Liga Uruguaya de Básquetbol

The Liga Uruguaya de Básquetbol[1][2] (abbreviated as LUB; English: Uruguayan Basketball League) is the most important professional club basketball league in Uruguay. It is organized by the Uruguayan Basketball Federation (FUBB). The Uruguayan Basketball League competition began in 2003. Before that time, the Uruguayan basketball championships were only local metropolitan, and no competitions brought together all the clubs in the country. Until the Liga Uruguaya de Básquetbol was created, the capital clubs participated in the Campeonato Uruguayo Federal de Básquetbol (Uruguayan Federal Basketball Championship), while the clubs of the rest of the country competed in regional tournaments. The Uruguayan Federal Basketball Championship was founded in 1915, making it among the oldest on the continent.

Liga Uruguaya de Básquetbol
Founded2003; 21 years ago (2003)
First season2003
Country Uruguay
ConfederationFIBA Americas
Number of teams14
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toLiga de Ascenso
International cup(s)BCL Americas
Liga Sudamericana de Baloncesto
Current championsHebraica Macabi (4th title)
Most championshipsMalvín
(5 titles)
TV partnersTenfield
2023–24 LUB season

The first LUB competition had a dramatic end, with a win in the last second, that brought the Uruguayan League title to Defensor Sporting, whom also repeated in the 2009–10 season. Some of the other League champions were: Salto Uruguay in 2004, Trouville in 2005–06, Malvín in 2006–07 and 2010–11, Biguá in 2007–08 and 2008–09, Hebraica Macabi in 2011–12, and Aguada in 2012–13. So far, there are only two teams that have appeared in all of the league's seasons; they are: Defensor Sporting and Trouville.


Trophies of the Uruguayan Basketball League.

The LUB is currently played in four stages: Torneo Clasificatorio (Qualifying Tournament), Ronda Título (Title Round) or Reclasificatorio (Requalifier), play-in and play-off.

  • In the Qualifying Tournament, the metropolitan clubs play each other twice, home and away, and the first six of the table play in the Title Round, where all is guaranteed to participate in the playoffs. The last six play the Requalifier,
  • The Title Round is contested by six teams. The clubs play each other twice. It only serves to organize the positions for playoffs.
  • The Requalifier was contested by six teams also. The last two are relegated to the Second Division, to participate in the Liga de Ascenso, the top two advance to the second round of play-in; and the third and four play the first round of play-in, against the finalists of OBL (a tournament with the top-two teams of Salto and Soriano regional leagues.
  • The play-in consist of two rounds, with series being best of three series. The first stage is played as: A) 3rd of Requalifier vs. 2nd of OBL, B) 4th of Requalifier vs. 1st of OBL. The second stage pairings are: C) 1st of Requalifier vs. A) Winner, D) 2nd of Requalifier vs. B) Winner.
  • Finally, teams competed in the playoffs, with series being best of five. The first stage was the quarterfinals. The qualifiers are played as: E) 1st vs. D) Winner, F) 2nd vs. C) Winner, G) 3rd vs. 6th and H) 4th vs. 5th. The semifinal pairings were: E) Winner vs. H) Winner and F) Winner vs. G) Winner. The winners of these matches played in the finals in best-of-seven serie, with the winner being crowned as the league champions of the LUB.
  • The finalists will play the BCL Americas and the losers of the semifinals, the Liga Sudamericana de Baloncesto.

Participating teams


Defensor Sporting and Trouville are the teams with the most league appearances, having so far competed in every season of the LUB.

2023–24 season teams


Notes: All statistics are only for the Uruguayan Basketball League (Liga Uruguaya de Básquetbol), which is organized by the Uruguayan Basketball Federation (Federación Uruguaya de Basketball). Uruguayan Federal tournaments are not included. The "arena" column reflects the arena where the team plays most of its home games, but does not indicate that the team in question is the owner.

Club City Arena Capacity Foundation Seasons Championships
Aguada   Montevideo Estadio Propio Aguatero 3,738 1922 19 3
Biguá Gimnasio Biguá de Villa Biarritz[3] 1,200 1931 19 4
Cordón Gimnasio Julio C. Zito Barrella 710 1944 14 0
Defensor Sporting Estadio Óscar Magurno[4] 800 1910 20 2
Hebraica Macabi Gimnasio Unión Atlética[3][5] 750 1939 16 4
Goes Estadio Plaza de las Misiones 1,800 1934 12 0
Larre Borges Estadio Romeo Schinca 900 1927 9 0
Malvín Gimnasio Juan Francisco Canil 900 1938 19 5
Nacional Polideportivo del Gran Parque Central 800 1899 8 0
Peñarol Estadio Cr. Gastón Güelfi 4700 1891 4 0
Racing   Mercedes Gimnasio Agrimensor Mario Eduardo Bellini[6] 400 1937 1 0
Remeros de Mercedes Gimnasio Agrimensor Mario Eduardo Bellini 400 1916 1 0
Trouville   Montevideo Estadio Club Trouville[3] 780 1922 20 1
Urupan   Pando Gimnasio Santiago A. Cigliuti 700 1924 4 0

Champions by season


The Uruguayan Basketball League competition began in 2003. Before that time, the Uruguayan Federal Championships were only local, and no competition brought together all the clubs in the country.

Season Champion Result Runner-up Champion Coach
2003 Defensor Sporting 3–2 Paysandú   Gerardo Jauri
2004–05 Salto Uruguay 3–1 Paysandú   Javier Espíndola
2005–06 Trouville 3–0 Aguada   Alejandro González
2006–07 Malvín 3–1 Biguá   Pablo López
2007–08 Biguá 3–0 Hebraica Macabi   Marcelo Signorelli
2008–09 Biguá 3–0 Defensor Sporting   Che García
2009–10 Defensor Sporting 3–0 Malvín   Gerardo Jauri
2010–11 Malvín 3–1 Biguá   Pablo López
2011–12 Hebraica Macabi 3–2 Malvín   Marcelo Signorelli
2012–13 Aguada 4–3 Defensor Sporting   Javier Espíndola
2013–14 Malvín 4–1 Defensor Sporting   Pablo López
2014–15 Malvín 4–1 Trouville   Pablo López
2015–16 Hebraica Macabi 4–2 Defensor Sporting   Leonardo Zylbersztein
2016–17 Hebraica Macabi 4–3 Aguada   Leonardo Zylbersztein
2017–18 Malvín 4–3 Aguada   Pablo López
2018–19 Aguada 4–3 Malvín   Miguel Volcan
2019–20 Aguada 3–1 Trouville   Adrián Capelli
2021 Biguá 3–2 Nacional   Hernán Laginestra
Peñarol   Diego Cal
Hebraica Macabi
Nacional   Leonardo Zylbersztein
Peñarol   Germán Cortizas

Total LUB titles by club

Club Championships Runners-up Year(s) won
Malvín 5 3 2007, 2011, 2014, 2015, 2018
Aguada 4 3 2013, 2019, 2020, 2024
Biguá 4 2 2008, 2009, 2021, 2022
Hebraica Macabi 4 1 2012, 2016, 2017, 2023
Defensor Sporting 2 4 2003, 2010
Trouville 1 2 2006
Salto Uruguay 1 0 2005
Peñarol 0 2
Nacional 0 2
Paysandú 0 2



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