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Sport industry is a market in which people, activities, business, and organizations involved in producing, facilitating, promoting, or organizing any activity, experience, or business enterprise focused on sports. It is the market in which the businesses or products offered to its buyers are sports related and may be goods, services, people, places, or ideas.[1]


Professional sportsEdit

The most major of industries related to sports are the professional leagues that most of the other industries in the sporting world revolve around. The major American sports leagues are the first 5 in the list following and include football, basketball, hockey, baseball and soccer. Most players in these leagues make money from the team they're on as well as sponsors but are among some of the top earners in the United States.


  • NFL - Net worth $74.8 billion[2]
  • NBA- Net worth $49.5 billion[3]
  • NHL- Net worth $18.4 billion[4]
  • MLB- Net worth $49.4 billion[5]
  • MLS- Net worth $4.3 billion[6]
  • Snowmobiling - $39 billion in sales[7]
  • WWE
  • PGA
  • Outdoor recreation industry
  • Snowboard Industry
  • Angler Fishing

Sports apparelEdit

Sports apparel includes a wide array of clothing articles from fan-based jerseys to actual equipment to play the different sports with. There are many retailers out there including online and in-person that offer a plethora of these products. Many of these businesses have professional athletes that endorse them, securing them fans and buyers alike.


  • Under Armour - Net worth $3.5 billion[8]
  • Reebok - Net worth $1.2 billion[9]
  • Adidas - Net worth $6.8 billion[10]
  • Nike - Net worth $15.9 billion[11]
  • Oakley
  • K-Swiss

Sports gamblingEdit

Sports gambling is something that just recently became legalized in the United States. It involves making wagers based on some outcome of a contest or some aspect within the contest. In prior instances of legality there were multiple incidents of professional athletes/referees committing scandals to increase payouts. The people placing the bets always have worse odds than those hosting the bets and that is how this industry remains profitable.


  • Bovada
  • SportsBetting
  • GTbets
  • BetOnline
  • MyBookie[12]

Sports stadium/travelEdit

Sports are often played in giant arenas that people travel to from all over. People will cross the world to see their favorite team play and some signature arenas can get fans there even if the team isn't having the best season. The construction/ adaption of these stadiums is a huge business in its own right as they're often multi-purpose places used for other things like music events as well. The transportation of the players themselves is also a crucial business as keeping them safe and getting them to where they need to be on time can be a hassle.


  • Sports-Related Corporate Travel
  • Team and sports event part. travel
  • Adventure and sports fantasy travel
  • Recreational transport
  • Sport event travel
  • Huber, Hunt & Nichols (build arenas)
  • Spectator Sports revenue
  • Stadium Construction
  • Sports sponsorship expenditure

Sports supplements/medicineEdit

Athletes all over try to get an edge on the competition in any way possible. Over time companies have developed supplements that allows these athletes to train harder, stronger and longer. Combining these supplements with the right workout regime and diet can lead to better overall results for any athlete at any level of competition. While supplements are the former when it comes to sports training, sports medicine tends to be the latter. When an injury deals a great blow to an athlete they look to some of the world's best doctors who have a history of dealing with similar problems to help them overcome their damage.


  • Power Bar
  • Gatorade
  • Powerade
  • Whey Protein
  • Creatine
  • GNC
  • Physical Therapy
  • Nutritionists

Sports memorabiliaEdit

Sports memorabilia takes many forms from signed clothing to trading cards. Fans take a lot of pride in owning something their favorite athlete once used or signed and there are a plethora of hole in the wall hobby shops that have items like these for sale. Many of these hobby shops also host meet and greets for fans to meet their favorite players.


  • Topps Cards
  • Steiner Sports


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