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Letalski center Maribor short LCM (English: Aviation center Maribor) is the oldest and the biggest Slovenian aero club operating at international Maribor Airport operating with 11 aircraft and 11 gliders. Founded on December 20, 1927 in Maribor and It is well known for its flight school, ever since. It is considered to be the highest quality general aviation aero club in the country and Balkans. Annual number of flight hours is around 3500 h and 10000 landings.

Letalski center Maribor
Sport club (aeroclub)
IndustryFlying training, Aircraft maintenance, Sport industry
FoundedDecember 20, 1927 (1927-12-20)
Letališka cesta 30, 2240 Miklavž na Dravskem polju, Maribor Airport
ServicesGift Flights, Aircraft maintenance,Cloud seeding, Dropping skydivers, Skydiving, Formation flying, Private Pilot Licence, Sail Plane Licence , Night Visual Flight Rules Rating, Flight Instructor Airplanes Rating, Towing Sailplanes & Banners Rating, Flight Instructor Sailplanes Rating, Acrobatics Sailplanes Rating, Constant speed propeller endorsement, Tailwheel endorsement and Turbocharged engines endorsement
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Current FleetEdit


Reg. Num.


Cessna 152 long range S5-DMG   United States
Cessna 152 long range S5-DMI   United States
Cessna 152 long range PH-AWA   United States
Cessna 172 S5-DEB   United States
Cessna 172 S5-DLM   United States
Cessna 182 OE-DGA   United States
Cessna 206 Turbo S5-DBS   United States
Piper PA-18 S5-DBV   United States
UTVA 75 S5-DCI   Yugoslavia
Pipistrel Virus S5-PEW   Slovenia
TL-2000 Sting S4 S5-PGC   Czech Republic

EASA Flight SchoolEdit

LCM has training programs with a European accreditation for the following licenses and ratings as well as endorsements (entries) within its SI.ATO.014 (Approved Training Organization) according to EASA - European Regulations:


  • PPL(A) - Private Pilot License (aircraft)
  • SPL - Soaring Pilot License


  • NVFR - Night Visual Flight Rules Rating
  • TOW (B) - Banner Towing Rating
  • TOW (S) - Sailplane Towing Rating
  • FI (A) - Flight Instructor (Aircraft) Rating
  • FI (S) - Flight Instructor (Sailplane) Rating
  • ACRO (S) - Acrobatic flying (Sailplanes) Rating


  • TW - Endorsement for flying with a tail wheel aircraft
  • VP - Endorsement for flying with Variable Pitch Propellers and Constant Speed Propellers
  • T - Endorsement for flying with Turbocharged and Super Charged Engines
  • Cloud Seeding Operations Entry
  • Parachute Dropping Operations Entry

EASA Maintenance OrganisationEdit

LCM has its own AMO Approved Maintenance Organisation: Aero center Maribor Ltd. AMO SI.145.15 and it is authorized for aircraft maintenance up to 5700 kg in accordance with European regulations: EASA Part 145 for base and line maintenance.

Historic FleetEdit




Raab-Katzenstein KL.1 Schwalbe   Germany D-974, Werk. Nr 15, accident 17.11.1929
Raab-Katzenstein RK 2 Pelikan   Germany UN-PAF, D-1131, YU-PAF
Raab-Katzenstein RK.9 Grasmücke   Germany UN-MJM
Hansa-Brandenburg B.I   Germany YU-PCF ser.num.3-60
Polikarpov Po-2 "Kukuruznik"   Russia
Yakovlev UT-2   Russia
Antonov An-14 "Pchelka"   Russia YU-BCD, accident 10.11.1967
Zmaj Fizir FN   Yugoslavia
Utva C-3 Trojka   Yugoslavia
Ikarus Aero 2   Yugoslavia
UTVA Aero 3   Yugoslavia YU-CWC, YU-CXY, YU-CZK, YU-CXX accident 1972, S5-MBB accident 09.09.2011
Ikarus Kurir   Yugoslavia YU-CYS, YU-DAM
LIBIS KB-6 Matajur   Yugoslavia YU-CEW
UTVA 60   Yugoslavia YU-CBA, accident 20.06.1982
UTVA 66   Yugoslavia YU-CDP
Beechcraft Bonanza   United States YU-CER
American Champion Citabria   United States YU-CAV, accident 28.11.1977 & 1988
Piper PA-32 Cherokee Six   United States YU-BHM
Piper PA-38 Tomahawk   United States YU-DDL,YU-DDK
Rockwell Commander 112   United States S5-DGA
Robin DR400   France YU-CDB, accident 04.08.1987 Bovec
Diamond DA-20 Eclipse   Austria S5-DRG
TL-2000 Sting S4   Czech Republic S5-PEI, accident 18.11.2015 5 km NW from LJSK [1]

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