Club Malvín

Club Malvín is a sports club from Montevideo, Uruguay, established on January 28, 1938, in the residential neighbourhood of Malvín. The club engages in several sports: futsal, tennis, and handball, but basketball is by far the most important.

NicknameAzul de la playa, Playero, Gaviota
LeagueFederacion Uruguaya de Basketball
Founded28 January 1938
ChairmanSergio Somma
Team managerPablo López
2006/2007 position1st


Club Malvín first president was Alberto Nieto. In 1938, the foundation year, Malvín started its sports activity, playing in the Federal Basketball Championship of Fourth Division (organized by the Uruguayan Basketball Federation -Federacion Uruguaya de Basketball-), in the club's first court located in Amazonas street.

The first headquarters of the club were located in the crossing of Río de la Plata and Orinoco streets. The second headquarters were ubicated in the crossing of Pilcomayo and Amazonas street. The third headquarters were located in the Orinoco and Amazonas streets. The fourth headquarters were ubicated in Michigan street, between Rambla and Orinoco. In this place, social events that the club organizes nowadays began to be organized, like dances and the Carnaval de Montevideo

The development of the club in the institutional aspects was accompanied by a growth in sports. Malvín advanced in the Federal Basketball Championship very fast, gaining its right to play in the First Division in 1942, consolidating itself as one of the most important temas in Uruguayan basketball.

In 1947, the construction of the club's stadium was initiated, mainly because the court in Amazonas street was not fit to the requirements of the time. The construction ended on August 30, 1952, with the grand opening of the stadium located in the crossing of the streets Avenida Legrand and Gallinal, with a capacity of 3,000.

In 1975, Malvín began a process of renovation that included the passing from amateur to professional basketball and the construction of the tennis courts, the gym and the open pool.

In the 90's, the club built its indoor gym, where the home games of the basketball championship are played nowadays.

Present situationEdit

In the beginning of the 21st century, Club Malvín appears as one of the most important institutions in Uruguay's sports. After the experience of the Órbita Malvín project, the club returned to its members´ full control not only to satisfy the needs of physical activity of the population of one of the most important zones of Montevideo, but also to reach important achievements in basketball


Club Malvín participated in 56 Uruguayan Basketball Championships of First Division, since 1942. Besides the league championship of 2006/2007, obtained with Pablo López as coach and important players like Fernando Martínez, Marcelo Pérez and Emilio Taboada, Malvín reached the second place in the 1971 tournament and also won several championships in the Second Division.


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