Levent Çoker

Levent Çoker (born 1958) is a Turkish musician, arranger, conductor and composer who represented Turkey in the Eurovision Song Contest as a composer, arranger and conductor in 1996 and 1997. His song "Dinle" won 3rd place in Eurovision Song Contest 1997 and was the country's best result since it began participating in the Contest, and remained so until 2003, when soprano pop star Sertab Erener attained the top spot.

A native of the northwestern Anatolia city of İzmit, the administrative center of Kocaeli Province, Levent Çoker graduated in 1971 from Ankara State Conservatory, having studied musical performance with emphasis on playing the trombone. He has been a member of Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra since 1979 and has composed for opera and ballet as well as for symphony orchestras and bands, along with winning several national music contests.


  • Hayal Yolcuları [The Dream Passengers] (ballet)
  • Senfonik Süit [Symphonic Suite]
  • Fanfare for Brass and Percussion
  • Keman, Çello ve Piyano için Trio [Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano]

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