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Lionel Tertis International Viola Competition

The Lionel Tertis International Viola Competition is an international music competition for viola players established in 1980 to honor the memory of the English viola virtuoso Lionel Tertis. This triennial event is held at the Erin Arts Centre, Port Erin, Isle of Man. Participants are of any nationality and are under 30 years of age.

The 12th Lionel Tertis International Viola Festival and Competition was held from 12 to 19 March 2016.[1] The 13th Lionel Tertis International Festival will be held from 6 to 13 April 2019, and has attracted more than 90 entries from around the world.[2]


Lionel Tertis International Viola CompetitionEdit

No. Year 1st Prize 2nd Prize 3rd Prize Jurists / Notes
13 2019 George Caird (Chairman), Yuri Bashmet, Carol Rodland, Danusha Waskiewicz, Mikhail Zemtsov
12 2016   Timothy Ridout   Manuel Vioque-Judde   Wenhong Luo George Caird (Chairman), Yuri Bashmet, Wing Ho, Garth Knox, Thomas Riebl
11 2013   Ziyu Shen   Kei Tojo   Matthew Lipman (tie)
  Shuangshuang Liu (tie)
Brian Hawkins (Chairman), Betil Başeğmezler, Yuri Bashmet, Sarah-Jane Bradley, Samuel Rhodes, Jean Sulem, Hong-Mei Xiao
10 2010   Milena Pajaro-van de Stadt   Kyoungmin Park   Veit Hertenstein Christopher Yates (Chairman), Garfield Jackson, Tatjana Masurenko, Hartmut Rohde, Simon Rowland-Jones, Pierre-Henri Xuereb, Su Zhen
9 2006   David Kim   Peijun Xu   /   Ewa Grzywna John Wallace (Chairman), Vladimír Bukač, Michael Kugel, Kenta Matsumi, Hariolf Schlichtig, Roger Tapping
8 2003   Yuval Gotlibovich   Maxim Rysanov   Maya Rasooly John Wallace (Chairman), Atar Arad, Yuri Bashmet, Luigi Alberto Bianchi, Martin Outram, Lars Anders Tomter
7 2000 not awarded   Agathe Blondel (tie)
  Andrei Oussov (tie)
  Arie Schachter Howard Snell (Chairman), Yuri Bashmet, Sally Beamish, Masao Kawasaki, Hartmut Lindemann, Bruno Pasquier, Christopher Wellington
4th Prize:   Rebecca Jones
6 1997   Roland Glassl   Steve Larson [1]   Mikhail Bereznitsky Philip Jones (Chairman), Yuri Bashmet, Thérèse-Marie Gilissen, Lubomír Malý, Yizhak Schotten, Paul Silverthorne
5 1994   Gilad Karni   Kenta Matsumi   Scott Lee Philip Jones (Chairman), Yuri Bashmet, Kazuhide Isomura, Michael Kugel, Paul Neubauer, John White
4 1991 not awarded   Tomoko Ariu (tie)
  Andra Darzins (tie)
  Esther Geldard Sir David Lumsden (Chairman), Yuri Bashmet, Harry Danks, Jerzy Kosmala, Milan Škampa
3 1988   Hsin-Yun Huang   Jane Atkins   Jean-Eric Soucy Sir David Lumsden (Chairman), Yuri Bashmet, Harry Danks, Paul Hindmarsch, Thomas Riebl, Emanuel Vardi
2 1984   Cynthia Phelps   Paul Coletti   /   Carla-Maria Rodrigues Lady Evelyn Barbirolli (Chairman), Paul Cropper, Hirofumi Fukai, Alfred Lipka, Donald McInnes, Simon Streatfeild
1 1980   Paul Neubauer   /   Kim Kashkashian not awarded Gerald McDonald (Chairman), Harry Danks, Paul Doktor, Csaba Erdélyi, Piero Farulli, Milan Škampa

Required compositionEdit

A compulsory work to be performed by all competitors is commissioned (or selected) for each competition.

  • 2019 – Canto for viola solo (2018) by Roxanna Panufnik
  • 2016 – fenodyree for viola solo (2015) by Stuart MacRae
  • 2013 – 6 Sorano Variants for viola solo (2012) by Peter Maxwell Davies; published by Boosey & Hawkes [3]
  • 2010 – Petite Sonatine 1 for viola solo (2009) by Roger Steptoe; published by Editions BIM [4]
  • 2006 – Darkness Draws In for viola solo, Op. 102 (2005) by David Matthews; published by Faber Music Ltd.
  • 2003 – Through a Limbeck for viola solo (2002) by John Woolrich; published by Faber Music Ltd.
  • 2000 – Pennillion for viola solo (1998) by Sally Beamish; available through the Scottish Music Centre; This work was selected, not commissioned.
  • 1997 – Rondel for viola solo (1996) by Richard Rodney Bennett; published by Novello & Co.
  • 1994 – Odd Man Out for viola solo (1994) by Michael Berkeley; published by Oxford University Press
  • 1991 – February Sonatina for viola solo (1990) by John McCabe; published by Novello & Co.
  • 1988 – Tides of Mananan for viola solo, Op. 64 (1988) by Paul Patterson; published by Josef Weinberger
  • 1984 – Concerto for viola and orchestra, Op. 131 (1983) by Wilfred Josephs; published by Mornington Music Ltd. / Novello & Co.
  • 1980 – Concerto No. 2 in G major for viola and orchestra (1979) by Gordon Jacob; published by Boosey & Hawkes


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