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Eastern Pasila from the air in October 1989

Pasila (Swedish: Böle) is a part of Helsinki, Finland, that is both a central-northern neighbourhood and district, bordering the areas of Alppila to the south, Central Park (Keskuspuisto) to the west, and Vallila to the east.

The eastern and western parts of Pasila are separated by a large railroad classification yard, which, as Central Pasila, is currently under development planning by the city administration. The major sports and music venue Hartwall Arena is located at the junction of two main railway lines.

Eastern Pasila (Finnish: Itä-Pasila) is a commercially active district with its own Pasila railway station, a Holiday Inn hotel and the Helsinki Fair Centre. It is also home to over 3,500 people. Most of the buildings in Eastern Pasila were built in the 1970s and are made of prefabricated concrete elements. Educational facilities in the area include the Helsinki Business College and Haaga–Helia University of Applied Sciences.

Western Pasila (Finnish: Länsi-Pasila) was built during the 1980s. It is a mainly residential area with approximately 4,500 inhabitants. The apartment buildings in Western Pasila are skinned with red bricks. The Finnish national broadcasting company Yle as well as the commercial MTV3 have their main premises in the northern end of the area.[1] Helsinkis main Police station is also located in Western Pasila.

In the ranking of the best places where to live in Helsinki, Western Pasila is ranked 74th, and Eastern Pasila is ranked 92nd, out of 94 different parts of Helsinki.

Before the Pasila-suburb was built, there were old wooden houses in the whole Pasila area and the area was called Wooden Pasila (Finnish: Puu-Pasila). Today only few of the old wooden houses still exist.

Steam Locomotive VR Class Hr1 1009 at Pasila railway depot


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