mephisto and the Maiden, directed by Frank Boggs
  • The Mirror of Life (French/ Pathe)[9]
  • Miss Faust (French/ Pathe)[9]
  • Mr. Flip, directed by Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson
  • A Modern Dr. Jekyll;;, produced by William Selig
  • The Moonstone, produced by William Selig, based on the novel by Wilkie Collins[9]
  • Mother Goose (Edison Co.)
  • The Mummy of the King Ramses directed by Gerard Bourgeois (French)
  • Mystery of Edwin Drood, directed by Arthur Gilbert (British), based on Charles Dickens' novel
  • Mystery of the Lama Convent, directed by Viggo Larsen (Denmark)
  • Nerone, directed by Luigi Maggi
  • The New Jonah (Pathe)[10]
  • The Nymphs' Bath (French/ Gaumont)[10]
  • The Old Shoemaker (French/ Gaumont), based on The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe
  • The Oriental Mystic (Vitagraph, U.S.)
  • Papa Gaspard; or, The Ghost of the Rocks[10]
  • Phaedra (French/ Pathe) featured a sea monster[10]
  • The Phantom Sirens[10]
  • The Pit and the Pendulum, directed by Henri Desfontaines (French/ Warwick), based on the famous story by Edgar Allan Poe[11]
  • The Princess and the Fisherman, directed by Louis Feuillade (French)[10]
  • Revenge of the Ghosts, animated cartoon directed by Emil Cohl (French)[10]
  • Satan's Smithy, directed by Segundo de Chomon (French)
  • Shooting in the Haunted Woods, directed by Louis Feuillade (French)
  • The Spirit of the Lake (fantasy film made in Italy); it was followed by a sequel called The Legend of the Lake in 1911[10]
  • The Suicide Club, directed by Victorin-Hippolyte Jasset (French)
  • The Sword and the King (U.S./ Vitagraph)
  • Talked to Death (Lubin)[12]
  • Teddy Roosevelt in Africa, directed by Cherry Kearton
  • Tis Now the Very Witching Time of Night, produced by Thomas Edison
  • The Ugliest Queen on Earth (French/ Gaumont)[12]
  • Viy (aka The Vij), directed by Vasilii Gonmcharov (Russian)[13]
  • The Wild Ass's Skin (French/ Pathe) based on the story by Balzac[12]
  • The Witch[12]
  • The Witch's Cavern (Selig Polyscope)[12]



  • January 27 – Benoît-Constant Coquelin, actor, Cyrano de Bergerac (born 1841)
  • September 4 – Clyde Fitch, author & playwright whose works have been adapted into films. (born 1865)

Film debutsEdit


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