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List of Ambassadors and High Commissioners of Canada

This is a list of ambassadors, high commissioners and consuls-general from Canada to other countries and entities.

Where a diplomat is accredited to more than one nation or organisation, the first in the list is the location of the Ambassador's or High Commissioner's residence. The order of an individual's accreditations follows the list given in the Ministry's announcement of the appointment.

Host Organisation Current Historic
 United Nations (New York City) Marc-André Blanchard

Richard Arbeiter (Deputy Permanent Representative)

Louise Blais (Deputy Permanent Representative with special responsibility for Agenda 2030 and Development)

See list
 United Nations (Geneva) Rosemary McCarney See list
 United Nations (Rome Based Food Agencies: WFP, FAO, IFAD) Alexandra Bugailiskis See list
 NATO David Angell See list
 Organization of American States Jennifer May Loten[1] See list
 European Union Daniel J. Costello (ambassador)
Stéphane Dion (special envoy)
See list
Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Natasha Cayer[2] See list
World Trade Organization Stephen de Boer See list
 Association of Southeast Asian Nations Diedrah Kelly See list
Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development Michelle D'Auray
Host Country Current Historic
 Afghanistan David Metcalfe See list
 Albania Alexandra Bugailiskis See list
 Algeria Patricia McCullagh See list
 Angola See list
David Usher[3] See list
 Papua New Guinea
 Solomon Islands
 Federated States of Micronesia
 Marshall Islands
Paul Maddison[4] See list
 Austria Slovakia Heidi Hulan See list
 Bangladesh Benoit Préfontaine See list
 Antigua and Barbuda
 Saint Kitts and Nevis
 Montserrat ††
Marie Legault[5] See list
 Belgium Olivier Nicoloff[5] See list
 Brazil See list
 Brunei Caterina Ventura See list
 Burkina Faso Edmond Dejon Wega See list
 Burma See list
 Cameroon Nathalie O’Neil
 Chile Patricia Peña See list
 China Hon. Jim Nickel OIC See list
 Colombia Marcel Lebleu See list
 Côte d'Ivoire Julie Shouldice
 Cuba Patrick Parisot[5] See list
 Costa Rica
James Hill See list
Daniel Maksymiuk See list
 Czech Republic Barbara Richardson [5] See list
 Democratic Republic of the Congo Nicolas Simard
 Denmark Emi Furuya[5] See list
 Dominican Republic Shauna Hemingway See list
 Ecuador Sylvie Bedard See list
 Egypt Jess Dutton See list
 El Salvador See list
Antoine Chevrier See list
 Finland Jason Tolland See list
 France Isabelle Hudon See list
 Germany Stéphane Dion See list
Heather Cameron[5] See list
 Greece Mark Allen See list
Rita Rudaitis-Renaud See list
Lilian Chatterjee See list
 Haiti André Frenette
 Hong Kong ††
 Macau ††
Jeff Nankivell[5] See list
 Holy See (Vatican City) Dennis Savoie See list
 Hungary Isabelle Poupart[5] See list
 Iceland Anne Tamara Lorre[2] See list
Nadir Patel [3] See list
 Timor Leste
Association of Southeast Asian Nations
See list
 Iran vacant See list
Iraq Paul Gibbard
 Ireland Kevin Vickers See list
 Israel Deborah Lyons[5] See list
 San Marino
Alexandra Bugailiskis See list
 Cayman Islands ††
 Turks and Caicos Islands ††
Laurie Peters See list
 Japan Ian Burney[5] See list
Jordan Peter MacDougall[5] See list
 Kazakhstan Nicholas Brousseau See list
 Kenya Lisa Stadelbauer See list


Louis-Pierre Émond
Kevin Rex See list
 Lebanon Emmanuelle Lamoureux See list
 Libya Hilary Childs-Adams See list
 Malaysia Julia Bentley See list
 Mali Louis Verret See list
 Mexico Pierre Alarie See list
 Mongolia David Sproule See list
 Morocco See list
 Mozambique Caroline Delany See list
 Netherlands Sabine Eva Nolke See list
 New Zealand
Mario Bot See list
 São Tomé and Príncipe
 Equatorial Guinea
Philip Baker See list
 Norway See list
 Pakistan Wendy Gilmour See list
 Panama Lilly Nicholls See list
See list
 Philippines John Holmes See list
 Portugal Lisa Rice-Madan See list
 Poland Leslie Scanlon See list
Kevin Hamilton[2] See list
 Qatar Stefanie McCollum See list
John R. Kur[6] See list
 Saudi Arabia §
See list
 Senegal Lise Filiatrault[5] See list
 North Macedonia
Kati Csaba See list
 Singapore See list
 South Africa
Sandra McCardell See list
 South Korea Micheal Danagher See list
South Sudan James Christoff
Matthew Levin[5] See list
 Sri Lanka
David McKinnon See list
 Sweden Heather A. Grant See list
  Switzerland Susan Bincoletto See list
 Syria vacant See list
 Taiwan Kathleen Mackay See list
Pamela O’Donnell See list
Donica Pottie[5] See list
 Trinidad and Tobago Carla Hogan Rufelds[5] See list
 Tunisia Carol McQueen See list
 Turkey Chris Cooter[5] See list
 Ukraine Roman Waschuk See list
 United Arab Emirates Masud Husain[5] See list
 United Kingdom Janice Charette[5] See list
 United States David MacNaughton See list
 Uruguay Joanne Frappier[7] See list
 Venezuela vacant (downgraded to chargé d’affaires)[8] See list
 Vietnam Deborah Paul See list
René Cremonese See list
† - High Commissioner

†† - Consul General ‡ - Executive Director § - Dennis Horak has been expelled from Saudi Arabia following a dispute concerning tweets made by Foreign Affairs Canada


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