Libertas Sweden

Libertas Sweden (Swedish: Libertas Sverige) is a political party in Sweden. It intended to contend the 2009 European Parliament elections under a common banner with Declan Ganley's

Libertas Sverige
Founded3 March 2009
Ideologyanti-Lisbon Treaty, Euroscepticism
Coloursblue, gold


On 26 February 2009, Libertas announced that it wanted to open a branch in Sweden and appealed for the 1500 signatures required to register as a political party in Sweden.[1] The results were submitted[2] to the Valmyndigheten (the Swedish Election Authority) 58 minutes before the deadline expired.[3] The results were not submitted as a list of signatures: instead, a document from a Notary Public certifying that the signatures existed was submitted in its place.[3]

When Libertas Sweden (Libertas Sverige) was set up Sören Wibe[4] of Junilistan stated that Ganley had visited Sweden in January[4] and offered Junilistan 10 million kronor (SEK)[4] to rename the party to "Junilistan - Libertas",[4] and that Junilistan had rejected the offer and Libertas.[4] held a press conference on April 27 at which Stefan Kihlberg, the former party secretary of Ny Demokrati (NyD)[5] was introduced as the head of the Libertas list in Sweden.[5]

European Parliament elections, 2009Edit

Libertas Sweden intended to contend the 2009 Euroelections on the specific issue of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.[3] The policies and core values of the umbrella pan-European party were on its website or on the main article here.

On 21 May 2009 Libertas Sweden announced that it was ending its campaign, stating that it did not have the resources to cover the cost of printing and transporting ballots.[6]

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