Libertas Estonia

Libertas Estonia (Estonian: Libertas Eesti Erakond, LEE) was a political party in Estonia. It intended to contend the 2009 European Parliament elections under a common banner with

Libertas Estonia
Libertas Eesti Erakond
LeaderJaan Laas
Founded29 November 1994
HeadquartersTelliskivi 22-1, Tallinn, 10611
IdeologyAnti-Lisbon Treaty
European affiliationLibertas
ColoursBlue, Gold

Estonian Blue Party (1994–2001)Edit

The Estonian Blue Party (Eesti Sinine Erakond, ESE) was founded on 29 November 1994 in Tallinn, Estonia.[1][2] It was registered at the Harju registry on 28 October 1998, registration number 80053499.[3] It attempted to join the Development Party (Arengupartei) in October 2000 but the attempt failed.[2]

Democrats – Estonian Democratic Party (2001–2009)Edit

On 1 February 2001 ESE became Democrats – Estonian Democratic Party (Demokraadid – Eesti Demokraatlik Partei, EDP).[2] On 21 July 2005 it announced it would cooperate with the Pro Patria Union in local elections.[2] At the beginning of 2006 there were plans to merge EDP with Eesti Iseseisvuspartei (EIP) and Põllumeeste Kogu (Farmers' Council, PK), but this did not happen.[2] On 18 March 2006 the party congress voted to join the Pro Patria Union, but this did not happen.[2] On 11 February 2008 the Harju county court registry warned that the numbers of EDP members had fallen to 920,[1][2] 80 less than the required 1000 threshold, and the registry gave EDP until 15 April 2008 to recover.[2] At the beginning of 2008 there were new plans to merge EDP with EIP and PK, but again this did not happen.[2]

Libertas Estonia (2009–2010)Edit

On 2 February 2009 it restructured itself as Libertas Eesti Erakond (Libertas Estonia, LEE) and became registered on 2 March 2009, enabling it to be officially known under that name.[2]

On 2 April 2009, party chairman Jaan Laas announced that, after candidate approval by the party's Executive Board, elections would be held on 23 April 2009[1] for candidates wishing to stand for Libertas Estonia in the 2009 Estonian Euroelections in June.[1]

Libertas Estonia was acknowledged by as one of the (then) 11 member parties of by a post on the latter's website.[4]

Election performanceEdit

Date Election Notes
2002 local elections (Tartu only) 40 votes (8.5%) and 0 of 9 of the municipal council
2003 Riigikogu elections did not take part
2004 European Parliament elections 2,849 votes (1.2%)
2009 European Parliament elections 0.59% of the vote, no elected candidates.[5]

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