Lesser Lule River

Coordinates: 66°32′39″N 20°10′16″E / 66.54416°N 20.17104°E / 66.54416; 20.17104

The Lesser Lule River (Swedish: Lilla Luleälven) is a tributary of the Lule River in north Norrland, in Norrbotten County, Sweden. The river, which is entirely within the municipality of Jokkmokk, is 238 km long, with a drainage basin of approximately 9800 km². The longest tributary of the Lesser Lule River is called Tarrajåkkå and it originates in the southern part of Sarek Fell. The river flows southeast, passing Lakes Saggat (302 amsl), Skalka (295 amsl) and Randi (284 amsl) before it reaches Jokkmokk. After Jokkmokk, it flows towards Vuollerim where it joins the Greater Lule River. The river's largest tributaries are the Rapa (Lule Sami: Rapaätno, Swedish: Rapaälven) and Pärl Rivers. The waterflow of the Lesser Lule River is regulated.

Lesser Lule River
Native nameLilla Luleälven
Physical characteristics
Length238 km (148 mi)[1]

Hydroelectrical plants along the Lesser Lule RiverEdit

The Lesser Lule River has several hydro-electric power stations on it. All of the station are owned by Vattenfall AB. These plants have cut off the traditional migratory routes followed by the Sámi in the area, causing some of the reindeer herders to have to truck the animals between the summer and winter camps.

Name Year of completion Normal annual electricity production (GW•h) Maximum Capacity (MW)
Seitevare 1967 787 225
Parki 1970 85 20
Randi 1976 226 86
Akkats 1973 565 158
Letsi 1967 1850 456



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