Library 10 (Finnish: Kirjasto 10; Swedish: Bibliotek 10) was a music and information technology space for the Helsinki City Library system from 2005 to 2018 in the Postitalo [fi] building in the center of Helsinki. When it closed on 30 September 2018, Library 10's services were transferred to the new Helsinki Central Library Oodi, which opened on 5 December 2018.[1]

Library 10
Kirjasto 10
Bibliotek 10
The band Filunki performing at Library 10 in 2012
60°10′17.98″N 24°56′17.34″E / 60.1716611°N 24.9381500°E / 60.1716611; 24.9381500 (Kirjasto 10, Helsinki)
LocationHelsinki, Finland
TypePublic library
ScopeMedia and technology
Established1 April 2005 (2005-04-01)
Dissolved30 September 2018 (2018-09-30)
Branch ofHelsinki City Library
Other information
Library 10 entrance

Library 10 had the largest collection of music in the Helsinki City Library system, including recordings, sheet music and books inherited from the Music Station (Finnish: Musiikkiasemalta), which previously had been maintained at the main City Library in Pasila. Its IT functions, as well as the collections of comics, film books, and travel guides, were inherited from the library's Kirjakaapeli [fi] experimental office.[2][3]

In 2008, Library 10 had some 600,000 visitors, mostly male and mostly between the ages of 19 and 35.[4] About 20 percent of Library 10's 800 m2 (8,600 sq ft) of floor space was devoted to physical collections versus 80 percent to people.[5] Of this area, 56 m2 (600 sq ft) was devoted to 12 m2 (130 sq ft) suites for audio editing, video editing, recording, and listening, along with a 20 m2 (220 sq ft) meeting room. An additional 25 m2 (270 sq ft) stage/performance space was also available, doubling as reading space with chairs and tables when events were not occurring. Beyond its public space, Library 10 had an additional 170 m2 (1,800 sq ft) of administrative and storage space.[6]

The library regularly hosted events, such as exhibitions, concerts, panels, and presentations. Library 10 was also known for its other innovative projects, including a public 3D printer.[7] Operating as a makerspace, Library 10 included not just recording equipment and 3D printers, but also classes training people to use them.[8]

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